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Rules Discussion / Eye for an Eye and damage type
« on: April 22, 2018, 11:21:16 AM »

Asked this one in OCTGN yesterday, but no one had a definite answer from the top of their heads.

Situation: a Flaming Hellion is attacking Alandell that reveals Eye for an Eye attached to him. Is the damage reflected even though the Hellion is immune to the inflicted damage type? I think this is clear in the case of Reverse Attack, as the whole attack is reversed, but Eye for an Eye only reflects the inflicted damage and effects.

The text in Eye for an Eye is clear enough, but the question is if the type of the damage is carried over when the reflecting happens.

This seems as another RAI/RAW thing, as I see two possibilities:

1) When Eye for an Eye reflects damage, the type doesn't matter anymore, it is only "damage", without the associated damage type. Therefore as per the example mentioned above, flame damage is inflicted, but just "damage" is reflected, bypassing the flame immunity. Effects, burn in this case, are still probably ignored, as the Hellion is unable to gain flame-associated conditions.

2) The same damage type is reflected, and Hellion ignores this as it has flame immunity

This may be theoretical in part, because Eye for an Eye is not a mandatory reveal. Still, the core question is if the elemental damage type, not just "damage", gets reflected by Eye for an Eye.

Rules Discussion / Alandell and Battle Fury
« on: December 25, 2016, 03:45:22 PM »

So me and my friend got to somewhat heated discussion about Alandell using Battle Fury. I was quite certain that any melee+X buffs only apply to the first attack of any attack action, but he referred to the text of the card, which reads as follows: "When Alandell is activated, you may pay up to 4 mana. If you do, he gains Melee +1 and adds +1 to his effect rolls for each mana spent, until the end of his activation." Therefore he meant that however many attacks he makes during his activation, he gets the bonus to every attack because it's worded that way.

To save time we agreed he could take the bonus again for the second attack (because of Battle Fury), at least until we could confirm the rules later. He ended up exploding to Eye for an Eye anyway.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Vampilock (Vampiric Warlock)
« on: December 12, 2016, 06:06:10 AM »
Hello, tried bulding a somewhat similar deck a while ago on top of an older AC warlock book, still work-in-progress 'cause I didn't have enought sps to include everything I wanted from the new card pool.

Anyway, these questions popped to mind:

what if the enemy mage abuses defences as well? No falcon precision or similar tech. You have curses, but only 1 copies of most, pretty easy to dispel/remove curse, even if just the damage ones.

Similar concerns about heavily armored enemy, no rust or acid balls.

No teleports, tanglevine will stop you. The lash will ofc disintegrate tanglevine quickly, but it can always be disarmed/dissolved/whatever, so multiple copies of tanglevine will pretty much negate your melee dmg. You have a ranged option, but if the wand gets dissolved, you have limited attack spells, not to mention these eat mana meant for curses/other contingencies. Ranged backup is nice, but you should have more ways to get to deal your primary dmg. Stopping you also potentially negates healing from Vampirism, if they kite and use no other creatures. Similar concerns regarding the Blood Demon as well, if maim winged/knocked down+ tanglevined outside of party square, it will spend at least 2 turns biting away the vine with demonic link, 3 without the link.

You have 2 dissolves, that can potentially be used to solve either the defence or armor issue (but leaving no spares for wands/other key items), but if they have multiple copies of said tech, or defence+armor at the same time, it could prove to be a problem. Happened to me once against an AT warlord.

How about stun books? Holy and lightning come to mind. You do have several incantation 'attacks', though drain soul and drain life are very expensive. 3 siphon lifes are nice, how about a mage wand to spam those even more? Helps against heavy defence/armor as well.

Regarding your healing, it's formidable, true, if left alone. But what if the enemy casts poisoned blood and arcane wards it? No seeking dispel, reveal magic, decoy or ward of your own to pop the enemy ward, you would have to use both of your dispels to get rid of a single PB. Most mages I've seen carry at least 1, many have 2 copies. After the second PB you might be in trouble. Similar problems with enfeeble+ward etc. As with tanglevine, stopping you causes trouble if they baited your dispels. Cheetah speed would help here, mage wand as well.

After shutting down your healing (fighting a druid comes to mind looking at this book =) ) be it with deathlock or PB, acid ball/rust on you and a falcon precision on a strong creature would start to look scary.

