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Title: Knockdown, Steal Enchantment, and Invisible Stalker Questions
Post by: Phillus on January 27, 2017, 09:14:02 PM
Four Questions.
Title: Re: Knockdown and Invisible Stalker Question
Post by: iNano78 on January 27, 2017, 09:24:41 PM
Three Questions.
  • Is Knockdown basically a 3 mana stun?
  • Can the controlling mage target Invisible Stalker with spells such as Ballad of Courage and Demonic Bloodlust while invisible?
  • How do I have a mouse over image when I write card names?

1. Knockdown makes a creature Incapacitated until the beginning of its activation or the end of the round, whichever comes first. Stun makes it Incapacitated until after it activates; eg it just flips over its marker when it activates. While Incapacitated from either effect, it loses Flying, loses any guard markers, doesn't hinder, etc.

2. No. It can't be targeted while Invisible. After it makes an attack, it becomes visible, after which it can be targeted, until the end of the round. *edit* Technically the Invisble trait itself says nothing about becoming visible upon attack or becoming Invisible again at the end of the round. That's specific to the [mwcard=FWC08]Invisible Stalker[/mwcard]... which happens to be the only creature that has the Invisible trait so far. In principle, an Invisible object can never be targeted, ever.

3. Copy & paste the code below an image from the official card database / spell book builder: (

Example: [mwcard=MW1I15]Knockdown[/mwcard]

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Title: Re: Knockdown, Steal Enchantment, and Invisible Stalker Questions
Post by: Zuberi on January 28, 2017, 01:08:00 AM
First, let me confirm iNano is correct on all accounts, and just elaborate a little on them. The difference between Knockdown and Stun is purely when they go away. Both are incapacitate effects, but Stun goes away at the end of its Action Phase, while Knockdown goes away at the beginning of its Action Phase (or at the end of the round). This means that Knockdown will never deny a creature from taking an action, but it is still useful for the other Incapacitate effects like iNano listed.

Invisible creatures can't be targeted. They can still be affected by zone attacks/effects, damage barriers, and counterstrikes though. So there are ways around the Invisible trait, even if it were to be permanent...

Because the official card database isn't up to date, some cards can not be inserted into a forum post.

Now, to the question that iNano missed. The latest supplement update answers this question on page 9 in the Effects section. If an effect grants you an ability with a limited number of uses, those uses are tracked by the source of the effect. Which means, if you move an enchantment to a different target, it does not regain any uses of its ability. Reading the Steal Enchantment card, it does say that you are just moving the enchantment and switching control. You are not recasting it (though you do have to pay the mana cost "as if" you were casting/revealing it for the new target).
Title: Re: Knockdown, Steal Enchantment, and Invisible Stalker Questions
Post by: Halewijn on January 28, 2017, 03:01:27 AM
The idea of knockdown is a slam condition, but it was released before slam conditions were even a concept. If knockdown were released today and not in the core set, the text would probably read:

"target creature gains a slam conditions"

The only difference would be the daze after removing the slam.