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Alternative Play / Re: 4 Person Team battle, pics.
« on: May 08, 2013, 07:32:24 pm »
Yeah with the two people who had never played before it really added the time but we stopped at just over 3 hours.  We were having a good time and the new guys were loving the game but it was late and people had to work in the morning.  :)  As everyone has seen or you will see, the game times really speed up as you get used to all of the conditions, rules, etc. 

League / Tournament Play / Re: Portsmouth NH Mage Wars
« on: May 02, 2013, 09:10:24 am »
check your email listed under your profile. :)

League / Tournament Play / Re: Portsmouth NH Mage Wars
« on: May 02, 2013, 07:34:12 am »
 Thanks for the response.  I'm glad to hear another person in the area is interested.

There are a couple others in Portsmouth that are interested and I have played about a game a week for a month or so.  Actually having a friend coming over this afternoon to run through a game.  

Diversions in downtown Portsmouth is opening a new location downtown with a very large gaming area and I really hope to get several people playing at the new location.  Game night will be Tuesdays I'm pretty sure.  I am also looking to get some people to play at least one other night during the week.  

After the Diversions new location gets started and going (May 9th)  I hopefully will be able to get them to run an Organized event to draw more people into this awesome game.  

Let me know if you are interested in joining us for a game.

Alternative Play / 4 Person Team battle, pics.
« on: April 25, 2013, 09:51:26 am »
Hey everyone,
 There has been a fair amount of talk on here about multiplayer battles and how people might go about doing that.  I thought I would post some pics from the other night when I tried 2 vs. 2 with some friends.  

So as you can see I have two boards and two sets of markers and stuff.  I made the board on the right by photocopying a couple of the squares, printing them on heavy matte paper and then gluing them to a piece of cardboard.  The two little squares to keep your mana, channeling, and life on are also made the same way.  They actually came out better than I expected.  I needed some other counters for those cards so I just took some wooden square counters from another game I had to use.  As you can see I have extra action markers that I had purchased from the company website.

So we played 2 vs. 2.  The forcemaster and Warlord, vs. The Wizard and Priestess.  We placed both the teammates in the same starting zone at opposite corners.  We alternated turns and initiative between teams and players.  

It actually worked really well.  Two of the players had never played before and really liked it.  The two new players paired up with myself and another friend who have played several matches.  As anyone who has taught the game knows it takes some time to get people going and teach them everything.  Because of this our game ran really long and we weren't able to finish it out because of time constraints but it was good.  At the end the Wizard and the Priestess had the Forcemaster and the Warlord hurt fairly good.  

Overall I think it was a good test and I hope to play it again with teams.  I think with 4 people you really need two boards.  Most of the right side of our table was open but we still used it and it made it so you could maneuver and not get too congested.  Stuff does get crazy as you can imagine but it was fun and I think for those interested its really a cool change up to the game.  Also it gets those people playing who don't really like 1 vs. 1 games.  

Next I want to try 3 or 4 free for all.  I just wanted to show everyone with these pictures that while we wait for the multiplayer stuff to really come out, you can make the required stuff to play all by yourself.  

I hope you liked the pics.  See you in the arena! mu ah ah ah

League / Tournament Play / Re: Portsmouth NH Mage Wars
« on: April 16, 2013, 07:14:36 am »
 Awsome bud.  Just let me know when your going to be in town and we can get something going!
 Thanks for replying,

League / Tournament Play / Portsmouth NH Mage Wars
« on: April 14, 2013, 07:57:29 pm »
 Anyone around Portsmouth or the surrounding area interested in getting in some Mage Wars games??  I am looking for people to get some games going.  I have a very open schedule and am looking for people as crazy as me about how awsome this game is.  

Please let me know if you are in the area and interested in playing.  Reply here if your interested.


Awsome and thanks. I will definitely try these above suggestions out. Have to say I'm glad that the general consensus is that this is a hard match up. I will continue to work on my book/build!
Happy gaming,

Thanks so much for all the suggestions.  I really appreciate it.  Had a great game with my buddy, but unfortunately my Warlock finally succumb to my friends Forcemaster.  I will definitly take the ideas that everyone proposed and see how I can work out the book.  Being able to deal better with the force push and repulse is a must I think.  It really really slowed the momentum down.  My Lof and Goran got pushed around quite a bit by those spells!

One of the best and worst things about building the book is trying to decide what to take out to put in other stuff! :)  

Thanks again and I'm sure I'll get a good working build here after a couple more games.


Thanks so much for the welcome and the suggestions.  I have made some changes you can see above.  I have a friend arriving any minute so I will give this book a run and see how we do.  I hope he knows whats coming!  Well I guess not really :)

Thanks again.  Any more suggestions are appreciated.

Hello everyone, Chili here.  I just got done building my first Warlock Aggro build.  I thought I would post it so you all could check it out.  Please let me know what you think and offer constructive criticism if you have any.  Thanks.



Adramelech, Lord of Fire
Goran, Werewolf Pet
Firebrand Imp  +++ changed to Darkfenne Bat
Firebrand Imp +++ changed to Darkfenne Bat
Necropian Vampiress


Bear Strength
Bear Strenght
Bull Endurance
Cobra Reflexes
Death Link
Force Sword
Ghoul Rot
Ghoul Rot
Marked for Death
Marked for Death +++ removed to add something else
Reverse Attack
Reverse Magic
Rhino Hide




Deflection Bracers
Demonhide Armor
Elemental Wand
Enchanters Ring
Fireshapper Ring
Gauntlets of Strength
Helm of Fear
Lash of Hellfire
Lash of Hellfire
Leather boots
Regrowth Belt
Sectarus +++ Removed to add another Lash of Hellfire


Banish +++ Removed to add something else
Battle fury
Battle fury
Drain life
Piercing Strike
Piercing Strike
Power Strike
Power Strike


Battle Forge
Sacrificial Altar

That's it.  If my math is right its just about 120.  I am thinking about losing a couple of the equipment and maybe adding a couple Bats, but I need to play it first and see how it goes I think.  Its pretty heavy on Enchantments as well.

What you think? Any suggestions please?

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