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You had a "you can't kill me" priestess! I'd love the chance to play against that!
Somewhat outdated by cards released since and local meta. She just had lots of cheap healing/protection, lots of armour, a couple of veteran's belts and a few other things designed to give her the advantage if the game was in a stalemate-type position. But getting through defences, aegis and armour to cause a few damage and then having her heal easily and cheaply was just a bit depressing for my foes. With acid ball/rust and a few other more recent things, she'd be less strong.

I think the best way for a forcemaster tank to actually win would probably be spellbook attrition. I.e. pack lots of force crushes (for them) forcefields (for you), plus mana siphons, dissolves, dispels etc. You might actually pretend to solo rush at first so they use dispels etc. inefficiently, but also build up defences so that later in the game they're force crushed, you're forcefielded and they're out of dispels. Even if they've got lots of creatures, they'd use most of the effort getting through your defences.

Would suffer against another mage designed for a similar role (particularly wizards or death mages focused on direct damage/poison) but could be pretty effective against other builds.

In this context, Galvitar is great because of being a cantrip: you're guaranteed access to a weapon that remains useful when you start running low on mana. Ditto on force pull (particularly useful if you're elusive as you can pull an enemy into your square and then sprint out of charge range)

I'd find this fun to build/use, but probably never would, as it sounds dull/frustrating for your opponent unless they're into this sort of meta book-building. Same reason I retired my 'you can't kill me' priestess after a couple of games

Spells / Re: How to use Feral Bobcats and my birthday wish
« on: April 16, 2015, 01:31:24 AM »
Half a centuary passes soooooo fast..  :D

Anyway im working to improve my Beastmaster skills, and i want to make a spellbook with [mwcard=MW1C14]Feral Bobcat[/mwcard]s

I need a way to move these guys around so i can make use of their charge bonus.

First dear Arcane Wonders my birthday wish is a "Call of the Wind" spell just like [mwcard=MW1I03]Call of the Wild[/mwcard] just replace the Melee+1 with Fast.
Im not saying it should just cost 4 mana like Call of the Wild.

Something like [mwcard=MWSTX1CKI02]Akiro's Battle Cry[/mwcard] or this [mwcard=DNI06]Zombie Frenzy[/mwcard] for my lovely animals would also be very welcome  :)

From anyone else: give me your best ideas on how to use [mwcard=MW1C14]Feral Bobcat[/mwcard]

I don't think it's about forcing the charge bonus: it's about giving your opponent tough choices.

So with Johktari Beastmaster, you can take potshots at the enemy mage with a bow. If they want to come and hit you, or move out of range, they're getting into charge range of your cats.

Also, as has been said, you can mix up defensive and aggressive usage.

General Discussion / Re: Tips for losing to new players
« on: January 11, 2015, 03:44:55 PM »
The game already has a built in function for giving handicaps.

If you want to disadvantage yourself against the opponent, simply lower your 120 spell points...  build an 80 or 90 point one.   If you want to give the advantage to an opponent, increase them to 150 spellpoints or so.  Its simple, and the opponent understands the advantage you are giving them by simply showing them the mage card.   You dont have to "play down", and then when they are acclimated they can just start playing a regular book.    This also teaches a value for spell book point effeciency very early on.
I like the spellbook approach to handicapping: but giving them more spellbook points can just give them more stuff to choose between, which can make it more daunting! So limiting your own stuff might be easier.

In general, Magewars is easier to handicap than many games as you have the pre-game of making books. When I play against people who I tend to beat, I'll often play a thematic but sub-par mage (e.g. a Dwarf Warlord with only Dwarfs as creatures), which then means it's more challenging.

There are also some specific tricks that I just wouldn't use against a new person: basically, stuff that they probably don't realise you can do! So basically anything involving enchantment transfusion for instance.

Finally, frustration isn't just about winning/losing. The swiftest change I've made was playing against a newish person when I brought out a Priestess who had armour up to the hilt, plus veteran's belt, plus aegis: he basically couldn't put any damage on her, and I had cheap heal anyway. The issue there wasn't that it was overpowered, so much as if you didn't beat it, it was boring. A bit like the old Magic the Gathering 'permission' decks where you countered everything the other person did: it just isn't a fun game unless you've got into that sort of deck design meta.

