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I've had some great successes including one tournament overall victory with this Necromancer book. To this day it is still unbeaten after more than a dozen matches. Note that it was built right after the Academy base set came out. So far I have felt no need to include cards from later expansions (except for maybe 2 Lesser Teleports instead of a Force Push).

Domination SkeletonsA Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBAttack2 x Hurl Boulder2 x Hurl Rock1 x Sandstorm1 x WindstormConjuration3 x Wall of Bones1 x Graveyard1 x Galaxxus1 x Poison Gas Cloud1 x Idol of Pestilence1 x Gravikor1 x TanglevineCreature6 x Skeletal Minion2 x Skeletal Sentry2 x Skeletal Archer2 x DeathfangEnchantment1 x Giant Size1 x Shrink1 x Fumble1 x Hawkeye1 x Jinx1 x Plagued1 x Teleport Trap1 x V'Tar Force SentryEquipment2 x Ivarium Longbow1 x Eagleclaw BootsIncantation3 x Mend2 x Sleep1 x Battle Fury1 x V'Tar Suppression1 x Force Wave2 x Force Push1 x Dissolve1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dispel1 x TeleportTotal cost: 120 pts
Round 1 Graveyard, Hawkeye
Round 2 Skeletal Minion, Longbow + Shoot (or Idol of Pestilence if non-Necro opponent has placed a Spawnpoint)
Round 3 Skeletal Minion, Teleport Trap in Orb Zone, Shoot (or Longbow if IoP in round 2).

0 armor and only 3 Mends for healing... Has anybody ever tried to kill your Mage? In my experience, my Necro tends to either win by V'tar or lose by dying - and that's with Rhino Hide + Elemental Cloak + Regrowth + 2x Siphon Life + Drain Life, and a Mage Wand for Teleport or whatever is needed to get me out of trouble. (*edit* I didn't always have all that stuff... but found it was needed when I lost by dying 3x in a row).

I guess if you get the Walls up early enough, you might be able to keep the opponent at bay long enough that he won't have time to kill you before you win by V'tar. But you don't have Mort or Reassemble to keep your walls from crumbling.

Of your dozen wins, have any been close? Do you find you're usually near death - e.g. one more round and you'd lose if you didn't win by V'tar first?

I've had maybe two or three matches where my opponent went for the mage kill. Whenever that happened I had at least two active orbs and used them for healing. It was then enough to wall either mage in and throw in a Mend or two. It was always about surviving at most another three rounds to reach the V'Tar goal.

Perhaps in another meta, a little more healing and some armor wouldn't be too bad, so perhaps you could change the 3x Mends and for Brace Yourself and Regrowth or Death Link.


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