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Title: Arcane Duels - Academy Beastmaster Kelsar Grove
Post by: Coshade on September 14, 2015, 07:53:06 PM
Hey guys!

Thought I would post this book from our arcane duels academy video. If you haven't had a chance to check it out here is a link to it! ---->

So the basic strategy is to go for the face with Rajah, Razortusk, and using the Johktari knife. There are plenty of enchantments to buff up the creates to deal significant damage. I have 2 Crumbles, and 3 Disperse spells to try and keep an advantage by taking out my opponents big buffs. I like the idea of using Darkfeenne Asp with the Stir the Beast abillity to reduce some damage quickly. I'm also no against using a badger frenzy to reduce any powerhouse creature to nothing.

1X -Wychwood Faerie
2X  Darkfenne Asp
1X - Ankylodon
1X  Rajah, Junle's Talon
1X - Razortusk
1X  Tarraki, Thousand Bites

2X - Mend
2X  Crumble
3X - Disperse

2X - Badger Frenzy
1X  Gator Toughness
2X - Iguana Regrowth
2X  Joined Strength
1X - Wolf Fury

1X - Wychwood Ironvine
1X - Leather Chausses
1X - Johktari Hunting Knife
2X  Packleader's Cowl