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Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Online spell book builder?
« on: September 06, 2013, 01:16:06 PM »
Do you have any output options?  I haven't played with it much, but I was going to have a look this weekend at whether I can can create a text file to import into the OCTGN deckbuilder. 

Moonglow, do you know what format/info you need? I can add an export option, in fact, I plan to do so. But I am unfamiliar with OCTGN deckbuilder and would need to research it.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Online spell book builder?
« on: September 06, 2013, 01:05:53 PM »
I finally have a day off of work after 8 days straight (we are short staffed). So I have a few hours to tinker with, the Spell Scribe. The notable additions that are coming...

We're adding a library. "Save" your spell books here. Or head to the library to check out the other spell books available there.

Print out your spell book configuration. When you click on "Print", a Master arcane scrivener is put to work for you, producing a card size copy of your consummate creation.

General Discussion / Re: Card Search Website?
« on: August 28, 2013, 07:52:26 PM »
See subject. Is there?

Subject seen... Answer: Yes (I think, depending upon what you seek.)

There are a couple of places that you could probably visit to see a listing of the cards and an image of each (is that what you mean by search?). Point your browser in this direction => to see the one I put together. You will need to keep in mind that, contingent upon the selected Mage, you will not see all of the cards. Some spells are "xxx Mage Only" and those are filtered out based on the Mage for which the Spell Book is being created.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Online spell book builder?
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:17:01 PM »
So basically it would be nice to have the card image and effects integrated into the book builder; and this does seem like something pixel is working on.  Sounds like we're going to see something soonish.

Good suggestion.

Added images for all cards. Click spell name to pop them up.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Online spell book builder?
« on: August 26, 2013, 08:47:35 PM »
If anyone would like to use my online spell book builder, you can access it at:

Please keep in mind that this was my personal spell book building tool and is probably not ideal for everyone. If enough people want to use it, I will add features to save and/or print spell books (possibly other changes, as suggested). I make no promises as to when I will update it, but it is functional at the moment for all of the standard/expansion game sets.

I had personally been using this tool since Gencon last year. I no longer play the game regularly. I originally wrote the program before the game was released, as I had been following them since Origins and Gencon the previous year. I spoke with multiple people at the AW booths last year and this year to offer the code to them for free, including updating to their needs for the initial page. They showed no interest at all, so it continued to be used only by me and a couple of friends.

Sorry if this is too late to do any good for anyone. I do not come to the forums often and did not realize that others may be looking for a similar tool.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Warlock build
« on: September 12, 2012, 01:56:30 PM »
Each melee bonus does stack. However, if you are implying that you would cast multiple "Bear Strength" spells on one target, then that is not allowed. The rule book states the following:

"There is no limit to the number of different enchantments that can be on an object, but each object or zone cannot have more than one enchantment with the same name attached to it at one time."

General Discussion / Re: Which Artists will be at GenCon?
« on: August 12, 2012, 01:07:58 PM »
Quote from: "Shad0w" post=449
Drew Baker - Deflection Bracers, Elemental Wand, Lash of Hellfire, Regrowth Belt, Staff of Asyra,  
Staff of Beasts, Staff of the Arcanum, Suppression Cloak, Wind Wyvern Hide, Fog Bank, Wall of Fire, Wall of Thorns

John Stanko - Heal, Lay Hands, Gray Angel, Moonglow Faerie

Raven Mimura - Deathlock, Darkfenne Bat, Gorgon Archer, Necropian Vampiress

Jason Engle - Block, Nullify

John Guytan - Mage Staff, Mordok’s Obelisk

The Boardgamegeek artist listing for Mage Wars does not include John Guytan (he may be staff at Mage Wars, but he should get some credit for his artwork  :cheer: ). Assuming that the rest of the listed artists is complete, there is just one more artist that you missed. Jim Pavelec is listed as an attending artist for Gencon this year. He did "Explode" and "Fireball" that I am aware of.

General Discussion / Re: Spell books for sale?
« on: August 07, 2012, 09:07:01 AM »
From the News page on
"We will have a limited number of copies of Mage Wars for sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning while supplies last. We are also selling t-shirts (Fellela and Nullify), baseball caps, extra spellbooks, and the Core Spell Tome."

So you can pick up your Core Spell Tome as well as an extra spellbook or two.

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