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I think a Lich Creature is really missing!

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So i recently got mage wars,played my first two games yesterday, and had a blast! (apprentice warlock vs wizard)  and written books in the rulebooks necromancer vs wizard!

And i was thinking how awesome a Lich creature would be!  Since the necro was standing behind his horde, and as a man who respects the dead was sending them to do the work for him

why not have a caster to do your deeds aswell?

i imagine it as a Huge familiar, with maybe higher than normal familiar channeling(3-5), able to cast non creature spells, or dark/necro spells  (because another spawnpoint isnt needed)   because it's like a 2nd Mage for the player that casts it,  it should have some serious drawbacks , like need extra big mana cost, (like 20 ?) or a payment of a heavy load of life to cast him like pay 8 life   (lich needs a sacrifice/blood/ to reanimate that powerful body)  or have super low health for the casting cost, like 8 but with resilient or another idea is to not have life but to have 1-2 phylacteries that need to be destroyed  to die,or if he has life  they deal him direct dmg when they die, like 4 each ,you could hide them as enchantments,or they are normal small conjurations or something..havent though about that much yet.

i think it would be an awesome addition to the necromancer/dark school! but it really needs to be thought out to not be too powerful or so many drawbacks that it's  unplable, maybe it can have many drawbacks but it's powerful, that works i guess : P

another idea is it can easily turn to a boss fight in a battleground scenario, find the creatures that hold the liches' phylactery/ies while you try to not die to his powerful spells ,

so 2 ideas that popped up from my first play!

thanks for reading!

another idea/variant of this one is you become the lich creature,  you replace your mage card in the arena, and gain some buffs but with limitations/drawbacks like mentioned above!

I think Lich would be a Mage, not a creature. Any familiar that had 3-5 channelling would be way too overpowered.

But an actual undead Mage that needs to be reconstructed rather than healed, that could work.

Some card ideas...

Sailor Vulcan:

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OMG a dementor!!



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