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Hey guys,

I've been thinking of running a small Academy Tournament on OCTGN this weekend. The interface isn't exactly setup on OCTGN, but a lot of us has made it work. I would love to get 4-8 people and just play a bunch of games in a round robin. If there is a good draw I'd love to do a monthly thing for funsies.

I was thinking Sunday 1/14 starting around 11:00 AM Chicago Time. And let's just run all the games that day! If you can only make part of it then that should be ok. Looking for a super casual thing. I want to play in it too!

Sailor Vulcan:

--- Quote ---Looking for a super casual thing.
--- End quote ---

Challenge accepted. This will become a real competitive event just by virtue of me being in it. :P

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Jock McFistpunch:
I like the idea.  I can't make it this time around because I have a regular commitment Sunday mornings but it would be a cool once a month thing.  I really do enjoy Academy and even if I can't make tournaments (kinda scared of them really) regularly scheduled games would be great.

Thanks for throwing this idea out there!

hi! great idea! I was just about to propose something similar.
I will show up when time allows for a couple of games but doubt I can stay for long.
take care!

Hey there,

I am going to start up a lobby on OCTGN. We'll wait until 11:15 then get started with everyone that shows up!


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