This is speculation, of course, maybe the opponent doesn't have the actions/opportunities/tech (most have the tech though) to carry out those actions, maybe you get to deal your damage quickly. A lot depends on the match up, as you said yourself.

Death link is excellent, I usually carry 2 because the first one often gets dispelled. If you feel only one is enough, maybe consider a ward to protect it?

Oh, and maybe add 1 bear strength for yourself for good measure? I find it excellent to be able to punch with 6 dice using only 1 action and 5 mana to prep, even when weapons got destroyed/didn't use them.

Just some thoughts, AC lock is one of my long time favourites.

Fan Fiction / Re: An Arena match written in story format
« on: September 09, 2016, 06:02:28 AM »
Thanks for the feedback guys!

Sailor, good points, here are some thoughts regarding them:

1. You are correct about the contradiction. I thought about it, but just left it as it were. The reasoning was something along the lines of "the warlock is having random thoughts, and exaggerates things while shaking himself back to reality". Referring to the official lore about the Mage Wars Accords, I though most legal duels were only to unconsciousness or to the rite of surrender. It may actually be even specifically mentioned in the lore threat about the Accords. Anyway, I thought this was the case so they don't run out of duelists :).

2. Are you referring to the dark pact? I wasn't actually thinking about that too much, just wanted to write a bit about summoning a bloodreaper -type demon pet has its cost (life energy, years to live or whatever).

3. Figure of speech, probably. This was indeed just one arena game after which I had an inspiration to try to turn it into a story. Didn't have the energy to establish a full backround, character story or similar things.
Just had a simple thought about the warlock possibly being some sort of greedy mercenary type, that some faction had hired to win a match against other faction (I got this idea from the Mage Wars Accords -thread).
Nothing more to it.

4. As mentioned above, this was based on an actual Arena game in OCTGN. The opposing player got me completely off guard by casting a Vorpal Sword (promo I presume) and a Dancing Scimitar and rushing me. Happily the Vampiress guarding me was quite an effective counter. If this was a story based on pure imagination, the Druid would probably have cast her signature Vinewhip staff, as you expected. Though Mage Wars teaches us to expect the unexpected :D.

5. Yes a joke. A really bad one. I was thinking something along the lines of the Hellion being a fire demon, thus usually on fire (according to the art), and while having a party (because why not, it's just a joke), he would be even more "on fire" (ablaze) than usual. This referred to the many burn markers on the druid.

6. Have mercy good sir! Maybe a misplaced figure of speech, I just thought that dispelling against the wardstones would put the druid severely behind manawise, and it could possibly be said that in Arena being left behind in many cases means losing, and storywise that would be a great personal defeat. I dunno, didn't think that far ahead.

And being based on a game match, I thought the name of the story (thread) was more of a description.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Priest of Fire
« on: August 18, 2016, 02:06:10 AM »
Vshalla can't be holy avenger. You might want more than 1 copy of key equips like the dawnbreaker and such. Personally I wouldn't run reserection. But that's up to you. Maybe if you have the sbp dissolve dispel, ways to deal with armor.

Misread the Priest. And that also makes the whole Holy Avenger thing almost worthless with the currently available card pool. I'll probably almost never use it, but the deck's tactics dont really change.
It's really good with clerics a d defenders. Cheap mana cost for the good benefit.

It's still really annoying that it's unusable with one of the few Holy creatures that can really take advantage of it. There is not a single high-cost Holy creature that I'd choose to make a holy avenger now. That kind of ruined the idea of making a character that's actually strong enough to be a threat with the current cards. Until PvS is added, this deck is going to just suck compared to what it was when I could use Holy Avenger on the Angel.

EDIT: Updated main post with some tweaks.

I find Grey Angel from the core set makes a good Holy Avenger.

Why Gray Angel? That one destroys itself if you use it's healing, so that actually would make it seem like a BAD choice.

The Gray Angel is a very solid creature for its cost to begin with. It costs 16 mana to make a Holy Avenger, after which it has 2ar and 15hp. Quite hard to get rid of, and the flying gives additional protection. More importantly, if the enemy doesn't have time/opportunity to get rid of the flying trait (and even if the does, the angel is tough and can be healed), and instead attacks other targets, the Angel gets to use its HA -empowered strike regularly. 4 dice basic attack is solid, and 6dice+1piercing really starts to hurt.

