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Title: Few unclear things.
Post by: Trufs on January 06, 2013, 05:45:17 PM
Hi there. I bought Mage Wars 2 days ago and im loving it! Played 2 games already with "shorter mode with decks from how to teach mage wars" so it would be easier to play at start. The things that are unclear for me and I'd like some confirmation/correction on rules:

1 - how many conditions of the same type can be on one creature? Lets say my Gorgon Archer is shooting enemy wizard and weak status are piling up. I've read somewhere in rules you can only duplicate the effect, does it mean that enemy wizard can only have 2 weak status on him? But there are weak -1 and weak -2 status. So it can have 2x weak- 2 meaning -4 attack dice with meele attack? Or more? Maybe 2x weak-2 + 2xweak-1 ? That would result in -6 attack dices. Let's say that enemy wizard is buffing himself with + meele dice so that there is a reson to accumulate weak status on him. And yes i know it can only be reduced to 1 dice max. Sorry im really confused about that one. Also can it be removed somehow? I mean except being a priestess.

2 - How exacly incapitated work on mage? Is quickcast action influenced by incapitated status or not? So mage can do both quickcast action and quickcast spell during his normal action but only if its non-damaging? Or quickcast is not effected and it can be a damaging spell?

3 - Is there any restriction from using enchantments on my mage? It seems really good to just buff my mage constantly with enchantments (i know i can have only 1 enchantment of a type) instead of casting it on my creatures that might die, my mage will be there till the end of game for sure ;p

4 - is mage considered a 'corporeal'?

5 - Will a creature conterstrike if it's attacked by zone attack for example electrify? I know it won't if its zone attack from range, but can zone attack be considered 'meele'?

6 - can you give spawnpoint mana to mage? I know a mage can add his mana to spawnpoint's mana for summoning. So shouldn't it work both ways? Didnt see anything about that in rules so if its not mentioned it's not possible?

7 - can i cast heal (heal 7 attack dice to living creature' on my mage? He i a living creature i guess, but it seems OP, i dunno.

ps. sorry for any spelling/grammar mistake, english is my second language.
Title: Re: Few unclear things.
Post by: pixelgeek on January 06, 2013, 06:09:16 PM
1) I don't recall seeing anything that limits Conditions to only two per Creature. The Effects and Conditions description does mention that some, such as Weak, can be "duplicated" but I don't think that was intended to be a limit but to describe that the effects of some Conditions can stack. I have had multiple Weak conditions on a Mage and have also been effected by multiple Burn conditions.

I believe that the wording is just to differentiate conditions like Weak from ones like Stun that cannot stack

2) Incapacitated creatures can't do except cast non-attack spells.

"An Incapacitated creature still takes an Action Phase during the round, but it cannot perform any actions during its Action Phase (normally, the action marker is simply flipped over)."

Further it says

"Mages are affected by Incapacitation differently. A mage’s mind is so powerful that even if he is Incapacitated he can still work his magic! An Incapacitated mage can still use actions to cast quick non-attack spells."

So if you Incapacitate a Mage it can't Quickcast attack spells but it can use actions to cast quick non-attack spells.

It doesn't specifically say that you can't use the Quickcast action so as long as you are not casting an attack spell you could conceivably cast two Quick non-attack spells while Incapacitated.

3) There is no limit to casting Enchantments on Mages as long as the target does not specificy a non-Mage creature. Other than that the normal restrictions on enchantments applies.

4) Yes it is.

"Corporeal objects are normal, physical objects. All creatures and conjurations are Corporeal, unless they have the Incorporeal trait."

5) No. A Zone attack specifically does not target a unit so it can't counterattack. There needs to be an attacker and in the case of a Zone attack there is no specific attacker to counterstrike

6) No.

7) You certainly can. Sometimes its the only option you have to save yourself.
Title: Re: Few unclear things.
Post by: Trufs on January 06, 2013, 06:50:10 PM
Thanks on answear. I'd like to have confirmation about nr.1 because you seem to be unsure and it seems to me it can be quite powerfull to have few rots/burns/weak on enemy mage with no way to remove it, unless there is but just not in "noob decks". (other mages than priestess)
Title: Re: Few unclear things.
Post by: pixelgeek on January 06, 2013, 07:57:52 PM
The use of the word "duplicate" is what causes me to hesitate. Hopefully someone official can comment soon
Title: Re: Few unclear things.
Post by: Trufs on January 07, 2013, 03:22:49 AM
Yeah that's what make me wonder too. From what i understand duplicate can mean both "copy once" (to make two) or just "copy" (not stated how many times). Would like official answear too even though Im not sure it would happen too often but still that would make attacking with certain creatures more beneficial if you can stack those conditions without any limit.
Title: Re: Few unclear things.
Post by: SeanDeCoy on January 07, 2013, 11:53:38 AM
I'm almost positive "duplicate" does not mean "can only copy once" in this instance, but let me double check.
Title: Re: Few unclear things.
Post by: Arcanus on January 07, 2013, 12:09:58 PM
Hello all,

Yes you can pile up conditions on a creature without a limit. The word duplicate meant "repeatedly stack without limit".

Stacking conditions is very powerful! However, some conditions, when stacked repeatedly, offer little or no additional benefits - such as Stun or Daze. A stack of Weak conditions on an an enemy Mage can take him down to 1 attack dice and then offer no further benefit (until or unless he buffs). Stacking that many on a Mage will take a little effort, but if it can be pulled off it's very satisfying!

A Purify spell can remove all of the Weak, Rot, Cripple, or other poison conditions and enchantments on a creature, all at once.  Geyser can remove all of the Burns. Future spells will continue to offer opportunities to remove condition markers, such as the coming Wand of Healing, Renewing Spring, and Clear Mind spell.

Hope this helps!
Title: Re: Few unclear things.
Post by: Trufs on January 07, 2013, 01:59:53 PM
Thanks for 100% sure clarification ;)