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Lists of Alternate Variant Mage Wars players on OCTGN by Variant


Sailor Vulcan:
If you would like to play Mage Wars variants on OCTGN but are having trouble finding people to play them with, this should help. Let me know if you would like to be added to any of these lists.

Have fun!

Arena with Custom Maps
1v1v1 Arena
2v2 Arena
Limited Card-pools
Arena with Alternate Starting Positions

Are these variants even supported on OCTGN?

Yes they are.

Sailor Vulcan:

--- Quote from: Beldin on January 03, 2018, 12:33:25 PM ---Are these variants even supported on OCTGN?

--- End quote ---

If by supported you mean they are playable and work just fine, then  yes. That being said, maps for 1v1v1 standard Arena are not included, so you have to put the map into the map folder yourself. Also, the game assumes that any custom map is a domination map, so if you want to make and use custom maps you have to set a domination victory condition and then not put any orbs on the map. I set all my dominaton victory conditions for my standard arena custom maps at 100 v'tar, that way there's no way anyone could possibly reach them even with galaxxus, so they have to kill the enemy mage.

There are instructions for making custom maps in octgn in the dropdown menu whenever you are in a game of mw on octgn. It is pretty easy to do.

You can add me to all of the lists.


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