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Title: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: farkas1 on August 30, 2018, 05:36:46 pm
Welcome I’m going to be sharing my thoughts and ideas about how I think the upcoming cards will affect the meta and comparisons to similar cards based on spell type!!!  There is a lot to go over and a lot to consider in these new sets. 

Let’s start with Frost!!!!


A creature with Freeze conditions rolls 1 less die on non-spell attacks. At the end of a creature's activation, remove one Freeze condition if possible. Each Freeze condition on a living creature is also considered 2 damage that cannot be healed. If there are ever Freeze conditions on an object with Burn conditions, remove 1 of each. Repeat this process until there are only Freeze or Burn markets remaining. This is a frost condition and has a removal cost of 2. In Arena, freeze also grants the Lumbering trait to the affected creature.

Frost mechanic will finally be released so you may want start running bear skin for the first time!!!

Attack Spells:

Cone of Frost

1 air or 1 water
5 mana, full cast, 0-1 range, creature or conjuration
Range, frost, 2 die, effect 8+ freeze x2, sweeping

Beam of Frost

1 air of 1 Water
5 mana, quick cast, 0-1 range, creature or conjuration
Range, frost, 2 die, effect 6+ Freeze x2

X2 means if it triggers 4 “direct” damage that cannot be healed!  Creatures can just get ripped apart fairly fast with a couple of these spells from a mage.  Downside is each turn remove one at the end of a creatures activation, so it is temporary. 
Level 1 air or water offer a lot to any mage who wants to try and do some frost synergy. 
Wizard and Siren have a clear advantage to effectively make these spells work for them being in school.  They both can mass cast these fairly effectively with cards such as Naiya, or Wizard’s Tower.  Naiya and a Siren Mage are able to shoot 3 beam of frost in one round.  12 direct damage almost guaranteed with at least 6 more die without any other buffs.   
Beam of Frost looks way better stat wise with the better effect chance.  4 Direct damage is crazy strong, if they trigger!  Also with help of hawk eye, gloves of skill, and/or akiros favor to either help increase the odds and amount of damage they do is nice. 
Pros: pretty nasty verse small living creatures. Naiya and Wizard Tower combo= super fun to try Out!!!
Cons: 0-1 range is difficult to get to work on familiars sometimes with so many counters to familiars. Warlocks with fire Demons and or fire spells will have no problem removing the freeze condition markers. 
Who will be able to be the Best Frost Mage in Arena Siren or Wizard?
If Frost becomes big in the meta what nonliving creatures will be used to counter Frost threats?


Frost Trap

1 air and 1 water
2/4 Mana, Quick cast, 0-2 Range, Corporeal Creature
When this Creature activates you must reveal Frost Trap.  Place 2 freeze conditions on this creature, then destroy frost trap. 

Frost trap is an interesting spell.  Only Siren and Wizard can get this for 3 SBP.  So Wizard or Siren will most likely be the only mages using this effectively.  4 damage guaranteed on living creatures is pretty freaking good and great for any Frost combo. 

Deep Freeze

1 air or 1 water
2/2 mana, Quick, 0-2 Range, Non-mage Object
This object loses and cannot gain the melting trait.  Additionally, Freeze conditions are not removed at the end of this creature’s activation. Flame attacks against this object roll 2 less dice.

Great spell for the frost meta.  Can be used in keeping things longer such as creatures or conjurations.  Or Stick it on an enemy to build up those freeze conditions.  I do see maybe shift enchantment being a fun strat to move this spell around to finish off some threats!

Wand of Ice and Fire (equipment)

1 fire, or 1 air, or 1 water
4 mana, quick, 0-2 range, Mage
Once per round, as a quick spell, you may pay 2 mana to place a burn or freeze condition on a target corporeal object up to 1 zone away.

Maybe a better spell than frost trap for finishing off living creatures with freeze conditions.  It has one less range and one less freeze conditions but it still guarantees one and for 1 SBP and only 2 mana for each use it can and should get some work done for you.  Being able to use it multiple times for such little cost is a great deal.  I like it a lot.  Combo it with frost trap to guarantee 6 damage!    Oh yea it can lay on burns too!


