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Author Topic: Aggro Forcemaster: Is it viable?  (Read 3034 times)


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Re: Aggro Forcemaster: Is it viable?
« Reply #30 on: January 07, 2017, 08:42:33 AM »
just from first looks, i would say you would be safe to cut 1 falcon precision for another poisoned blood. You want to keep that pressure and control and as soon as they get rid of it your control starts to sway a little.

I like the double forcefield! :) I use that in my forcemaster books too

And I dont have very much forcemaster play, im trying to expand it more, but by only having 1 aggressive creature and your mage, you will have more freedom to cast dispel and dissolve which can get rid of cards that hurt your game plan!  Idk if I would cut them down - dissolves especially

Another tanglevine might be great too!
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Re: Aggro Forcemaster: Is it viable?
« Reply #31 on: January 07, 2017, 10:40:05 AM »
That is very close to my current book. One thing that stands out though is you absolutely NEED a Dancing Scimitar (or 2). Pretty much your most important equipment for Aggro next to Galvitar.

I've ended up dropping the Leather equipment since I usually depend more on Forcefield than Armor. That said, I also have an Elemental Cloak, which combined with Dragonscale really ruins a Warlock's day (and helps vs Lightning Wizard, too).

I agree about more Poisoned Blood, less Falcon Precision. I rarely need the Falcon Precision, but it is handy against certain mages including the mirror match.

I also run a few more protections for my Thoughtspore: cards like Redirect, Glancing Blow, Brace Yourself, Reverse Attack. Which ones and how many will depend on your meta - eg how much players value Unavoidable attacks, Piercing, general hate for flying creatures, etc. In my meta, an unprotected Thoughtspore doesn't last long. But at least it might draw attention while you hammer away with Galvitar + Scimitar.

*edit* I also get a lot of use out of Eagleclaw Boots and Gauntlets of Strength, if you're looking for more cheap equipment for your Forge to deploy.
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Re: Aggro Forcemaster: Is it viable?
« Reply #32 on: January 07, 2017, 04:16:15 PM »
I double the recommendation for flying scimitar, it is another attack of 3 dice.
I run a book quite similar with a fair success rate (lost 1 and won either 2 or 3).
I usually prefer rust over critical strike, since critical strike apply only to the first attack (while usually I attack 3 times, twice with galvitar and once with the dancing scimitar).
I also prefer to double Mongoose Agility rather than Falcon Precision, since in the local meta in my area having defending creatures is more common than having defenses on the mage, and since defenses on the mage can be destroyed by dispel or dissolve.
I don't double poison blood, since purify and remove curse became too common in the local meta I play with. I use only one, and I try to counter a healing spell with it (so my opponent both lose the healing and need to pay the cost of getting rid of it).