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Title: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Dragkin on August 06, 2012, 01:21:05 AM
So, I really like the Warlock and his theme and background and such. As such, I was wondering about the Arraxian Crown. They work with the demons that left the realm and such - how long ago did that happen by the time that the game occurs? How did the demons get to the world in the first place? I find this group to have a lot of good story possibility really. Also, is there a reason why the Warlock joined the Crown in the first place?
Title: Re: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Dralln4 on August 06, 2012, 10:01:17 AM
Hi.  Thanks for posting.  The Arraxian Crown, the Demons, and the Warlocks are all tied up in the origins of the Mage Wars.  The full story will be told in time, but for now here is a brief sort of summary of Etheria's recent history.

Around five hundred years ago the nation of Westlock, along with the human nations the Pellian City States, Ivarium, Lupuertra, and Lacameonia, were all provinces of the Pellian Empire.  For a thousand years the Pellian Emperors ruled through the authority of the Arraxian Crown, a powerful artifact brought to the region by the first Emperor Pellias.  The Crown had actually been enchanted by Adremelech, Lord of the Demons, to slowly corrupt the wearers, causing them to lay out the capital city of the Pellian Empire in the form of a massive gate to Infernia, the demon's home realm.  Once this ritual was complete, Adremelech and his forces burst through form Infernia, onto Etheria and conquered the Pellian Empire.

There followed a brutal war as the demons consolidated their rule, and attempted to conquer the province of Westlock, the only part of the empire to resist the Demonic invasion.  Scholars refer to this period as the Demonic Interregnum.  Eventually, Westlock unified the nations of Etheria, and with the aid of the Angelic Multitudes of Asyra, defeated Adramelech, and drove him back to Infernia.  Westlock then use its position as victor to compel the rest of the nations to agree to the Mage Wars Accords, as a means of resolving disputes, allowing the world time to recover for the depredations of the demons.

Adremelech did not take this defeat with good grace and humor, but he did not become Lord of Infernia by failing to learn.  He decided that the reason for his failure was that he did not corrupt enough of the people of Etheria, only working through the Pellian imperial bloodline.  He decided that he needed to corrupt Etheria itself, so he sent three of his generals to establish a vast conspiracy that will work to undermine the people of Etheria, and gradually convert them into subjects of Infernia.

The Arraxian Crown works in secret, but the Warlocks serve as its public face.  As a condition of their defeat, the demons were able to work a clause into the Mage Wars Accords, that would allow them to send representatives to the arena.  These men and woman are the Warlocks.

The Warlock in the game is meant to represent a generic Warlock, so he does not have a specific reason for joining the Arraxian Crown.  There are any number of reasons one would join, ranging from a desire for power to revenge on one's enemies.  If you are considering playing a Warlock, post here and let us know why your Warlock joined the Arraxian, and what he hopes to gain from such a terrible bargain.  Also post any evil schemes or mysterious omens here.
Title: Re: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Hekireky on August 06, 2012, 01:18:30 PM
Ok, the story sounds pretty nice so far, I almost always greet with warmth generals,liuetenants and such, when the number of them is announced. It is just a matter of time, before one of the expansions will start introducing them as warlocks new best creatures to summon ( or to be invited , hm hm). My question would be: Could you possibly tell at least one the generals names and the purpose he serves for Adramelechs scheme. Not entirely, but whereabouts one of them have theyre HQ's and how much of a threat they are. Possibly theyre favorable choice of a weapon or lifestyle :) ?

Other than that, Adramelech seems to be just one of many very powerful demons we will be able to summon or be greeted with. I also wonder, from the point of view from hierarchy, what spot does Adramelech has in there?

And to reply for the reason why would my warlock join the Arraxian Crown. I always considered my protagonist to have only one goal in his mind : To learn the very nature of existence. The demons seem to be an old race, possibly by joining it, I could get an access to one of the most powerful knowledge base I could have. Even if the language they use I couldn't understand, transcripts could be produced to be presented for the later generation. Other than that, he would do the bidding of those demons, follow the rules...
Title: Re: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Dralln4 on August 06, 2012, 04:27:38 PM
I guess a little discussion of the Demons of Infernia is in order.

