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Author Topic: Ideas for New mages and expansion from Taiwan.  (Read 3586 times)


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Ideas for New mages and expansion from Taiwan.
« on: April 25, 2013, 07:42:49 AM »
Dear all, I am a Taiwanese Mage wars fan, and I have four ideas of new kinds of mages and playing styles, they are separated in two sets of expansions, I will show the first two ideas here and hope that one day I can see them in the expansions :)

The Expansion: Ying-yang master V.S. Shaman

In this expainsion, two new mages are contained in it, one is Ying-yang master, a mage who is trained in Holy and Dark school, another is Shaman, a mage who is trained in all the elemental schools.

In this expansion, the new arival spells are the “Bi-elemental” spells, just one spell contain holy and dark, or Fire and Earth at the same time.

The Ying-yang master can spell a balance spells (one dark, one holy) in one full action; his exclusive spawnpoint can summon 2 creatures (one holy and one dark) at the same time.

The shaman can summon four strong elemental spirits, and all of them are familiars, thus she is the first mage control multiple familiars, besides, she can enchant the spirit as her wish, and that make her stronger.

First, The Taoist, Tai chi master or the Ying-Yang master

In Chinese, "Ying-yang" means the shadow and the light, the dark and the holy, it is the basic ideas of the Taoist that whole their life is used for seeking the balance between the world’s shadow and the light, and they believe that if a man can keep his mind balance in the dark and light, he can become a perfect one.
Tai chi is a symbol that contain light and dark in one circle, and there is dark in the light, and light in the dark.


So that the Ying-Yang master is a mage trained in the holy and the dark schools, and he can use the power of holy and dark at the same time, he can cure himself and curse the other mages, he also can summon the holy creatures and the dark creatures, thus you can see the angels and the demons at the same time.

As his special ability, he can cast 2 spells in one full action, one is pure dark, the other is pure holy, to keep the world balance, but if he has no enough mana for casting two spells, he can’t cast any one, so he can choose 3 spell cards during his planning phase.

By the way, during his quickcast action, he can’t cast any spells contain the pure holy or the pure dark symbol, except the bi-element spell (with holy and the dark in one spell, most of them are equipment or conjurations that exclusive to Ying-yang master) or enchantments.

His creatures must keep balance, which means his holy and dark creatures must keep even, if one of his holy creature is destroyed, he must sacrifice one dark creature he controlled, and vice versa.

He has some Bi-elemental exclusive equipment, such as Tai chi sword, a two-hand paired weapon, with special ability of Sweeping OR Double strike; another two-hand weapon is Staff of Tai chi, spell-binding to two spells at the same time, also, must be one holy spell and one dark spell
His conjuration is Temple of Tai chi, one spawnpoint, can summon two creatures –one holy and one dark - at the deployment phase.

The Ying-yang master is a mage who is powerful, flexible and combine with lots of limitation; besides, he is a mana-casting mage, so that the interesting points in playing the Ying-yang master is seeing the extreme two powers controlled by you and twiddle your opponent, but be careful of your mana.

Second. The elementalist, or the shaman

Shaman is a mage who can communicate with all the spirits in this world, especially the most powerful spirits: spirits of elementals, with their help, she can cast much more powerful elemental spells, even the spell contain two elementals.

Shaman is trained in all the elemental schools, she has four familiars, spirit of fire, spirit of wind, spirit of water and spirit of earth, they all have some special ability, and powerful attack.
  [li]Spirit of Fire: Incorporeal, Immunity to Fire, fast, legendary, Cantrip.[/li]
  [li]Spirit of wind: Incorporeal, Immunity to wind, flying, legendary, Cantrip.[/li]
  [li]Spirit of water: Incorporeal, Immunity to water, regenerate, legendary, Cantrip.[/li]
  [li]Spirit of earth: Incorporeal, Immunity to Fire, counterstrike, legendary, Cantrip.[/li]

All the spirits can cast their pure elemental spell, and that make shaman become a powerful mage who may cast max 6 attack spells at one turn, as if she has enough mana.

As the shaman’s special ability: SPIRIT ENCHANTING, she can use one quickcast action to “enchant” a spirit that she summoned last turn, and she gets the spirit’s traits, such as immunity to wind and flying, if she enchant the Spirit of wind.

Any time she changes the spirit to enchant, the replaced one is destroyed; of course, the enchanted spirit can be destroyed just like an enchantment.

Due to all the four elemental spells are appeared before (Fire and wind in basic set, earth in the first expansion and water in secondary expansion), the shaman’s deck can become much more personalized.

