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OCTGN Mage Wars module 2.1.22 patch notes

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Hello everyone!

Some interesting functionality has been added that is different from the norm by a lot so I wanted to make a post on the changes.

1. You'll notice that the phases are quite different now. They still function as before (Control + Down arrow to be done with the phase), however we've added the Initiative, Reset, and Channel phases to the game. This structure allows you to channel and then reveal stuff after channeling and before upkeep runs (for things like revealing regrowth/poisoned blood/Pillar of Righteous Flame/etc). The phases are also tracked in the top right corner of the screen now instead of by the dice roll area. If you want the phases to stay displayed instead of minimizing, click the Gray window with the turn listed and it should stay up.

2. Mordok's obelisk doesn't hit your mage anymore

3. Druids can now include the wand of ice and fire (and other water spells that had a / cost) with no issues. NOTE: The out of game spellbook builder WILL NOT VALIDATE the cost properly for at least the druid with these spells as well as the Ring of the Ocean's Depths. It's a bit of a pain, but the current work around is to load the book into a game and let the in game validator run on it to confirm the points. This will be fixed in a future patch.

Thanks for all your work.

Sounds great with the added phases. Iím wondering if just 1 phase before upkeep is enough?

Not sure if this is linked to this patch or a subsequent one.

"Vine tree is invalid to a druid stats deck."

Try letting the stats card be top instead of the mage card.
(Or vice versa.)

Solved it for my necromancer.

I had a similar issue recently with Priestess and Priestess only spells. Didn't try swapping the stat card around though - I will.


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