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General Discussion / Re: New Arena Player - Introduction
« on: February 07, 2019, 05:04:55 am »
Thanks guys. I appreciate the rapid response.

I'll definitely be starting out with the apprentice spellbooks. In the few games I've had thus far, these books have presented plenty of choice for the new players to agonise over. Even those I would categorise as "keen strategy gamers", although they picked it up fairly quickly.

For full spellbooks, I've decided to use slightly modified versions of the recommended starting lists. I've tried to keep them on par with one another, with a variety of options to test throughout each without any one strategy really dominating the design of any one. A few equipment pieces, a few creatures, removal spells, etc. However, there are still clear themes differentiating the classes enough to highlight their respective strengths (but yeah, no mana denial wizard). I'll introduce these once a player who's finished an apprentice game expresses an interest in exploring the game further.

With regards to how I should play versus first-timers: I typically try a solid opener for whatever book I happen to be playing (for example, wolf+fox into Redclaw for the beastmaster book) just to showcase what a possible synergy looks like, but I'll keep the optimal, cutthroat sort of play in check thereafter if I feel the opponent needs some time to grasp the flow of play. However, I've not had many situations where I've had to choose to play poorly (for my ability). Most people I've played really have picked it up and run. I don't think the games complexity lies in it's basic rhythm of play, luckily.

   i concur as well.

do not soul crush new players.
be enthusiastic, because it is contagious.

   one big help for new players is to skim the glossary in the back of the rulebook. it is very helpful to just have those terms presented with some short descriptions. and if those players have previously played mtg, then picking up the conditions, tactics are much easier for them. since mw is much like playing the mage that is the player in mtg.

helping them beat yourself is a good suggestion. and as they gain experience and become stronger players you can loosen the restrictions on yourself to keep the competition even.

oh, and welcome to the community. it is a great group of people.

where are you located?

Thanks for the welcome. Believe me, the enthusiasm emerges unsolicited at this stage.

I hadn't thought about straight up giving the players the codex to read. I've just explained terms when they asked. Might be that's faster though.

Oh, I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

@wtcannonjr Thanks for that link. A scaled down version of the codex for apprentice games will come in very handy.

General Discussion / New Arena Player - Introduction
« on: February 05, 2019, 08:53:26 am »
Hey guys, new Arena player here. Pushing to grow awareness of the game here where I live (which is pretty non-existent, tbh). Should be playing some games publicly at my LGS soon. As such, I would appreciate any advice regarding the introduction of new players to the game.

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