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We just finished Johns last point of his great jurney. He is a very nice guy and i am happy that i was able to loose against his Forcemaster while still feeling like a winner. We learn most from our loses :)

A quick note. My match against you was the closest that day. You would have Hurl Boulder-ed me to death if I had failed that last deflect check. I had failed the last 3 and was really worried.

Events / Re: Gen Con & PvS
« on: July 30, 2016, 03:24:14 AM »

and German friendly  :) - we don't have anyone who's good at German but we allow German cards.

He just wants to use that German Hurl Metorite he won while I was passing through  ;D

First, let me extend a warm thanks to my host Biblofilter. He was the perfect host and without him, the Denmark leg of the tour would not have been nearly as enjoyable.

The gaming culture in Copenhagen is quite remarkable. I went to a gaming café once South Korea (board not computer) but the gaming café in Copenhagen as quite remarkable. It was so big, but nicely appointed, clean, and stocked with more games than the average American game store. And crowded! We got there early but a few hours later, it was completely packed and Biblofilter informed me that was normal.

Then, there was the gaming store itself were we held the Tournament. Biblofilter can fill in more details in the comments, but it was amazing. It was 3 stories tall and filled with everything imaginable from Magic to Warhammer and had plenty of gaming space left over.

As for the Tournament itself, we had six players play four intense rounds over the course of the afternoon. We had planned for 8 players, but unfortunately 1 did not show, so Biblofilter was gracious enough to step down and act as judge for the remaining 6 to keep the numbers even.

My games:

Game 1: Force Master vs Earth Wizard

This was brutal game and the only one that went to time for me. With his wizard tower and ballista, he gave my poor Force Field a good work out. I spent the first part of the game trying to dismantle his infrastructure, with it being replaced as fast as I could destroy it. I was jinxed more times than I care to remember and eventually had to retreat just to get myself properly equipped and buffed. Near the end, I threw caution to the wind and we started trading heavy blows. Time ran out and I thought I had him on life, but a last action Hurl Rock from his tower tipped the life balance by 2 points to his favor. Very close game.

Game 2: Force Master vs Druid

This game went a bit easier for me. I took a chance and got lucky, killing his tree very early in the game. After that, the mana and action lose took its toll and I was able to Force Crush and beat down the Druid.

Game 3: Force Master vs Necromancer

Like the Druid, I got aggressive early and dissolved his Libra Mortis very early in the game. He set up a temple of light to counter my invisible stalker, which threw me a little. I was able to stay out of its range and bring him to me. Without his book, he could not get out his zombie brutes fast enough to overcome my force field and I was able to unleash a lot of damage on him quickly.

Game 4: Force Master vs Orcish Warlord

This was by far the most brutal game I had played in a long while. There was a lot of back and forth. I was able to kill some of his key creatures and he was having difficulty with some of my enchantments, but we traded some fierce blows. On the last turn of the game, we had beaten each other within an inch of our lives. I was able to get a Force Crush on him and knew he would die during upkeep. He got off a last Flame Blast and knocked me down to my last two life and burned me. The game was decided during upkeep when I rolled for my burn. I took 2 burn damage, bringing my life exactly to 0 while he went exactly to 0 with Force Crush Damage. I think it was the first time in my Mage Wars career that I ended a game in a dead tie.

So, with a record of 2-1-1, I earned second place in Denmark. Interestingly enough, the winner was the Necromancer from my 3rd game. It was his only loss.

After Game 1: Warlock and Priest vs Druid and Orcish Warlord

After the official tournament, a few of us retired to Biblofilter’s house for a game of Domination. We settled on a team game and I chose a Warlock that I had been using for Domination games earlier in the week (with no success I might add). My team was able to grab 2 of the 4 orbs first, so we got a lead in points. The winning factor was my 4 Steel Walls. The walls stalled the other team long enough that we could build up our points to win. The last turn was very tense. The Druid and Warlord were able to pull down the last wall, but hindering terrain prevented them from reaching our orbs in mass. With turn order on their side, they secretly created a FAST, FLYING, ELUSIVE orcish super trooper to tag one of our orbs. Fortunately, a clever Warlock had a Rouse the Beast up his sleeve and was able to use it on his teammates recently summoned Guardian Angel to gain the last action and retrieve the stolen orb.

