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Author Topic: Play by Post Arena  (Read 1003 times)

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Play by Post Arena
« on: January 24, 2018, 03:57:58 PM »
Want to scratch a mage wars itch but don't have time to play a full game of Academy or Arena? Are your friends too busy to play now? Is OCTGN down?

Don't worry, you can still play Mage Wars!

Play by Post Arena

1. Go to on your web browser (best to use google chrome, it doesnt work right on firefox)
2. Open image from url:
3. Press t and then click on your starting zone. This creates a text layer. Then type in an abbreviation of your mage class (like "Wiz", "Fm, "AnWd" "BwW" "ArWk" or "AdWk" etc. In the line below that type in their stats: Channeling/Mana/Damage/Life/Armor. For instance if you're a wizard of sortilege you would put:


4. Select 14 pt font and make your font color either 00ffff or ffff00. Press ok.
5. Whenever you want to move a card to another zone, select its layer then click and drag its name there in the pixlr online image editor. When you want to put a new card into play, simply press t and click on the zone you want to put it in, then type in its name abbreviation and stats and put it in 14 pt font and the same color as your mage, then press ok. Then alter stats of other cards like your mage as needed.
6. Attached cards are listed as abbreviations in a creature's text layer like thus:


Attached facedown enchantments are ?


7. When you are ready, save a picture of your starting board state. Then upload it to a private instant message to whoever you want to play against, along with the url for this thread. An example starting board state is attached to this post.

NOTE: You are unlikely to actually finish a full game of arena in this format. This is for if you want to casually practice or test your spellbook a bit without a heavy time commitment since this way you can take your turn whenever you want, whether thats a few seconds after your opponent's turn, or a week after your opponent's turn. There is no time pressure here.
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