Ofcourse, for example a Knight of Westlock is a mighty Avenger, and costs one mana more, but for the usually mana-starved priest even the one mana can be decisive. In addition, the Knight can be attacked regularly, thus denying him the HA -attacks. If bursted down, you have a big problem.

Another good HA creature is an Asyran Defender. Costs only 11 mana to make HA, 2ar and 13hp makes him tough, and on top of that a defence to discourage attacking, or presenting additional tax to attack this creature. 3 dice basic attack is nothing special, but 5dice +1 piercing is pretty strong. And if he happens to die, you can just summon another.

These opinions are only regarding to pre-PvS, because for me as well it will take probably half a year to get my hands on a copy here in Finland. Possibly going to take a long while to get the new cards in Octgn as well.

Fan Fiction / An Arena match written in story format
« on: August 12, 2016, 02:10:07 PM »

long time reader, first time poster. Used to play a lot in Octgn last November-January.

Got an inspiration to write one of my matches from this week in story mode. Never really written anything resembling a fiction before, and English is not my first language. Bear with me.


As the great gate slammed shut behind me, I knew there would be no turning back now. The doors were sealed with powerful magic, and would not open until there were only one mage standing on the Arena floor. Of course, as per the Mage Wars Accords, the duel would not be to the death per se, but as with most Arena duels, the stakes were high, and failure would not be an option.

I donít have time to get into the details about the background of the duel, but sufficed to say I had a strong feeling that the opposing faction was going to choose a druid as their champion.  With that in mind, I had made some final adjustments to my spell book the evening before, then meditated on the new spells the remaining night in preparation for the coming duel. I wasnít overly concerned, as many of the minions of the druidic mages were inherently weak against fire.  And fire, naturally, was one of my specialities.

It turned out I was correct about my opponent. A young woman, with nothing covering her body but leaves and moss. If I had met her in another time and place, I might have introduced myself. Ugh, wrong place for daydreams, these kinds of thoughts will get me killed.

A loud gong-like sound was heard, and it was time to make some money. I had formulated a plan earlier, and I chose the first two spells from the beginning of my spell book. Druids were not known to be fast duelists, and they usually were very durable opponents. The duel could possibly take a while, so for my first spells I chose two magical crystals, designed to enhance the mana flow of their caster. With against almost any other opponent, this kind of start would be risky, because the initial stress to the casterís mana reserves is quite steep, and could prove to be a weakness against mages that rushed their opponents right at the beginning.

I walked a short distance and conjured my crystals in the two corners of the arena. At that moment I realized I might have made a grave mistake. The druid made a small move with her left hand, and a tree started to grow quickly through the arena floor tiles. A typical move, but that was not the problem. She didnít cast anything else, but started running towards the center of the Arena. Towards me. What kind of druid is this?

I had only moments to plan my next move, and one thing was clear: I had to prepare to defend myself. Too soon, I thought. The crystals were working though, I felt a more powerful flow of mana accumulating inside me. I needed a creature to protect me and to give me some breathing room. If I would choose a powerful minion, I estimated I would still have enough in my mana reserves to cast some simple protection on myself. I summoned the two chosen spells from my spell book. They vanished as smoke from the pages of the book, their essence flickering between my fingertips.

Before the druid could get any closer, I cast my first spell and summoned a pair of boots, meant to anchor me to the ground in case of pushing effects. I wasnít born yesterday, I wasn't going to be pushed through some Taranis-forsaken bush right at the beginning.

The druid was getting closer now, but it seemed that pushing me around wasnít her plan after all. She conjured a strange, razor-sharp looking sword from thin air while running. Apparently one sword was not enough for this girl, as a second one, this time a flying sabre, appeared from nowhere.

I stuck with my plan and muttered the words that activated my second prepared spell. I created a magically constructed copy of a female vampire from the deepest Darkfenne. A great minion, one of my favorites.

I quickly chose new spells as I felt my magical reserves filling again. As the druid advanced, I crafted a spell matrix around her and mentally commanded the vampiress to move between the druid and myself. The druid attacked towards the vampire mercilessly, but before she could land her swords, I poured mana through the matrix. The curse activated and the druid screamed in pain. The blows were left without strength and the vampiress suffered only minor wounds. The vampiress struck back with unnatural speed, her wounds healing quickly after getting a good bite in the druidís left arm. The druid didnít suffer major wounds either, as she revealed an enchantment as well. It was a strange one, her skin transforming to something resembling bark.

