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Title: Warlord; single hand options
Post by: nitrodavid on August 25, 2013, 03:40:52 AM
the warlord has 2 in school weapons he can choose from

War Sledge (2 handed)
ivarium Bow (2 handed)

both of these cost 2 in school as par for most mage related weapons.

the problem is you cant equip a horn and once of these weapons because of course you must get a one handed weapon. Assume you want a competition grade book (no promo's until they have been officially released). then the only single handed weapons that are available for the warlord to use are

im sure i am not the first person to point out that the warlord is the only mage who does not have a single handed wepon in his school, and the only mage to have to use 2 hands to deal 4 damage on quick attack

as the warlord is suppose to be considered a mage that can melee well(battle skill), why is he so hampered in his equipment department. will there be any consideration in providing the warlord with single handed weapons in the up coming expansions.

note: i am aware that there is single handed promo cards like morning star, but as those have not been officially released in any set they can't be used in competitions