After Game 2: Druid vs Force Master
After everyone else had left, Biblofilter and I had one last game before it was my time to move on to Poland. All I can say is BEARS! So many grizzly bear. They could fly, were fast and were strong (come on, who puts bear strength on an actual bear). Needless to say, I had to spend most of my time fighting them and fending them off instead of concentrating on the enemy mage. I managed to kill one, put another to sleep with only 1 health left and my Forcfield was keeping the last one at bay. Unfortunately, I was also tangled vined to the teeth and Biblofilter had a Dispel on a wand and was eating away at my many enchantments. He stayed two zones away so I could not use my last dissolve to take care of the wand (it was actually steal equipment, which is worse because that is a full action to use) and the bear had to be dealt with before I could turn on my restraints. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

On to Poland

I spent a day on the ferry crossing from Sweden to Poland. I even had the chance to stop at an IKEA in Sweden. I thought it was cool and sort of ironic. I got in very late, but I had a really good nap on the ferry (I rented cabin, seemed like a good investment for an 8 hour trip) so I was relatively well rested the next day. My host, Konrad, picked me up to my hotel and took me to this nice little gaming store in downtown Szczecin.

Unlike Germany and Denmark, my Polish tournament experience was more Mortal Kombat style. Not so much a bracketed tournament as me just fighting one guy after another. This actually worked out well because players drifted in and out during the day as their schedules permitted, so I was able to play everyone who was interested. I managed to hold my own and was undefeated in Poland, but all the games were very close. My most grueling match was my first against Konrad who was using a solo “you can’t touch me” Warlock. He whipped out TWO battle forges and I swear, I have never seen anybody actually use every equipment slot simultaneously until this match. Near the end game, he would switch out his gloves for attack or defense as needed, and here is a pro tip, you know how you have a spell on a wand but want to change it but don’t feel like using a precious quick action to do it? Use your battle forge to simply swap in a new wand as a deployment. Live and learn.

I spent the first half the game getting beaten within an inch of my life and not being able to retaliate. A tactical retreat enabled me to recuperate and I was lucky that I was able to get a Thoughtspore up with a dissolve on it. The Warlock didn’t have the means to take it down late game and it was able to slowly dissolve his defenses to the point where I could actually attack and get in some damage. Fortunately, it was not a timed event and I was able to stall things out until I had the advantage.

All in all, I played 5 different game in Poland, the last of which wore me out completely and I had to retire for the night. My host escorted me back to my hotel at that point. It was an awesome day. I should mention that Konrad was nice enough to take me out to lunch to get American style hamburgers. This was greatly appreciated because having since moved back to Europe, it is too expensive to try to live like an American, so I usually have to stick to local cuisine. A little taste of home is always welcome.

I actually started this post some time ago, but kids and moving from America to the Czech Republic (along with spotty internet access) have kept me from finishing it promptly. A clear memory of all my opponents has been the causality, so please forgive me. As I write, I am now on the train to Prague for my final stop on the Trent Magnus European Goodwill Tour. Wish me luck!

First, let me apologize for posting so late. I lost my power converter somewhere and my computer ran out of power. Fortunately, I was able to locate a new power converter on my way to Denmark, so I am all set now.

Mage Wars German Nationals 2016 in Bad Nauheim was fantastic. It attracted 28 players and was set in a very attractive “Bath House” (which is what the Bad in “Bad Nauheim” stands for) which was comfortable and more importantly, quiet. It was also part of a much larger gaming event that attracted a lot of families and had different games that could be checked out of a huge gaming library.

The judges were extremely nice and professional. They did a good job of looking out for me and trying to make me feel include. The language barrier was a minor problem, but most people I met could talk to me in English.

The tournament itself was well organized. Everything was set up ahead of time and we mostly started things on time. I think there was a minor delay at one point because the computer was not cooperating, but it was a minor thing. The best part was that there was plenty of space, so you never felt crowded, and it was a way from the general hubbub of the rest of the event, so it was not too noisy.

The tournament was divided into 2 days. Day 1 was 4 rounds of Swiss style and Day 2 was top 8 from Day one and a special side event for the other 20 players.

One special rule that I have not encountered before was that each player had to prepare 2 different mages to play, one for each day. Of course, I had my Force Master locked-‘n-loaded, but I had to come up with a second. So, I want to give a special thanks to my friend Millie back in NC. I more or less reconstructed her Necromancer book as best I could and used that. It served me well. Finally, the spells books were chosen at random, so I started with the Necromancer on day 1.

Now, here is the part where I wish I had been able to write this earlier while it was still fresh in my memory. If I make any mistakes, please forgive me and feel free to correct them.

