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Rules Discussion / Re: force pull through Mind's eye
« on: November 29, 2018, 09:37:33 AM »
Thank you for the answers.

I somewhat thought the same as Arkdeniz in his Life Link example, in that its not 100% clear that RAW is that “her” = This Forcemaster.

But from a Rule standpoint I think it’s the right way, so I will go with it.
So we will most likely play like this in Munich from now on.

It always must be pulled towards the Forcemaster Mage.
If you target something in the Zone of the Forcemaster it can´t be pulled, so nothing happens.

Also nice to see that there are some active Members in this Forum still!

With best regards,

Rules Discussion / Re: force pull through Mind's eye
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:30:56 AM »

because I didn´t find a good answer I wanted to ask again. Sorry for reviving this topic

Is the "her" in Force Pull the Minds Eye or the Forcemaster if used through the Minds Eye?

It would be nice if someone could clarify this with a solid rule foundation.
(For me it matters little if the lore fits)

How I see it is that it moves closer to the Minds Eye, because it says "her" not specifically "Forcemaster".

But this interpretation comes from other (mostly TCGs) games that use specific Syntax to have clear Card Text. In most of them its, if its not the exact card name (in this case that would be "Forcemaster") then it means the source of the effect.

With best regards,

Rules Discussion / Re: Echantment transfusion and (seeking) dispel
« on: May 07, 2015, 07:27:19 AM »
Sorry to revive this Threat.

But I think that the posts here are wrong (even if I would like to have them that way).
Or I´m wrong and it would be nice to get clarification.

What I´m seeing is that a Enchantment Transfusion will cancel the (Seeking) Dispel no matter where it will move the targeted Enchantment.

In the "Mage Wars Official Rules and Codex Supplement" (Updatet May 2014) there are 2 Parts that directly say that:
1] (P. 7) Changing the Range or Target of a Spell or Attack

 "A spell fails and is canceled, if either of the following occur before the Resolve Spell Step:
 1. The target of the spell is no longer a legal target, or
 2. The caster or target of the spell moves (e.g. by being Pushed or Teleported away), even if the move was to a location where the spell was still in range. (In the case of a Teleport, this applies even if the teleport was into the same zone)."

2] (P. 34) Enchantment Transfusion

"If a Dispel or other spell is targeting an enchantment, and that enchantment is moved with Enchantment Transfusion, the Dispel will be canceled (even if the move was to another creature in the same zone). See
“Changing the Range or Target of a Spell”."

Because its the Post you find if you are searching for this Ruling here, I would like to be sure that we get it right.
(Somebody in my Local group tells me I got the Ruling wrong. Thats why I looked here [and I know that last Year there where posts contradicting this one but can´t find them].)

With best regards,

Events / Re: Mage Wars Tournament Munich 20.12.14
« on: December 03, 2014, 06:47:24 AM »
We will be playing all expansions, (Base Set, Kumanjaro, Warlord, Druid, Forged), but no Promo Cards.
All the Erratas that are postet here. (Hand, Battle Fury, Tempel of Light).

We will be using the newest Rulebook and Codex.

75 min per round.
For timeout I don´t know what the best thing to do is, will think of something until Friday.

I don´t have that much experience at running a tournament.
Till now the tournaments we had were so small and everybody did know each other.
If there is something you don´t like just say so maybe we change it.


For the Time rule I think its the best to use a simple draw. (3 Points Winner, 1 and 1 Draw, 0 Loser)

And because it was mentioned that its not fair to play with Forged in Fire we won´t play it. The reason is because its not released in Germany. I hope that's okay but I would n´t like it either to play a game where my opponents possible get an advantage because they can import there cards.
But you can still play English Cards.

Hope that you still come.

Events / Mage Wars Tournament Munich 20.12.14
« on: December 03, 2014, 01:20:49 AM »

wanted to announce a small tournament in Munich, Germany.
Location: FUNtainment Game Store, Munich
Landwehrstr. 12a - 14
80336 München
Date: 20.12.2014
Registration: 11:00 - 12:00
Start: 12:00
Entry Fee: 2,50 €

Maybe someone has time and wants to play.
We in Munich are a very small community with around 6 people and would love to see some new faces.

With best regards,



I´m playing in München Germany.
We are 2-3 People that are  playing at FUNtaiment.
And something around 5 People playing, not only but much MW.

Would be nice to find more players.
Maybe there are some hidden ones here.

Rules Discussion / Obscure and Reverse
« on: December 12, 2013, 09:29:56 AM »
Hello again,

got a new Question I´m not sure about.

I play a Mage with Cloak of Shadows equipped and Cast an Spell or Attack with Range 2, like Fireball or Dispel, on the enemy Mage, that stays 2 Zones away from me.
He got an Reverse Attack/Magic on himself.

Can he redirect it back to my Mage?
I would say no for Reverse Magic because it states that if it can´t target the Caster its countered.
And in symmetry to that I would guess the same for Reverse Attack.

Thanks for the respones on my last Questions btw.

Rules Discussion / Rise Again Warlock and Upkeep!
« on: December 10, 2013, 10:09:20 AM »

because there are some different opinions at my local group I would like to ask some Questions.
I will try to ask Yes/Why-not Questions and show them in bold, because that's faster.

We know that the controller can choose in which order he wants to resolve things affecting his creatures.
In the Rulebook it states:
"You always choose the order in which events that affect your creatures and objects occur during this phase. In the rare case that a timing issue occurs, the player with the initiative decides the order."
Mordok´s Obelisk gives every non-Mage creature the Upkeep +1 trait.
I assume that means every creature affected resolves independent. Its a +1 Upkeep on every creature not pay 1 Mana for every creature you have.
(I can pay for one creature then choose another event and then pay for another creature, right?)

I control "Death Link" enchanted on an enemy's creature.
Is the effect of Death Link on his creature so that my enemy can choose the Order , on my Mage so I can choose or is it one of the rare cases that an timing issue occurs and the initiative decides? 
(Lets say he got a Burning/"Ghoul Rot"ed creature with 2 life left.)
I cannot choose to activate "Enchantment Transfusion" to rescue my "Death Link" while destroying a creature with it.
(More of an Question to have it in black and white. Because you cannot interrupt an evet to reveal an enchantment.)

The Warlocks ability "Curseweaving" can recycle used Curse Spells.
The Enchantment "Rise Again" has the Curse Trait.
If a creature is destroyed while having "Rise Again" attached, can is Reanimate the creature and still take "Rise Again" back into my Spellbook?

Thanks for reading this.
I hope you did not die because of my English.

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