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Author Topic: Down (under) dog  (Read 357 times)

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Down (under) dog
« on: June 09, 2017, 08:36:00 PM »
Beastmaster, I mean, he's a hunk. There's no doubt about it. Able to make companions out of the fiercest of animals, making them that much stronger because of domestication. He's great, quick casting falcons better than a magician produces a dove.... but today, it's not about him. He has a kin, much more primal, hunting, lurking... someone who is all but ignored in today's game of mages in the arena. Yes, my friends.

I'm talking about the Johktari BM

Here's the list I'm playing with currently:

1x Fellella 3 pts
1x Sosruko 2 pts
1x Steelclaw 4 pts
1x Giant Wolf Spider 4 pts
1x Dire Wolf 3 pts

total points in creatures: 16

1x hawkeye 1 pt
4x Jinx 8pts
3x Bear Strength 3 pts
3x Rhino Hide 3 pts
3x Marked For Death 6 pts
1x Cheetah Speed 1 pt

total points in enchantments: 22

2x Regrowth Belt 2 pts
1x Dragonscale 3 pts
1x Elemental Cloak 2 pts
1x Leather Gloves 1 pt
1x Leather Boots 1 pt
1x Hunting Bow 3 pts
1x Enchanter's Ring 1 pt
1x Meditation Amulet 2 pts

total in equipment: 15 pts

1x Battle Forge 5 pts
3x Mana Flower 3 pts
2x Tanglevine 2 pts
1x Wall of thorns 1 pts

total in conjurations: 11 pts

2x teleport 8 pts
1x charge 2 pts
2x Seeking Dispel 4 pts
2x Minor Heal 4 pts
2x Heal 8 pts
2x rouse the beast 2 pts
1x Force Push 2 pts
2x Dispel 4 pts
2x Dissolve 4 pts
1x Battle fury 2 pts

Total in incantations: 40 pts

2x Hurl Boulder 8 pts
2x Surging Wave 4 pts
2x Acid Ball 4 pts

Total in Attack Spells: 16 points

Total: 120 pts

So, what's so great about this list? Well, it's a great example of a tempo book. However, a key difference here is that we have a number of spells that let us gain the tempo whenever we need it. It's a not a book in which we need tempo right away. We can stall, bide our time, and go when the moment is right for the kill. With closers like Hurl Boulder and Battle Fury combined with the bow, we have a great way to end the game quickly after getting early hits with our fatties. I'll explain a few of the key importances of the book, but I feel this is a build best learnt by trying it out. You have multiples in many of the critical spells, and with meditation amulet, you have more than enough mana to get there.

1x Dire Wolf: With a few other rather large creatures in the book, this dude is perfect for adding aggression to the board without wasting too many resources. He's perfect for when the Mage is already bloodied, and helps to turn our bow on. Pairing him with the cheetah speed in your book is a great way to sic him on your foe quickly. He is a little fluffy, but getting even two thirsty attacks off with him is enough to do the dirty work.

1x Fellella: Why include enchanter's ring AND the faerie? Well, there is a number of rounds where we are using the amulet and then enchanting something, so we might as well benefit from the ring's discount. Fellella is for the 3x Marked and the 4x Jinx. Having her help stall for the kill rounds while we have our action to throw acid or Boulders  and shoot is critical. She may seem hard to set up, but really, with the amount you are gaining per round (15 with an amulet activation), she will be out in no time.

1x Giant Wolf Spider: Okay. I'll admit it. I've always wanted this card to be good, ever since we first saw this guy in  CoK. Is he? Well, the ability to taint the enemy off of a tanglevine is not something to look down your nose at. As well, shooting effective tanglevines himself is Bad effing A. He's expensive, especially because you get the most effect when you combine a Rouse with him. But try him out. He's a beast.

1x Sosruko: Oh my God does taunting make me giggle like noone else. The image of a little ferret running between the feet of world's most powerful mages, aggravating them to the point that they are punching thin air in an attempt to kill them is not only objectively hilarious, it's also quite good. What's it best on? Those guys who always seem to guard the zone. Taunt them away from that action, get that crap out of here!

4x Jinx: The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. The best time to throw a Jinx? When you want to kill the mage. Jinxing them off of a heal or a teleport is so very powerful, having 4 of them for 4 potential rounds of this is just good. Decent players and above tend to realize when a Jinx is coming, but even making them play around it is good enough. We only need a window of 3-4 rounds to kill the mage. Jinx helps.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please, I'd love to hear about them!!
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Re: Down (under) dog
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 12:37:45 AM »
Not bad :)

The reason i like it is i played a similar spellbook a while back.
And of course Johktari is awesome.

Main problem for me was the full action(s)

Hunting Bow, Meditation Amulet and having to full cast creatures.
I ended up with tons of mana, and more important things to do than summon all my creatures.

It seems like you don´t have/use any new cards?
Dragonscale over Chitin i can understand, but Hunting Spear, Wolfs Fury, Pillar of Righteous Flame etc.?

Looks like we disagree in the healing department. You don´t have a single regrowth? I tend to prefer passive healing: Hand of Bim-Shalla, Renewing Spring, Regrowth especially when you don´t have a Mage Wand.

What about Poison Blood/Deathlock?
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Re: Down (under) dog
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2017, 06:02:06 AM »
Don't have anything after DvN :/ No biggie though, that will all happen in good time.

Regrowth belt over the enchantment because I want fellella doing other things besides casting regrowth on me, and 2x because it tends to get dissolved.

Key is to think ahead and not overuse the amulet. I use it to get off a biggie plus rouse next turn while having mana left to activate enchants. It's another tool, not the whole package.

Dispel for poison blood if it really becomes an issue, but it's either them or me. Heals are for my creatures more than for me.
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