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Mana Orb
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:01:10 PM »
Mana Orb
Conjuration - Mana
Cost: 10 mana
Quick cast
Range: 0 - 1
Target: Zone
Arcane Lv1 & Mind Lv1 & Earth Lv1
Armor: 1
Life: 9
Though +4
All friendly channeling objects gain channeling +1
During upkeep, move the Mana Orb one zone closer to your mage, then every friendly channeling object within one zone of the Mana Orb receives 1 direct damage.

It gives that much mana, it hurts.

This card can be a real mana fountain.
As it folows your mage around in the arena, it will always be in the fray of battle or it will help to move the fray of battle towards your mage/orb combo.

As it deals damage to channeling objects (including your mage), it will not always be an immediate target, but if it gives too much (or threatens to give too much) of an economy advantage, it will surely attract some hate from your oponent.

It is a three school spell, so it surely should take up some space in a spellbook.

The tough +4 makes it vulnarable to corrode/fire (and possibly frost?). I was going to give it "living" trait to make it vulnarable to rot/bleed, but it seems too unthematic (and I wouldn't like it to become healable)...

A Samara Druid, a 4-Thoughtspore Forcemaster, a GateToVoltari+Tower+Hugin Wizard or even a Barracks+ConstructionYard+Gurmash Warlord could realy benefit from this conjuration, other mages might consider a multiple familiar build...

I always thought the Goblin Builder should have "Channeling 0" (to be possibly buffed by Harmonize and now also Mana Orb.) With this card he would probably enjoy a lot more table time...
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