Besides, some new “Bi-elemental” spells appears in this expansion, they are exclusive to shaman:
  [li]Fire and Wind: Firestorm, a spell can burn and push the enemy, and ethereal and +2 to flying.[/li]
  [li]Fire and Water: Boiling spring, a Zone attack spell, can attack all the opponent’s creature and healing friendly creatures at the same time.[/li]
  [li]Fire and Earth: Magma, just like the Quicksand, it is an Indestructible conjuration that traps and burns the enemy at the same time.[/li]
  [li]Wind and water: Blizzard, the frozen storm can push and freeze the enemy, besides, it is ethereal and +2 to flying.[/li]
  [li]Wind and earth: Star fallen, a zone attack spell that high speed rocks come from the sky, can make big damage to conjuration (+2 to conjuration).[/li]
  [li]Water and earth: Frozen soil, an Upkeep +3 Indestructible conjuration that freezes all the creatures on it.[/li]

Just like the Ying-yang master, the shaman is also a multiple spells-casting mage, and the interesting point to play the shaman is to contribute a spell book containing lots of elemental spells from your others Mage wars sets, and it can provide new combination in old cards.

This is my first two mages, I put them in one expansion to keep the game balance, I real like the idea of them, and I feel that if they can be true is cool, thanks for your reading, and any common is welcome.



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Re: Ideas for New mages and expansion from Taiwan.
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2013, 10:57:39 AM »
Dear all, I will show another two new mages in here, and hope that one day they can become the true official expansion.

The expansion: Dragonlord V.S. Alchemist
In this expansion, two mages are containing in it, one is dragonlord, the second mind school trained mage, another is Alchemist, the second Arcane school trained mage.
In this expansion, the new playing style is to interact with your creature, equipment and conjurations, which make all of them are not only the tools helping you to win, but also living environment of the arena, you must pay much more attention on them, and make the battle more variable.
The dragonlord can make psycho connection to the dragons- the most powerful and dangerous creature in the world, thus she may manipulate the dragons to destroy all the enemies, but the dragons may become loss of control, and make some unknown risky change in the battle.
The Alchemist can control all the magic power of materials, thus he can transform the opponent’s equipment and conjuration to his favorite one, and thus he is the battle field controller that makes the entire arena stand at his site.

As a fantastic battle game, how can the famous creature – Dragon – be absent? So I design the Dragonlord join to this battle with lots of dragons.
The Dragonlord is trained in the Mild school, and she can make a psycho connection to the dragon, and summon them to the arena.
The dragons are the most powerful creature in the world, but they are very irritable, they may be very helpful, but also dangerous to all the mages – include the dragonlord herself.
All the dragons have the trait of “Dragon wrath X”, it means the upper limits of a dragon to control its mind.
When a dragon is attacking or attacked, it receive a “dragon wrath token”, if the tokens become more than the limits, the dragon loses its mind and the dragonlord can’t keep the connection with it, the dragon immediately gets a free action to make a random zone attack “Dragon wrath exploring” (use the Compose Rose, but the 3, 6, 9, 12 means the zone that the dragon is in), every dragon wrath token counts two attack dices, and the attack may hurt the dragon itself.
After the dragon wrath exploring, remove all the dragon wrath token and put a stun marker to it, the dragonlord regain the control of the dragon and it can normally act at next turn.
As the special ability, the dragonlord can use a quickcast action to appease the dragon, one mana purge one wrath, how to make the best use of her mana is the most question for the dragonlord.
To play with the dragonlord, you must take the risk of the all dragons in the arena, how many dragons can you control, and how the dragon wrath affect the battle is the most interesting things in it.

The Alchemist
The Alchemist is trained in arcane school, just like the wizard, he focus on controlling the magic power, but he is special in material world, thus he can control and transform the equipment and conjuration.
During the battle, he can cast some exclusive spells to transform the targets, “the conjuration transforming” and “the equipment transforming”, and to resolve the spell, he can destroy the target then he immediately cast a spell (conjuration or equipment) from his spell book to complete the transformation.
Thus the more equipment and conjuration his opponent own, the easier he control the game.
As his special ability, he can use a quickcast action to recall the spells from his discard pile to his spell book - pay the target spell mana, it make him more easily dominate the battle field.
The Alchemist is much simpler mage than other three mages I designed; he doesn’t change the rules but make the game different with the basic rules. He is suitable to all the spell cards in this game, and due to his special ability, he may have the most possibility to any deck, it’s up to you.

This is my last two mages, I really like the idea of them, and I feel that if they can be true is cool, thanks for your reading, and any common is welcome.