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Mage Wars Arena at World Board Gaming Championships the week of July 21-29, 2018



I recently submitted the event form for the 2018 tournament event at the World Boardgaming Championships (WBC). This event is now in its 4th year. Here is the link to the Event History covering 2015-2016. The 2017 results have not yet been posted.

For those of you not familiar with the WBC convention, it is a 9-day event combining tournament and open gaming play with a game auction and a weekend vendor exhibit for small publishers of boardgames. Each event is run by a volunteer Gamemaster (GM) following guidelines published by the WBC convention itself. Here is a link to the WBC convention page for more details -

The WBC history can be found at this link - and provides more information about the types of tournament events you will find.

I plan to be there the full 9 days and hope to see you in Seven Springs Resort this year to enjoy a weekend of open gaming or the full 9-days of tournament and open gaming fun!

Once the Mage Wars Arena tournament event dates for 2018 are set, I will update this folder.  - Tom

The WBC tournament event has a final schedule posted.

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran looking to re-live your nostalgic Core Only days stop by and join us in the Arena!

I will be there for the full 9 days of the convention and open gaming runs 24x7 for anyone interested in casual play of Arena with or without Battlegrounds.

On my way to Seven Springs Resort in PA this Saturday.

Hope to see some Mage Wars players at the WBC convention.

good luck. wish i could go, but sadly cannot.

Chris Byrd repeated as WBC Champion with his Beastmaster. Congratulations Chris! He is now 8-1 over two years of play.

The tournament report for 2018 is posted here

We had a drop in attendance this year so we are dropping the Apprentice mode and Core Set only format and will be using all Arena expansions next year.


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