Adremelech is technically the Leader of the Demons of Infernia.  He won his position millennia ago, after disposing the last Lord of the Demons.  He was able to maintain his rule, despite the defeat he suffered at the end of the Demon Interregnum, but his hold on the throne is weekend.  

Just below him in Infenria's hierarchy are the Demon Lords.  These are the named demons like Malcoda and Moloch.  Each of them rules a part of Infernia, and not one of them individually could topple Adremelech.  If they could overcome their rivalries and unite, then they could cause a change in ruler-ship, but Adremelch keeps them suspicious of each other to prevent such an occurrence.

Below the Demon Lords are the individual Demon races, smaller demons that lack unique powers.  Within these ranks are Demons such as the Firebrand Imp and Flaming Hellion.

When a Warlock calls  Adremelech into the arena, he is not summoning the demon himself.  Rather he is summoning an aspect, borrowing a portion of Adremelech's power.  The same holds for any other Demon Lord called in such a way.  Even though these aspects are just a fraction of the Demon Lords', they are still powerful combatants in the arena.
Title: Re: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Dralln4 on August 06, 2012, 04:28:07 PM
Edit:  Double post.
Title: Re: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Hekireky on August 06, 2012, 04:40:40 PM
Great read! I also came up with a question whether Adramelech has an advisor or a representetive of his rulership.
Come to think of it, who first started the Arraxian Crown organization. And how does Infernia look like. Is it habitable, if so, can it be invaded from Etheria, to strike down demons from at theyre own homeland.

I think, that Adramelech will be overthrown by those three generals. Maybe one of them has been in the same league with the last demon lord, who was defeated by Adramelech himself. A secret organization within secret organization, more secret than the Arraxian Crown itself :D
Title: Re: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Dragkin on August 06, 2012, 06:40:12 PM
The way that I see my Warlock is that he was a poor farmer living peacefully with his family. One day, a group of Ivarium soldiers approached his farmstead and wanted to spend the night there. He refused, on account of the fact that they didn't have enough room already for the three of them, but this outraged the Ivarium soldier. He ordered his men to burn down the house. As the Warlock and his family fled, his wife was killed by an Ivarium archer and his son had an arrow placed in his back. By luck, the boy was still alive - but barely. He quickly picked up the boy, jumped onto his horse and rode towards the forest.

Knowing that his son was in grave danger, he raced as fast as he could to the headquarters of the Church of Asyra, knowing that their holy magics could restore the ill and those who were gravely injured. He rode day and night, seeing his son's condition get worse and worse the closer they got. Once there, he grabbed his boy in his arms and rushes to the church. Feverishly, with the crazy eyes of a man full of desperation, he begged the Prestess' for their help. They looked at the boy, but his wounds were too grave, their hands were tied - they could not help him no more. As his son passed away in his arms, the man began to weep and cry. He stayed with his boy for a week in the Church, nobody had the heart to move him. When the time came, he slowly got up and left the Church, downtrodden and without hope.

In his heart, there burned hatred. This was the spark that would change his life. He came to a small inn nearby the Church and sat there. A strange man came to his table and asked him what's wrong. As the farmer opened up, the stranger could feel the rage that was laying behind the farmers words. " I have friends," the man whispered secretly to the farmer's ears, " we can help you. Make things right. We can't bring back your boy, but we can back the soldiers who wounded him and the Priestess' who for the most part let him die pay," the man said.

The rest is history. The farmer took the stranger up on his offer, he swore a pact to the Crown in return for the power to destroy his enemies. He tested his power out on the soldiers who burned down his house, destroying them to the last men. He hunts down members of the Church of Asyra, making them pay for their inaction. He is the Warlock. And these were his first moves in a much older and greater game.
Title: Re: Arraxian Crown
Post by: Shad0w on August 09, 2012, 01:22:09 PM
To get more of the story I will post what I have. Once I get permission to use the story bible cut outs ( Mods please post response here )

For some reason all the story bible files had been removed even though I had permission to post them (here was the thread Sorry all.

I talked it over with the MW team and this was not all of this was ready to go out. It may return some other time. Thank you in advance for understanding.