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academy mages conversion to arena stats?

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I've looked everywhere for conversion rules to run academy mages (and their special powers) in the arena.

Where there is a single arena mage type to convert it to this seems obvious (academy priestess takes the stats of arena priestess), but what does one do for the warlock/beastmaster/warlord, which each have two arena versions?

Any pointers?

Sailor Vulcan:
That depends what you are trying to do specifically? The academy mages were designed for Academy. I'm not sure how you would turn them into arena mages. Arena Mages have 2 or 3 abilities and Academy mages only have 1. If you add extra abilities and increase their stats you're basically talking about making new Mages, not adapting old ones. Which is fine if that's what you're going for.

Personally I wish there was something in between Academy and Arena. Like apprentice mode but customizable and with its own mages and spells.

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Ok, let's say that I am quite interested in the Academy Priestess for domination games. That ability to add guard markers is potentially quite useful. Giving her the Arena Priestess' channel and life is easy.

But if I want to turn the Academy Warlock into an arena buddy build (that built-in akiro's favour is quite useful for a beefed up blood demon, say), do I give it the Arraxian's stats or the Adramelech's? Or neither? 

There is no official method for "graduating" the academy mages. At this point in time I suggest that you agree ahead of time with your opponent(s) on what you will do. If it proves too weak or too strong adjust it for the next game.

That's the answer I expected. Thanks for the confirmation, Puddnhead.


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