There was no hurry now, the lady vampire protecting me. I conjured a large runestone from the ground. I had learned this conjuration from a johktari beastmaster in exchange for teaching her the aforementioned curse. The runestone would disrupt any metamagic aimed at dispelling curses or other enchantments. I had plans to cast plenty during this match, and these would cause the druid to pay dearly trying to get rid of them.

Not surprisingly the druid regenerated all of the damage she had suffered. No matter, this was to be expected. There was not really even a point to make a dedicated attack against the druid this early. I would stick with my plan, getting my defences up and dismantling hers the best I could before launching a real attack against her.
While the druid was still occupied with the vampire, I conjured a second runestone like before to discourage her dispelling my beautiful curse blunting her attacks. The druid stopped attacking the vampire after noticing the underwhelming results and started conjuring a large plant creature from the ground. While the druid was casting her summoning spell I started to make some space between us and moved towards her end of the arena. I commanded the vampiress to follow me closely. While on the move I cast upon myself an enchantment granting magical armor. I revealed it instantly so it would be more difficult to the druid to get rid of.

There was no need to make rushed decisions, so I decided to keep building my defences. The druid attacked my vampiress again, this time inflicting some deep wounds despite still being riddled with the curse. Within the same breath she cast a spell matrix upon the vampire. Nothing I could do about that now. Before the vampire could strike back, the druid activated the enchantment. Pain struck the vampiress and her attacks were left powerless. That blasted tree-hugging plant-shagging bush-loving hag! Using my own tactics against me! She will pay for this.

No matter though, seeing the freshly summoned plant as an excellent target for my next curse, l created a life-siphoning link between us. Good luck attacking me now, I would siphon the life from that plant until all thatís left are some dried roots.

I transferred a small amount of mana to the vampire so she could fly away from the new plant. This was because with her weakened attacks she couldnít heal efficiently.  In any case it was useful to get some threat near the Druidís tree. I knew that if I could manage to destroy that thing, my foe would be greatly weakened. At this point I was under attack from the plant, but the abomination couldnít hit effectively through my armor enchantment. The damned things can uproot themselves and wobble around attacking things! And they call dark magic unnatural!

I wasnít prepared to dispel many enemy enchantments with this spell book, so instead I chose to cast a strength-increasing enchantment on the vampire to counteract the weakening one. I also cast a basic protective enchantment upon myself, meant to counteract almost any non-attack spell or enchantment. This was in preparation for some equipment I had planned using soon. During this time the druid had summoned a new plant creature so I commanded the vampire back to the front lines. After making a furious attack against one of the weeds, the vampiress seemed to be in a better shape again.

The druid was summoning more of the frustrating wobblers, so I conjured myself more armor and a surprise in the form of a hidden enchantment. The vampiress was occupied wrestling one of the plants, she seems to be having fun, could later do some research regarding the mating habits of magically created vampire clones, so another plant got to me. It got some nasty lashes across my forehead, but could not back off fast enough when I revealed my surprise. A great ring of fire surrounded me, engulfing the salad in its searing embrace. The plant scurried away all ablaze and I couldnít help but chuckling at the situation.

The battle (and especially one of the plants) was heating up now, and after casting a regenerative enchantment on myself, I prepared my next spells, only one of which I planned to use. I was quite satisfied to see the plant that had attacked me burn to a crisp before my eyes. I love the smoke of burning plants.

Before the druid or her creatures had time to react, I created myself a lash formed of pure hellfire (except the handle, for obvious reasons). The plant that I assaulted was no match for my weapon, and the vampire quickly finished off the plant I had cursed earlier. She had suffered some hits, but seemed to be breathing yet. Do vampires breath? As the plant died and the life-linking curse upon it started to disperse, I used my knowledge of the Dark Arts to draw its essence back to my spell book. The words and symbols containing the spell appeared back in the empty page.

I was moving closer to the druidís tree when I felt a slight tremble in the handle of my weapon. An acid spell, I presumed, but the caster had made a rudimentary error. The enchantment I had cast earlier flickered to life, drawing a small amount of mana from my reserves and devouring the attempted spell whole.  I turned towards the druid, she looked surprised and frustrated, evidently having put a lot of power behind that spell and spending her whole reserves for the moment.