I won my first three matches against a Dwarven Warlord, a Force Master and a Beastmaster (?). All of these matches were very close, often determined by a roll of the dice or initiative. The Dwarven Warlord hit me with several Hurl Boulders and a Meteor Strike, almost killing me. He had me dead to rights near the end, trapped by my own walls, but he was out of attack spells. For all of these games, a combination of Enfeeble and Cloak of Shadows is what saved my skin as I was able to stay away from the enemy and let my poisons wear them down. My fourth opponent was Thomas, a druid (who later went on to win the whole tournament). Same as the other games, I got beat within an inch of my life and Enfeeble/Cloak of Shadows myself to safety. Unfortunately, this time, I thought I was safe but got caught by a Thorn Burst that was not targeting me, but the vine token next to me, so my Cloak of Shadows could not protect me. I ranked 4th place in the end, so it was ok.

I would like to quickly mention at this point that it seems Germans love Hurl Boulder. EVERBODY threw at least one at me on Day 1, even the Druid.

Day 2 I got to play my Force Master and was paired with a Priestess round one. It was a hard match, and in retrospect, two mistakes I made cost me the game. First, he pushed me through a wall, which could not be avoided. My Force Field took the brunt and it was not too bad. However, I gambled that he did not have a second push, so I did not prepare for it and got pushed again, for way to much damage. At the end, I again thought I was safe with his one creature charmed and me with a charge on my Force Field. I could have runaway to recoup some of my health, but stayed to attack instead. Then, the Priestess punched me to remove the charge and then pushed me into the wall, which killed me.

It was a mentally grueling 2 days, but it was a lot of fun. For those who got knocked out on Day 1 or who got knocked out on the first round of Day 2, they had a special side event which turned out to be 3 and 4 player free-for-alls. I went against a Dwarven Warlord and a Beastmaster who had also been knocked out of the Top 8 during the first round (there should have been one more player, but he did not want to play in the FFA). The Beastmaster bird rushed the Warlord who took a lot of damage but summoned a lot of dwarven ranged units who took down the birds while I quietly did token damage to each side while buffing myself up as much a possible. When the dust settled, the Dwarven Warlord was heavily damaged and the Beastmaster had exhausted his resources. Though very heavily guarded, I was able to Mongoose Agility myself, slip in and finish the Dwarven Warlord. It was then just a few turns later I was able to finish the mostly unhurt Beastmaster as I Forced Crushed him in place and then proceed to deal as much damage as I could as quickly as I could, thus winning our small portion of the side event.

All in all, it was an awesome event. I would highly recommend to any serious Mage Warrior that they make plans to attend next year.

Next stop on the tour, Copenhagen!

Events / Re: The Trent Magnus European Goodwill Tour is a go!!!
« on: June 17, 2016, 02:31:13 AM »
Are You going to visit Szczecin? Current season of our local league is ending and there was proposition of making a tournament for a finisher. You can get to Szczecin from Copenhagen by ferry (to Świnoujście to be exact).

I would love to visit Szczecin. I will be leaving Copenhgen Sunday morning (July 3). Would you like to shoot for Sunday afternoon or Monday?

Events / Re: The Trent Magnus European Goodwill Tour is a go!!!
« on: June 16, 2016, 07:57:00 AM »
Update: Things are starting to take shape now. I will be in Bad Nauheim, Germany on June 25 and 26 for the tournament there. Then, I will travel to Copenhagen for the week, culminating in a game day there on July 2. Finally, I will take a day trip Prague on July 30 for their local Tournament. Things are looking exciting.

Events / The Trent Magnus European Goodwill Tour is a go!!!
« on: June 14, 2016, 05:07:05 AM »
First, let me apologize for being silent as of late. I had a few problems come up (lost my job, baby in the hospital) and was not sure I would be able to make it until the last moment.
I am now in Europe and ready to go! Dates for Prague and Copenhagen are being confirmed and I would like to swing by Bad Nauheim, Germany if they will accept my late registration. SilverclawGrizzly supplied me with a great bag of prizes to give away, so let me know if you would like me to come visit you! See you soon.

Alternative Play / Re: No Planning Phase?
« on: February 11, 2016, 03:27:34 PM »
The ability to change a planned spell is a particular effect in arena that usually costs something. Ie Mage wand, mordok's tome

Wizards Tower... oh wait, never-mind.

Events / Re: Trent Magnus European Goodwill Tour
« on: February 11, 2016, 03:24:02 PM »
Did some asking around with some friends in Europe and I'm going to try and send as much of the harder to get stuff along. Alternate art mage cards are a given, I've a large amount in addition to the stuff Trent mentioned. I'll hustle up some more goods while I'm at it.

