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Author Topic: Onitama: aggressive vs defensive playstyle  (Read 1093 times)

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Onitama: aggressive vs defensive playstyle
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So when I first went to the shrine of Onitama, my students and I tended to fight very defensively. Over time we learned how to create chains of potential "trades" where if our enemies tried to knock out one of my students that would allow us to knock out even more of theirs. But I rarely could make it to the enemy master's altar unless they had made a mistake, or if they were losing so badly that they were faced with a choice between letting me either capture them or their altar a moment later.

One day at the shrine, I faced a man who had only recently become a master, and who was less experienced than I in the martial arts and in their instruction. He did not win a single battle against me that day.

And yet, in one of our battles, he had made a series of seemingly reckless commands to his students, that somehow managed to come out in his favor regardless. He would tell them to rush towards us, without regard for themselves, to force my students to meet his head on, to strike fear and indecision into our hearts. I would try to arrange my students to punish them for their recklessness. But the enemy students would simple dodge our attacks through the blind spots in our techniques, or they would sacrifice themselves to clear the way for their fellow students and their master to advance.

My students and I only just managed to knock them out and defeat their master before he could reach our altar.

In retrospect, I realized that the enemy master was not reckless. His fighting style was merely the opposite of mine. When my students and I fought, we aimed to defeat the enemy master. Capturing his altar was merely a backup plan.

But the man I faced at the shrine on that day thought differently. When he and his students fought, they aimed to capture the enemy altar. Defeating the enemy master was merely a backup plan.

So it is said:

"There are two roads to victory the fast and the slow, the aggressive and the defensive, the early bird and the late turtle."

"If you wish to end a dynasty, you must strike down every potential successor before you take the emperor. But if all you desire is the throne, you must only strike down those who stand in your way."

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