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Author Topic: Grab and Hold Wizard  (Read 951 times)


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Grab and Hold Wizard
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:20:46 PM »
This is a build for multiplayer domination I've been playing around with.

Grab and Hold WizardA Wizard (Air) Spellbookbuilt by
Equipment1 x Arcane Ring1 x Dispel Wand1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Leather Belt1 x Mage Staff1 x Mage Wand1 x Wind Wyvern HideConjuration1 x Consecrated Ground1 x Steep Hill1 x V'Torrak Gate1 x Wall of StoneCreature1 x Gargoyle Sentry6 x Goblin Legionnaire3 x Jade Gremlin1 x Ludwig Boltstorm2 x Usslak, Greater Orb GuardianEnchantment1 x Arcane Ward1 x Enfeeble1 x Essence Drain1 x Exile1 x Fumble1 x Galvanize2 x Giant Size2 x Minor Essence Drain2 x Nullify2 x Shrink1 x Summoning Circle1 x Teleport Trap1 x V'Tar Force SentryIncantation1 x Banish1 x Clear Mind1 x Defend2 x Dispel1 x Dissolve1 x Force Push1 x Force Wave1 x Lesser Teleport2 x Mend1 x Overextend1 x Rouse the Beast1 x Seeking Dispel1 x Shift Enchantment1 x Teleport1 x V'Tar SuppressionAttack1 x Chain Lightning1 x Sandstorm1 x V'Tarrian Energy Wave1 x Voltaic Discharge1 x Windstorm
Total cost: 120 pts

It is designed to have one orb by the end of turn 2, with plenty of mana in the bank and defences ready to be thrown up. The idea is to get a jump start on the opponents and, through taking and holding other orb zones while hampering the opponents, keeping that lead. It is really intended for games that go to around 11 VP and take about 8 turns.

Turn 1:
Lesser teleport (preferably next to an Usslak with 2 orbs, but a Sslak with 1 will do)
Ludwig Boltstorm

Turn 2:
Boltstorm triplestrikes the defending Usslak/Sslak.
(Wizard QC Overextend if defender is not dead)
Wizard moves and touches orb.

Turn 3 (option1)
Boltstorm moves into square and touches any second orb
(QC) Steep Hill

turn 3 (option2 - if one or more opponent is nearly through a defending Sslak)
Giant Size a Sslak (x2 if both opponents are close)

From there it is a combination of sending Usslaks through Summoning circles/gates to other Vtar orbs, fumbling, teleporting enemies, exiles/banishes getting in their way with easily defendable Jade Gremlins and so on.
The Goblin Legionnaires are there for a quick boost to action numbers (cast on turns before you have the initiative).

A work in progress, but I think it has potential. It probably needs an additional Usslak and another wall.

EDIT: I need to point out that in my local group Galaxxus is forbidden since not all of us have the Domination set, and we don't want to have that big of an advantage over those that don't.
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