I didn't have more similar protections in this spellbook, but I sensed the Druid didn't have enough mana accumulated to try that trick again at the moment. Instead she cast a new plant near her tree. I moved away from the tree as it seemed to me that the new plant didn't have the ability to move and I wanted to force the druid to spend more of her limited reserves if she wanted to make the other plants chase me.

Still not feeling the need to hurry, I cast the Death Link again to keep myself defended against surprises. As I finished, roots sprouted from the ground and restrained me. The remaining plants attacked my vampiress, and though she was gravely wounded, recovered quickly by absorbing the life force of her victims, and regenerating from the enchantment I had prepared for this moment.

I was unable to move now, having planned attacking the tree with my lash. This mattered not though, because I had accumulated a lot of reserves. Without thinking it any longer, I prepared two fireballs.

The tree exploded like a drunken goblin bomber once my fireballs hit home. With the beautiful inferno blazing beside me, I sensed my foe greatly weakening. There were only couple plants left now, but my vampiress had suffered greatly. I ordered her to fly to safety, and followed by teleporting myself back to the middle of the Arena. It was too late though, as I had forgotten about the Druid's flying sabre. The druid chased us down, and her flying sabre spinning through the air cut down my vampiress.

Even though I was left thinking I should have protected her better, she had served her purpose.  The druid was possibly running low on creatures, but more importantly keeping up both the sabre and the barkspell was straining her mana reserves. It was almost time to finish this. With both her tree and many of her plants done for, all that was left was to shut down the rest of her self-healing ability and then start the final assault. I prepared the first spell I had learned under my old master, a nefarious curse that turns the victim's blood to poison. There would be no salvation for the plant girl after that. As my second spell at that moment, I felt the time was right to use my Dark Pact and summon a Bloodreaper. If the beginning of the duel would have been different, I probably would have summoned him earlier.

The druid had no defences against the curse, but before I could do anything else, I felt my weapon trembling and burning in my grasp. I let go of it and the handle dissolved into black liquid, the flames flickering and dying. Another acid spell, as expected. She thinks she's got me now.  Her smile died quickly when a Blood Demon appeared from a temporal portal. As per the Pact, I relinquished part of my life force to the demon. What is a few short years of my life next to the glory of an Arena victory?. One of her remaining plants had moved past us, apparently fearing my Circle of Fire, and started tearing down one of my Wardstones. It's too late now.
Next thing she did was to teleport the unmovable plant next to me. Unexpected, but I really didn't see it as that much of a threat. To her dismay I conjured up a new lash of hellfire; one hit and the druid girl's hair caught fire.

 I cursed the druid again, to keep the flames burning forever, and destroyed the plant with my lash. The last remaining plant succeeded in tearing down the second Wardstone, before being dispatched by my demon. As the demon ripped the plant to shreds, it was his turn to make good on the Agreement. I felt new life pulsing through me, healing the wounds that the druid and her plant had caused.

The druid had apparently had enough of my armor, she cast an echantment that started rusting my equipment which I quickly dispelled, before throwing two balls of acid towards me. The strong magical acid ripped me of my armor and most of my clothes in seconds. Good idea, but I still have more than enough regeneration.We were both hitting each other left and right, my demon doing his part, but it was truly the girl's turn to taste the renerative abilities usually reserved for Druids. Between my lash and the Circle of Fire, the Druid was as ablaze as a Flaming Hellion in his bachelor party. A beautiful sight indeed.

The battle had been long, but my plan had worked as intended. I had some deep wounds and my armour had been corroded away, but I was still regenerating through my enchantment. Additionally my Demon was transferring life energy to me with his every attack so I could keep going for hours still. But I knew there would be no need, as the same could not be said about my opponent. She had fought well, but it wouldnít be long now. For her honor I have to mention that even though the unavoidable defeat could be seen in her eyes, there were no fear, only defiance. Be that as it may, I knew I could prepare my final spell before she had time to defend herself. As flames erupted from my fingertips, she yelled the Rite of Surrender. The arcane wards woven through the Arena walls sprang to life, surrounding her with impregnable defences, protecting her from the flames washing over her. As the crowd cheered in thunderous unity, I turned my back to her and started walking towards the great gate I had entered from. I had won.

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