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Author Topic: Aggro, Combo, Control & Hybrid Archtypes  (Read 24120 times)

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Re: Aggro, Combo, Control & Hybrid Archtypes
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Wow! You make some really great points. What you're doing is classifying playstyles by how offensive or defensive they are. Offensive being increasing your own pace in the damage race, and defensive being decreasing your opponent's. I was probably classifying them more by actions and resource management then by how they manage damage output overall. Perhaps instead of charting specific individual playstyles, we need more of a spectrum of playstyles graphed on multiple dimensions, such as offensive/defensive, and how they use what kinds of resources and objects to be offensive or defensive in the damage race.

I'm thinking both our playstyle ideas could actually be combined.

Rather than having two Aggro combo control wheels where one is defensive and the other is offensive, lets have approx five of them, one for each of the strategies you mentioned. Of course, it probably will need some editing (I don't really think the playstyle chart is necessarily going to be a perfect cylinder shape).
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