Ice Spikes

1 air and 1 water
6 mana, quick, 0-0 range, Zone
0 armor, 6 health, Melting 2, Frost Immunity
When a non-frost creature in this zone activates, it receives 2 points of direct frost damage.  Flame attacks against ice spikes roll 2 additional dice.
Not sure how popular this will be in arena.  This hurts everything unless its frost.  It could be used as a semi zone attack.  With one or two attacks it could deal out 4 direct frost damage.  So it could be more

Freeze Weapon

1 air or 1 water
4 mana, quick 0-0 Range, minor weapon or shield equipment
0 armor, 5 life, Melting 2, Frost Immunity
Increase Freeze Weapon’s cost by 2 if the target equipment is level 2.  This equipment is Disabled and cannot be replaced.  Flame attacks against Freeze Weapon roll 2 additional dice.

Freeze equipment is a pretty good option if it is in school for your mage.  Downside it is 0-0 range.  Naiya or any aggressive mage could use this pretty effectively imo.  In school spell it is useful otherwise you may want to just  use dissolve.  Biggest upside is it can bypass nullify.  Downside is with a mage throwing 4 dice with their natural melee buff it could be gone in one turn costing you 4-6 mana.  Not sure how much this will be seen in arena. 


Ice Golem
1 air and 1 water
8 mana, full action, 0-0, Zone
0 armor 13 life, melting 2 nonliving, frost immunity, psychic immunity, Flame attacks against the Ice Golem roll 2 additional dice. 
3 dice quick attack, 3+ freeze condition

Frost Elemental
2 air and 2 water
15 mana, full cast, 0-0, Zone
0 armor, 23 life, Melting 2, nonliving, Frost immunity
Flame attacks against Frost Elemental roll 2 additional dice
5 dice quick attack, 7+ Freeze x2 condtions

Both are fairly strong options for such low amount of mana they cost.  Buffing them with deep freeze could save them from getting killed so easily.  They have a lot of health and can both both burst the damage out.  I like frost elemental a little more in regards to amount of attack dice and the 2x freeze chance is also really nice.  They are fairly close in regards to damage output.  The frost elemental will stay alive longer so it may depend on how fast you want to be targeting your opponent on which one you will go with.  If your going full out frost strat you may decide to use both!
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: farkas1 on August 30, 2018, 05:37:36 pm
Reserved for final thoughts and more combos!!!  ;)
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: DaveW on August 30, 2018, 09:30:41 pm
Wand of ice and fire... it strikes me that this can be used to remove burns, etc since they cancel
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: Fausto on September 06, 2018, 10:20:03 am
Pffff what? Even the Druid can be a full surprise with those attacks! I know the range of the attack is 0-1... But imagine that you have that druid near you, with nothing else... And then... Boom! Freeze your butt!!!

I love these new cards
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: farkas1 on September 06, 2018, 01:25:01 pm
Agreed Fausto a frost Druid is a scary combo as well.  She may not be able to have the ability to pop three frost spells per round like siren or wizard with a familiar/tower.....but combo with Druid new stuff she maybe the deadliest!  Great point!
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: Jbuzzsaw79 on October 31, 2018, 08:07:38 am
Druid is very much out of hand now with all the spells she can use
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: farkas1 on March 28, 2019, 01:35:46 pm
I just want to reply here to see if anyone has built frost books and had any success? 

In my experience they have been a little underwhelming or overshadowed by other book ideas I'm more excited about.    Frost can give you a little boost but there is a lot more efficient ways of killing things imo.  Tough trait ruins frost builds and at the moment I feel if you go with a pure frost strat it takes up too many sbp to be competitive in tournament play. 

Right now as it stands frost is okay to splash in some books but it is not ideal  to build the whole book around.  Which is disappointing.  Also having them stack is "cool" and I wish it did minus melee die per each one similar to stagger.  melting on the frost creatures is too harsh especially with 0 armor.  And the frost creatures don't even have a frost attack subtype to their attack bar so no way of it mattering on +frost or -frost traits. 

Freeze weapon is highly disappointing too imo,  it will never get used. 

overall frost feels meh at the moment.  time will tell maybe its too new and no one sees in potential value. 

Druid and Siren I feel have a great chance of having the most success with it. 
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: Karadox on March 28, 2019, 03:00:32 pm
Melting on the frost creatures is a Problem.

I think arena needs a weather Conjuration in the manner of the enchantment deep freeze.
Title: Re: Frost Cards!!!!!
Post by: DaveW on March 28, 2019, 11:37:15 pm
When I got Elementalist, I started to make a Frost Wizard... but couldn't find enough in synergies to make it work. The Wizard then was going to focus on Air... and eventually ended up a generic mix of Air and Lightning as that seemed to be the most flexible build.

But yes, I tried... and gave up.