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Author Topic: Rajah and his Magic Blue Friends  (Read 1181 times)

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Rajah and his Magic Blue Friends
« on: August 20, 2016, 03:38:48 PM »
Rajah and his Magic Blue FriendsA Wizard (Apprentice) Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Piercing Thunderstrike2 x Arcane MissilesCreature1 x Rajah, Jungle's Talon2 x Azurean GenieEnchantment2 x Shrink1 x Wolf Fury2 x Giant Size2 x Arcane Ward1 x Exile1 x Tangleroot1 x HoodwinkEquipment1 x Wychwood Ironvine1 x Repulsion Cloak1 x Wispwillow Amulet1 x Leather ChaussesIncantation2 x Disperse2 x CrumbleConjuration
Total cost: 40 pts

Summon genies first. Genies can stagger enemies and they can guard. If necessary they can also heal and improve rajah's attack. Summon rajah. Kill threatening creatures. Attack Mage. Finish off mage with piercing thunderstrike. Congratulations you've graduated.
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