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Author Topic: Female Paladin, Lightsword Prison etc.  (Read 717 times)


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Female Paladin, Lightsword Prison etc.
« on: September 26, 2017, 02:39:28 PM »
Mage Wars Spell Ideas

Images are not mine but just inspiration for the cards.

Name: Lightsword Prison

Spell Type: Conjuration

Sub-type: Light

Mana: 15

Range: 0-2

Target: Non-Mage Creature

Keywords: Indestructible, Epic, Disspiate X, Holy Mage Only

Effect: When you reveal Lightsword Prison roll 2 attack dice. Target creature receives direct light damage equal to the

result + 1 and gains Light + X and Anchored. While Lightsword Prison has 4 or more dissipate tokens, target creature is

incapacitated, otherwise it is restrained. Uncontainable creatures can be restrained by Lightsword Prison. If target is a

non-living or dark creature it receives 2 direct light damage every upkeep phase. X = damage dealt by Lightsword Prison on

its initial activation.

Name: Swift Justice

Spell Type: Equipment


Mana: 8

Range: 0-2

Target: Mage

Equipment slot: Weapon

Keywords: Paladin Only, Defense 8+(1x)

Attack:(Quick Action)(Melee) 3 Dice, Light, Ethereal, Charge + 2, +2 vs Dark and Non-living creatures.

Effect: When Swift Justice is used in a counterstrike attack, it gains the Unavoidable and Piercing + 2 traits and an

effect roll of Bleed 4+. Whenever this mage gains a guard marker flip this weapon's ready marker to the ready side.

Female Paladin Mage

Sub-type: Ivarium

Human Creature


Royal Duelist: When this mage successfully avoids an attack with a defense roll she gains 1 valor. While there is 2 or more

valor tokens on this mage, she gains the Elusive trait. At the end of the round if you currently have the initiative, you

may spend 6 valor tokens to retain it until the end of the next round.

En Garde: Whenever this mage loses a guard marker after being melee attacked, she may spend 2 valor to gain a guard marker.

Divine Footwork: This mage adds +3 to all of her defense rolls -1 per armor gained through equipment up to a minimum of 0.

Built-in Attack:(Quick Action)(Melee) 3 Dice

Name: Godspeed Gauntlents

Spell Type: Equipment

Mana: 3

Range: 0-2

Target: Mage

Equipment slot: Hands

Keywords: Paladin Only

Effect: When equipped mage is guarding and is target of a melee attack, you may counterstrike first before the attacker's

attack. The counterstrike is moved just before the attacker's roll dice step.

Name: Blitz Dagger

Spell Type: Equipment

Mana: 6

Range: 0-2

Target: Mage

Equipment slot: Sword or Shield

Keywords: Paladin Only

Attack: (Quick Action)(Melee) 2 Dice, Light, Bleed 8+

Effect: When your mage makes a counterstrike you may pay 1 valor to make the above attack as part of that counterstrike the

same manner as the doublestrike trait.

Name: Boots of Flight

Mana: 6

Range: 0-2

Spell Type: Equipment

Target: Mage

Equipment slot: Feet

Keywords: Paladin Only

Effect: At the start of this mage's action phase, you may pay 2 mana to gain the flying trait until the end of its current

action phase.

Name: Greaves of Haste

Mana: 5

Range: 0-2

Spell Type: Equipment

Target: Mage

Equipment slot: Legs

Keywords: War Mage Only, Armor + 1

Effect: Mage gains the fast trait when you have the initiative.

Name: Sanctuary in the Sky

Mana: 6

Range: 0-1

Spell Type: Conjuration

Sub-type: Temple

Target: Zone

Stats: Health = 10, Armor = 2

Keywords: Epic, Flying, Paladin Only

Effect: Everytime you spend valor to activate an effect or ability place 1 valor on Sanctuary in the sky. Once per round

you may make a cleric creature you control spend a full action to heal a friendly creature anywhere in the arena equal to

the result on X Dice or make your mage gain mana equal to X, then remove all valor tokens on Sanctuary in the Sky. X =

valor tokens on Sanctuary in the Sky.