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Title: Want to promote Academy
Post by: chiller087 on October 23, 2016, 09:59:37 PM
I would love so much if this game took off around here.  I want to start promoting it weekly. If even only 3 or 4 people pick it up I'll be happy.  Have any of you tried to demo games before? Any tips about what or what not to do?
Title: Re: Want to promote Academy
Post by: Boocheck on October 24, 2016, 04:12:54 AM
Hello there :)

1) First step would be introducing a game at local store or your gaming group or group or friends etc. It depends on a local store but most of the time, they are glad that someone is creating programm for them. Some of them will promote you, some of them will gave you a small table at the basement. It depends :)

2) If you are doing introduction outside your group that you know and they know you, try to look representative. You will be suprised how a great number of demoers are doing introductions for their games half sleeping, in non-clean clothes with an odour of Garlic from their mouth :)

3) Know your game. You should probably know most of the interactions that could happen in a game. Also, if you are from Arena, be sure to check how Melee +X and Pest trait works in Academy. This way, your demoing will be fluent, you will act as a judge and had proper respect while deciding issues.

4) Never ever start introduction in a manner - Do you know game XYZ? Well, this game is better. Sometimes, those ppl love the game XYZ very much and sometimes it is an only game they know (i am looking at you MtG).

5) Settings - i have a small package of 12 cards on which i explain very briefly how academy works. If they get interested, i will distribute prepared spellbooks and explain each card in those spellbooks. That is the most "boring" part as players didnt play but study. But if they liked my brief explanation, most of the times they were able to get over this learning step.

6) Guiding - it happens, that player which is unsure just pass you his spell book and ask, what to play or will ask for permission to play specific card. Dont do that. Ask him what HE wants or what he expects. Sometimes, you gave "defensive" spellbook to an "agressive" player. Here is the part you should explain that each mage can have different spellbook thus approach.

7) Have Fun. If you are not having fun, guys at your table doesnt having it too ;)

Hope it helped.
Title: Want to promote Academy
Post by: Sailor Vulcan on October 24, 2016, 06:28:12 AM
Rule #1: don't try to convince people if they don't seem interested. Mage Wars Academy isn't for everyone.

Rule #2: Be patient. Remember that they probably don't know anything about Mage Wars.

Rule #3: Beware of info dumps. A lot of people expect all games to have ridiculously simple rules which can be completely and utterly explained in five sentences. It can be tempting to answer all questions as they come up or right at the beginning before you even start the demo. However, people learn Mage Wars best by playing it, rather than just having it explained to them. Explain rules as they become relevant. Do NOT overload the players with info all at once. This was a major mistake that I have seen ambassadors and even someone who had been an arcane wonders staff member making for arena demos in at least one convention, and it is *not good* and it drives potential new players away. Don't listen to Boocheck when he says that you should explain everything before you even start the demo. The "boring" part isn't necessary. If there is any boring part at all it will drive potential new players away.

Rule #4: Be enthusiastic. Show your love for the game. That sort of thing is infectious. If at all possible you should find a friend who also plays the game, and play a game against them in a public location such as a FLGS. If it looks exciting enough, people will walk over to you and ask you what you're playing.

Rule #5: Make sure you know the rules and the card mechanics for both core mages equally well. If you make rules mistakes while running a demo it will give the participants misinformation about how the rules work, and if you made more rules mistakes for one Mage than the other you've accidentally cheated one player into an unfair victory over the other in the demo.

For the participants it will make things easier for new players if each player in the demo starts with 12 damage and with the setup rounds already completed for them.

Rule #6: Be presentable and professional. This is pretty self explanatory.

Hope that helped!

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Title: Re: Want to promote Academy
Post by: Boocheck on October 24, 2016, 06:34:53 AM
Hope that helped!

Nicly written :)

Title: Re: Want to promote Academy
Post by: kiwipaul on November 30, 2016, 04:27:50 AM
Yes, more promotion of Academy !!!!   I am all for it.