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Author Topic: You Can't Touch This Necromancer  (Read 787 times)

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You Can't Touch This Necromancer
« on: August 21, 2016, 02:38:30 PM »
You Can't Touch This NecromancerA Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Acid BallConjuration3 x Tanglevine1 x Deathlock1 x Idol of Pestilence1 x Gravikor4 x Wall of Bones2 x Enchanter's Wardstone1 x ArmoryCreature1 x Acolyte of the Bog Queen1 x Skeletal Archer3 x Skeletal Sentry5 x Skeletal Minion1 x Skeletal KnightEnchantment1 x Ghoul Rot1 x Plagued1 x Magebane1 x Chains of Agony2 x Enfeeble1 x Marked for Death1 x Rhino Hide1 x Arcane Ward2 x Decoy1 x Nullify1 x Blur2 x Agony1 x Rust1 x Arcane Corruption1 x Poisoned Blood1 x Maim Wings1 x Mongoose AgilityEquipment1 x Elemental Cloak1 x Chitin Armor1 x Libro Mortuos1 x Regrowth Belt1 x Deathshroud Staff1 x Moonglow AmuletIncantation1 x Teleport1 x Force Wave1 x Force Push2 x Disperse1 x Dispel1 x Unholy Resurgence4 x Reassemble1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dissolve
Total cost: 120 pts

R1: Moonglow Amulet and Libro Mortuos. If you're facing a more defensive mage make sure to move too.
R2: Deploy either skeletal archer or skeletal knight as your eternal servant. If you're facing a defensive mage you should deploy skeletal knight as your ES and double move. If you're facing a more aggressive mage you should make the archer your ES instead and stay still.

This strategy is a cat and mouse strategy. If you're opponent tries to stay away, chase after him with your skeletons and attack him. Use enfeeble to keep him from getting away and chains of agony to damage him when he tries. If he tries to come after you, then you should run away, using enfeeble to make it harder for him to follow you and chains of agony to hurt him if he tries. Your libro is going to poop out skeletons to hinder and attack him while you keep your distance and use curses and do stuff that supports your skeletons and stack dot enchants on the enemy mage.

What do you think?
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Re: You Can't Touch This Necromancer
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2016, 02:48:03 PM »
henry, i didnt know you where the secret sailor :)
thanks for the post! i also would be interested in the air wizard you just played!
best regards