Thanks, this is getting better and better. I am getting excited!

General Discussion / Re: All I want to do...
« on: February 07, 2016, 11:14:48 AM »
I think the alt Druid should be insect focused. Insects have no love right now.

Events / Trent Magnus European Goodwill Tour
« on: February 06, 2016, 02:36:47 PM »
As promised, here is the new thread to help organize and solidify the Trent Magnus European Goodwill Tour. My good friend Silverclawgrizzly has already graciously donated a fair amount of promotional items, such as promo cards and t-shirts, which I am eagerly looking forward to giving away at each stop on the tour.

Here is what I need from our European Mage Warriors. For each stop on the tour, I need the contact information for a Host. At this time, I am paying for this tour out-of-pocket. I can handle travel and food expenses, but accommodations, someplace to sleep, would break me. The Host’s job will be to organize the gaming events (such as a local tournament, demo games or both) and provide me with accommodations. Any promotional items I am able to acquire will be used as prize support for any tournaments or anybody who can beat me in a demo game.

Between now and May is when I would like to get the schedule hammered out. I will be arriving in Europe June 12th. Factoring in a few days to recover from jet lag and putting in an appearance with the in-laws, I should be ready to hit the road around June 17th. I will fly home August 13th, so the weekend of August 6-7 will probably be my last chance to travel.

At this time Biblofilter has offered to Host in Copenhagen, Kaarin has expressed interest that I come to Szczecin, Theasaris has expressed interest that I come to Bonn and Boocheck has expressed interest in some events in the Czech Republic (which is close enough that I can probably day-trip it (no accommodations) if we don’t play too late into the night).

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

General Discussion / Re: Preliminary Ideas on a European Tour
« on: December 07, 2015, 06:49:22 AM »
When I saw topic's name in unread posts I thought that AW is going to make tournament series in Europe and that they have to do one in Szczecin.

To be honest, a European tournament tour is my end goal. We just need to generate enough interest to get AW to shell out more and better prize support. I can bring a whole suitcase (23 kg) worth of swag with me and it would be great to be able to give it all away. I have 9 whole weeks to kill. Once I have a list of venues, we can work on a more comprehensive schedule. The only critical snag at the moment is lodging; it is the one thing I can’t afford out of pocket. We will definitely add Szczecin to the list. Look for a new forum post after the New Year where we will get specifics locked down. Enjoy the holidays and shout out if you want me to visit you this summer! The more, the better!

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The stalker is one of those undervalued creatures. Granted, when battling a wizard with a zap I would never cast it, but I've had great success with it!

Every round I guess if the opponent prepared an (ethereal) attack spell and try attack when I think he didn't.
With its 7 life it can probably even survive an ethereal attack.  I think of it as a win if the opponent didn't cast his quick cast because I didn't activate.

If I give my forcemaster a mongoose agility and use a stalker guards become completely useless!

I agree 100%. Stalker does not get much play because it is a FM only creature. People often forget the Stalking part. Patience is key.

General Discussion / Re: Mind Spawnpoint
« on: December 02, 2015, 08:33:57 AM »
For me a spawnpoint is not about saving the mana but more about saving the actions.

I wouldn't mind paying 7-ish mana for a spawnpoint that could cast thoughtspores. Even without channeling.

How many Thoughtspores do you plan on playing? If it is 4, maybe. Less than that is not worth the extra mana and spellbook points.

General Discussion / Re: Preliminary Ideas on a European Tour
« on: December 02, 2015, 06:29:24 AM »
For those of you who care, allow me to give you the longer version of things. My wife is Czech. She is from a village about 75 km south of Brno. We got married in the Czech Republic and I lived there for a little over 2 years. I worked for an ESL school in Brno the first year (terrible commute 3 times a week) and opened my own school the second.

I am a schoolteacher in the US now (which is why I can slip off to Europe for 9 weeks in the summer). I am expecting my 3rd child in January, so my Czech in-laws are fitting the bill for plane tickets so they can see their grandchildren. The trip is mainly for my wife (who is homesick). I am just tagging along because we will have 2 children under the age of 2 when we travel, so we legally need 2 adults to accompany them. Once we get there, the grandparents will look after the kids, my wife will spend her time with her sisters and friends, and I will have 9 weeks to kill in a small village where I have already explored every nook and cranny. I will have no problems getting out and visiting, so long as I have a place to stay when I get there.

Boocheck, where are you located exactly?

PS: Remember, Mortal Kombat is not a tournament.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdepDjPDkVw

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