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Title: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: Coshade on July 15, 2020, 05:37:22 PM
Hello everyone!

We are on our final vote for two new creature cards! There have been a ton of ideas thrown around so I thought I would gather them up. We'll be leaving the polls open for 2 weeks, then go straight to playtesting.  We are looking for names and quotes so feel free to share them here or email us at Here are some thoughts on the two creatures below.

Holy Or Dark Level 5 Creature! The idea behind this card is that it joined the side of demons. Both the Dark and Holy side can take this creature since it has been on both sides.

Card 1 - Pretty basic concept here. Gate to Hell is a very unused card so hopefully this one makes it more viable. I would vote for this if you plan on taking Gate to Hell. I'm unsure if Holy has many uses for it though.

Card 2 - This helps both the Priest and the Adramelech Warlock a lot. Not removing burns can be very powerful with cards like Magma Golem. It might also make Combustion more of an option.

Card 3 - A solid card, Adramelech Warlock probably benefits the most because setting things on fire and demon creatures combo very well with this.

Card 4 - This gives more of a stronger solo creature card. It works well with both sides in it's own way.

War Level 4 - There have been a few ideas!
Card 1 is designed to be a tough of nails, slow advance creature. it's not supposed to be easy but also does not have a lot of damage in one action, but can produce a lot in a melee attacking round.

Card 2 is a great Warlord card. We are a bit worried that formations may make this card too strong as is, but it uses his giant shield concept to help advance troops.

Card 3 is similar ideas to card 1. It's less straight forward, but great for attacking into guards. It does not have the Vigilante trait so that may cause problems. If you do succeed in the defense (or use defensive enchantments) you still gain the guard marker. It also goes well with cards like Temple of Dawnbreaker.

Card 4 is more of a leadership card. It is designed to be heroric in that it can help friendly soldiers retreat or advance without worry of enemies around it.

Keep in mind if any of these cards appear overpowered, we will be balancing them down stats wise during playtesting. When you cast your vote, the overall concept/Traits will be preserved, but if you see high stats and decide the power card is just better, it will probably be nerfed to be balanced out.

Card 1 Option 1 --->

Card 1 Option 2 --->

Card 1 Option 3 --->

Card 1 Option 4 --->

Card 2 Option 1 --->

Card 2 Option 2 --->

Card 2 Option 3 --->

Card 2 Option 4 --->
Title: Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: Knabbmaster on July 16, 2020, 04:03:58 PM
For card 1 option 2 (the angel who opens gate to hell) I feel like you should probably add something like:
''gate to hell' can only be opened by this effect.'
At the end of the card so that it thematically makes sense for a holy mage to play her as a counter. She would essentially be an angel tasked with keeping the gate shut at all times with a tendency for betrayal.
(not that anyone was begging for a counter to gate to hell but at least  it would make the 'or holy' feel more natural).

Also I wish the flavor text would read something like: "See? I AM good... at WINNING!"

Edit: I reffered to card 1 option 1 (though that was rather obvious).

Title: Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: farkas1 on July 17, 2020, 10:18:36 AM
Vote for 4 for the knight.  Or 2 both have great interaction with lvl1 creatures! 
Title: Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: farkas1 on July 17, 2020, 10:21:29 AM
Also not sure but I voted Iím pretty sure I voted for number 2 and 4 for the knight yet it marked me for 1 and 4.  Iím not sure if it was a glitch or a user error on my part.
Title: Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: Coshade on July 17, 2020, 11:27:24 AM
I'll have to manually add it up later, thanks Farkas!
Title: Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: shapeshifter on July 22, 2020, 12:47:55 PM
I voted for both the Vigilant traited Soldier. It one of my fav traits in the game.
I voted for the burns dont fall off in upkeep. I dont like additional mana requirements on my 18 mana creatures.
Title: Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: Karadox on July 22, 2020, 01:35:30 PM
I would add the 4th variant of the angel to one of the others. 

If your Mage is trained Holy, this creature gains the angel subtype and the Aegis 2 trait.
If your Mage is trained Dark, this creature gains the Demon subtype Vampiric trait.

It makes sense when the angel has lost his sanctity, that he losses his divine protection.

I think this variant should be the core of the card

+ Objects in this zone do not remove burns during upkeep.

I would merge both versions of the angel into one.

Title: Re: Create a Card - Final Vote!
Post by: Kajarahpickles on July 23, 2020, 04:27:41 PM
Quick thoughts on some card options.
Card 1
The Gate to Hell option is a really cool idea. Unfortunately with it being Dark or Holy it does not really fit the whole card (unless something else was added)  I enjoy the other 3 options fairly well. Karadox's suggestion of perhaps merging a couple into one might work really well.
Card 2  The 0 damage to keep guarding (#3) really gets the timmy in me, man there can be some epic turns with that one. (#4) Seems like a great build around as well. 

Thanks everyone who have put in the time to playtest and work on all of this! My son and I can't wait.