If you're going explicitly for anti-swarm, it might be better to not go all-out on their spawnpoint: let them commit to the swarm strategy properly and then start the mana drain.

Personally I'd do this with a Wizard: his voltaric shield makes him pretty solid as a tank, and the tower can be a major force multiplier once you've built up a mana advantage. Plus you can max out essence drains, which are an obvious solution if the swarm player reacts to Mordok's Obelisk and Suppression orb by switching to a few larger creatures.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Blood Demon Aggro
« on: August 31, 2014, 08:28:38 AM »
Interesting book! I'm currently playing a Warlock with a couple of Blood Demons, though I usually only use one (as the Reaper as is being talked about here) and then rely on curses and a bit of fire magic. I lay down a battleforge first turn and bring out the Demon second turn.

If you want to go for several reapers, I think it would help to have some walls, as they can fly over them anyway and it can separate a mage from his guards. Wall of Fire and Wall of Bones are both good and cheap: a wall of thorns in your back pocket gives you an opportunity if an unarmoured opponent pushes their luck. Not sure I'd bother with Wardstones, although they're good with curses: I guess it depends how many dispels your opponents tend to carry.

In terms of buffs, bear strength is great on something with Vampiric, and Mongoose agility might be worth it on your reaper, but I wouldn't necessarily bother with the other ones. There is the slight risk of the opponent just running away because your Demons don't hinder him, but if the Warlock himself is in melee that's less of an issue. Lion savagery only seems worth it if you also have cheetah speed, and that's a pretty massive investment.

I'd be tempted to replace at least one of the vampirisms with regrowth: the latter is more flexible (i.e. can be used while running away if you're injured) and against so many curses I don't see your buffs being dispelled that much anyway. My warlock sometimes has the bloodreaper's healing, regrowth belt and vampirism at the same time, which means he can soak up shocking amounts of damage and that the opponent really can't afford to pause to build resources.

I'd also be tempted to have at least area attack spell in case of swarms. If you're surrounded by 4 thunderift falcons with a rajan's fury or two down, a ring of fire is very welcome indeed.

I was going to say that Dragonscale Hauberk beats Daemonhide, but actually with bloodthirsty creatures it might be convenient to cause small amounts of damage to opposing creatures and make them tastier targets!

I would also consider the forge. The main boon is action efficiency, and a chance to react before quickcast. Given you're presumably going to spend most of your full actions hitting things, an extra action wouldn't go amiss

Mages / Re: alternate wizard
« on: August 11, 2014, 12:50:48 PM »
I would doubt it.  Arcane Wonders will probably reserve something that different for a new Mage instead.  Maybe an arcane and mind one? 

If you're looking forward to a Chronomancer, the bad news is that several new Mages have just been revealed (in the new podcast).  If the Chronomancer is even a thing, it won't be coming out for a very long time.
I wouldn't be so sure - a previous Magewars Monday hinted heavily that there was a clue to the new mage's abilities in the picture...

Rules Discussion / Re: Libro Mortuos-Deploy from Spellbook or Hand?
« on: August 07, 2014, 04:12:00 PM »
No once you have cast Libro it is now an object with the Spawnpoint trait. It is what (functionally) brings the creature into play.
But to be explicit, (as per the card posted above), things summoned from spawnpoints can also go to the garrison post. RogRog: you might have missed this if you have an older set, as the garrison post card was updated (largely to let it work with barracks, but helping with Libro Mortus too!)

General Discussion / Re: Bloodwave or Iron Throne?
« on: August 07, 2014, 04:08:41 PM »
So now that FiF has been out a while and we have more War cards to play with, are people liking the old Orc or the new Dwarf as their Warlord of choice? Which one do you use and with what type of spellbook (swarm, couple big, construct heavy, solo)?

My take on it is that I really like the Bloodwave commands (+1 charge and +1 ranged especially) though the veteran tokens seem rather lackluster. For the dwarf, I like his runic abilities but don't much care for his commands. The toughness and +1 melee seem about equal.

