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Author Topic: 2016-2017 League Generación X Carranza (this is the name of the sponsoring games  (Read 1393 times)


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Hi! I´m new to the forum, not to the game, and I wanted to share with the community some news about a nice event we are running in Madrid, Spain:

It´s the 2016-2017 League Generación X Carranza (this is the name of the sponsoring gameshop that is hosting).

It´s a presence play game league in 13 rounds, aprox two weeks per round, and including 14 players. This is a long term championship that will end in a 4 players play-off featuring the best of us. We are mid-season now, and blood fills the ground in the arena. I myself am new to this community but I think they have been playing these kind of leagues for three years now, though never so crowded!

Until now my experience has been fantastic in all the matches, with great people and great games where I had to do my best (and often it was not enough), and always found kindness and sportsmanship on my rivals. I´d like to thank the organizers if they are reading this, for their efforts. Great job men!

Right now the positions are as follows (6-7 games accounted):

1.- Zarovich: 6 wins, 1 time win.
2.- Zweken: 6 wins (1 less match).
3.- JmRocha: 6 wins, 1 loss.
4.- Vitonator: 4 wins, 1 time loss, 2 losses.
5.- Angelperez: 4 wins, 3 losses.
6.- Pritoos: 4 wins, 3 losses.
7.- Stgermain: 2 wins, 1 time win, 1 time loss, 3 losses.
8.- Beeckamm: 2 wins, 1 time win, 3 losses (1 less match).
9.- Petiso: 2 wins, 1 time loss, 3 losses (1 less match).
10.- Geri18: 2 wins, 4 losses (1 less match).
11.- Mvelazquezm: 2 wins, 4 losses (1 less match).
12.- Littlemove:  1 win, 1 time loss (2 less matches).
13.- Oskarin: 1 time win, 5 losses (1 less match).
14.- Rubenlop: 7 losses (he had to concede so far).

It is being a great and fun competition, where 3 players are showing their best, but they have not yet crossed among themselves so far. Everything is open now and anything can happen from here to the end…

Now that the game has been distributed in native tongue in our country, we expect the community to grow, and probably will keep organizing more competitions and events. Any Madrid players interested, contact me pero ya!!!

I´ll keep updating!


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This is absolutely awesome! I would love to keep hearing updates about how this league is going! Now if only Madrid wasn't so far away from me  8)
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Yea super excited to see the growth of the game in other countries.  Just saw a Spanish review of the game that came out a couple of weeks ago.  Glad arcane wonders are making an effort to increase the amount of languages for mage wars.   
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Great initiative! Looking forward to know more!  :D
Please consider sharing here the winning or most original spellbooks in your league. I suppose you are playing with the core set (only) for the moment, but it will be interesting to learn more about the meta in Madrid.
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Thank you for your comments!

As an update, I will present some features about the mages that are being played. Counting 35 games up to date (out of 49 pairings some of which are not recorder or have been dropped), the most popular mage has been Adramelech Warlock, 11 games (Madrid is on fire). Other common appearances have been Anvil Throne Warlord, Necromancer or Paladin (7 times each). See the numbers:

Total appearances on the tables:

Adramelech Warlock   11
Arraxian Crown Warlock   9
Anvil Throne Warlord   7
Necromancer   7
Paladin   7
Druid   5
Siren   5
Bloodwave Warlord   4
Forcemaster   4
Priestess   4
Wizard   3
Johktari Beastmaster   2
Priest   1
Straywood Beastmaster   1

When it comes to winning, the top here seems to be the Arraxian Crown Warlock (6 wins for the good old reliable aggro), followed by her sister, the Adramelech Warlock, and the Necro (5 wins each).

Total victories:

Arraxian Crown Warlock   6
Adramelech Warlock   5
Necromancer   5
Anvil Throne Warlord   4
Paladin   4
Druid   3
Forcemaster   2
Siren   2
Johktari Beastmaster   1
Priestess   1
Straywood Beastmaster   1
Wizard   1
Bloodwave Warlord   0
Priest   0

Finally, we can also see the wining%. This is slightly different, but answering that old question from a young training jedi: Yes. The dark side seems to be more powerful. I am counting only mages with at least 3 games recorded.

% Winning rate:

Necromancer   71%
Arraxian Crown Warlock   67%
Druid   60%
Anvil Throne Warlord   57%
Paladin   57%
Forcemaster   50%
Adramelech Warlock   45%
Siren   40%
Wizard   33%
Priestess   25%
Bloodwave Warlord   0%

I presume you are not surprised to see the Necro shining...

So this is a small piece of the Madrid metagame photo! I will come back soon...

PD1: Arxiducs, as you can see, we are using the complete pool. We have been playing english cards so far these years!!

PD2: Tomorrow starts round 8. Here we go!!!
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Thanks for the post. Very interesting stats!
It seems like the dark side is a successful one in your league!  ;)
Wish your group of play a long and healthy life!
Enjoy! ;D


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Now i need to go to Madrid :)
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Best strat advice ever


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If you end up doing that you will deserve the nickname "the roving mage warrior" !  ;D