I like the ability to give things fast: it creates an area the opponent fears to enter! Particularly with the minotaur. Also, Bloodwave only boosts guards but the Anvil Throne helps everyone, so it's a great default with a spare action.

The weird thing on battle orders is that Bloodwave's +1 ranged is great with the crossbowman, who already has piercing, whereas Anvil Throne's +2 piercing is good with the piercing-less slingers.

But my general feeling (as someone making a book to mostly fight a Beastmaster and a Forcemaster) is that Bloodwave is great against enemy armies (vet tokens), whereas Anvil Throne is a bit more flexible and better against solo/buddy builds.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: King Under the Mountain v1
« on: August 07, 2014, 04:02:54 PM »
Where are the Dwarves? Seem to be only 3 against 9 goblins! Which side of the Battle of the Five Armies are you on anyway?  >:(

I mainly ask because I'm foolish enough to be making an all-Dwarf deck and was hoping someone was sharing my pain....

Only vaguely helpful comment: given your battle orders give fast, not sure 'charge' is worth it. Also, I don't see Akiro's battle cry being pulled off twice in a game!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: PlantLord
« on: August 07, 2014, 06:22:09 AM »
Interesting! You know that Thorg can't taunt mages though, right? So to get them there you need the teleport/thornlasher tricks you would otherwise: I suspect a lot of mages would just avoid your deathpit. Or use firestorm on it...

Strategy and Tactics / Re: How to beat zombie necromancer?
« on: August 05, 2014, 01:00:42 PM »
Well brutes can guard but have bloodthirsty, so they have to attack if they can... a tough wounded creature can therefore draw off all the guards.

Zombies are incredibly tough and strong for the points, but bloodthirstiness and speed are both problems for them. Pushing/teleporting the necromancer away from his swarm and putting up walls isn't a bad start. Also just quick, early attacking. If you're in his face on the third turn, a battleforge/libro/ring approach is just too slow.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Weird Druid idea
« on: July 31, 2014, 05:54:49 AM »
The major vulnerability I see here, pretty much regardless of match-up, is that while you're dancing around the arena avoiding harm, I can march over to your tree and smash it into firewood. At which point a fair bit of your advantage (vines, channelling, lifebond...) is all lost.

I've only played against one Druid, so I'm probably missing something: but for me, the tree enforces some degree of defense (or more all-out offence so they have no time to respond)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Where angels dare....
« on: July 29, 2014, 01:06:20 PM »
Sure someone will come along to rain on the angel parade soon, but one more positive first: the cheap armour given by crown of protection is particularly good  value with angels, given they already have aegis and flying making it a pain to attack them.

Strategy and Tactics / Aggressive use of spawnpoints
« on: July 25, 2014, 06:34:59 AM »
Creature spawnpoints are often thought of as defensive/economical play (battleforges are cheaper and support soloing so are a bit more complex), and obviously they have slightly less immediate aggressive pay-off than a turn 2 Lord of Fire or a Forcemaster solo rush. But I was wondering how often people used spawnpoints aggressively. There are two obvious builds for this, I think

Beastmaster. The Lair is reasonably tough and doesn't depend on anything else (unlike Barracks, Graveyard etc.) to work effectively. This allows you to run fast turn and drop it far centre.

Beastmasters gets cheap Rouse the Beast, so creatures can hit as soon as they arrive. Lots of small, cheap craetures allows you to keep the pressure up, and being in your opponents face reduces their ability to spend actions/mana on mordok's obelisk and similar. For Straywood, this works great with Pet Falcon for a brutal turn 2 attack. For Johktari, she can run and drop a Lair far centre and still have an action free for an enchantment, enchanters ring or leather boots/gloves.

Adramalech Warlock. This is slightly different as the Pentagram itself doesn't have to be far forward, as you can rely on wildfire imps instead. Place and harmonise a pentagram first turn, and then use either a lash-build or a hawkeye-flameblast build to lay down fire on your opponents with the mage: explode and ignite are useful backups!

I'm not convinced about the others: barracks is vulnerable and needs other outposts, temple of asyra needs harmonisation to summon, graveyard needs a flow of deaths to become efficient and the necromancer is squishy, trees are vulnerable to fire... you might be able to do something with gate to voltari, though.

Any thoughts?

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