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Spellbook Design and Construction / Mage Wars: Casual [Beast Master]
« on: September 15, 2013, 08:35:28 pm »
Howdy Mages

i am designing a new way to build decks for Casual players of mage wars, who dont want to build decks from scratch.

in this "Spellbook Design and Construction" forum i will be posting the  Deck information for each mage as i create it. once i have made all the decks i will combined them into one file for everybody to have access to and post it in "alternate play" form.

Mage Wars Casual consists of 2 changes

1. a handicap channel system where the weaker mage gets +1 to +5 channel depending on there ability (not relevant in this topic)
2. a casual spell book guide, which consists of a 80 pt spell book core and then your choice of several 40 pt "themes" to add to make a full 120 pt book

Note: i decided to make this because i am in the position where i am the only person in my circle of friends who owns magewars. so my friends like to play but don't have the time to make spell books from scratch and the recommended books are to predictable.

ok so that is my intro now here is what i need from you fellow mages. most of my Cores are based of a stripped down recommended deck. i would like to post what i think is a good Core + Themes and i would like any advice. Any information like "i cant believe you forgot X" is fine, additionally if there is a nice Theme that i forgot completely feel free to add it.

Note: these were made in excel and Word so i did my best to translate it into this forums code. i know its hard when all the font is the same size

i will present the text in this maner

Mage Core Deck
Alt Mage Change to Core Deck
Theme 1
Theme 2

so here is the first one

Beast master
Equipment Bearskin 1
Mage Wand 1
Regrowth Belt 1
Ring of Beasts 1
Staff of Beasts 1
Conjurations Lair 1
Mana Flower 3
Rajan's Fury 1
Tanglevine 2
Wall of Thorns 2
CreaturesCervere, The Forest Shadow1
Emerald Tegu1
Feral Bobcat2
Mountain Gorilla1
Thunderift Falcon2
Timber Wolf2
EnchantmentsBear Strength2
Bull Endurance1
Cobra Reflexes1
Eagle Wings1
Rhino Hide1
IncantationsBattle Fury1
Call of the Wild1
Minor Heal2
Piercing Strike1
Rouse the Beast1
Jet Stream1

Johktari Beastmaster
EquipmentMage Wand-1
  Staff of Beasts-1
  Hunting Bow2
EnchantmentsBear Strength-1

Theme Builds

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsTooth & Nail2
  Mohktari, Great Tree of Life1
  Wall of Thorns1
CreaturesBitterwood Fox4
  Feral Bobcat1
  Sosruko, Ferret Companion1
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
  Thunderift Falcon1
  Timber Wolf1
EnchantmentsCheetah Speed1
  Marked for Death2
  Mongoose Agility1
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsCall of the Wild1
  Group Heal2
  Minor Heal1
The Swarm build takes advantage of the best master’s cheap creature assets. This swarm will get great effectiveness with the original beast master’s mage skill “Quick Summoning” which will allow you to summon a level 1 animal creature spell as a quick spell. This allows the beast master to summon 2 creatures a turn, or 3 if you also have a lair.
Your goal with a swarm build is to get set up as early as possible so you can summon 1-2 creatures every turn.  Although as all your swarming creatures will have low life points so your level 1 creature will die easily, especially If the other mage has zone attacks.
•   Summoning a large creature such as a steelclaw Grizzly amongst your swarm early will be a good distraction to keep your little creatures alive and attacking.
•   Avoid using single target enchantments on your small creatures as they become ideal targets for the other mage.
•   If you don’t think you can defeat the other mage quickly try changing to a more sustainable solution. Adding a Lair and Ring of beasts allows you to save 3 mana a turn.
•   One of your strongest combos will be having Rajan's Fury and Tooth & Nail already on the field, Then Cast Call of the wild while revealing Marked for death on your target. This will give +2 melee, +1 charge and +1 piercing on every creature that attacks that round. 3 more attack dice effectively double the amount of dice most level 1 creature’s role for attack.

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsTooth & Nail1
CreaturesBitterwood Fox4
  Dire Wolf2
  Redclaw, Alpha Male1
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
  Timber Wolf2
EnchantmentsBull Endurance1
  Cheetah Speed1
  Marked for Death1
  Mongoose Agility1
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsCall of the Wild1
  Force Push2
  Group Heal1
  Minor Heal1
The Canine build takes advantage of Nature schools highly mana/cost effective Canine creatures.  The timber wolf is the most cost effective creature in the game, with 10 life, 2 armour and a 4 dice melee attack this means it will beat most level 2 creatures in a straight up fight.
This book can be played similar to a swarm book, but also gives you the option to bring larger creatures that can withstand more attacks. In contrast to the Cats theme, canines also provide greater defence capabilities if you wish to protect your mage.
This build will work with both beast masters equally well. You can use the standard beast master to summon creatures faster and give them the Pet buff, or use the Johktari to give your pack +1 melee for each attack against the “wounded prey”
•   The timber wolf is the most cost effective creature in the game, with 10 life, 2 armour and a 4 dice melee attack this means it will beat most level 2 creatures in a straight up fight.
•   Turning a timber wolf into a Pet Timber wolf is great value. The Pet boost makes it stronger than most level 4 creatures and some level 5’s.
•   Use Redclaw, Alpha Male to buff all canines in the same zone as him. +1 armour and melee can usually prevent your weak Fox’s from getting killed in a single attack.
•   Dire wolfs are good in a pack of wolves or as a solo hunter, however be aware that “bloodthirsty” will force you to attack wounded prey. This isn’t always bad, as it allows you to ignore taunts if there is another wounded living creature in the zone.

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsTooth & Nail1
CreaturesFeral Bobcat1
  Giant Wolf Spider2
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
EnchantmentsBull Endurance1
  Cheetah Speed1
  Marked for Death1
  Mongoose Agility2
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsCall of the Wild1
  Group Heal2
  Force Push1
  Minor Heal1
The cats book uses the assassination abilities of the Cats to kill key targets quickly. Cats do have lower life and armour value compared to Canines but have the Defence ability, allowing them to have a chance of evading the incoming attack completely.
Each Cat comes with different traits so you can focus on what creature is best for the situation. you can use your creatures to make fast attacks, ignore armour, ignore guards and restrain your enemy.
This book choice is not the easiest book combination the beast master can use, but you can’t underestimate the power of unique attacking combination this book has.
•   If you want to make a sudden attack, use the Ferak Bobcats +2 charge.
•   If you need to get around heavy armoured creatures use Makunda’s ability to grant all cats +1 piercing to shred through armour.
•   If you target is protected by guarding units use Cervere, The Forest Shadow and it’s elusive and Fast trait to ignore other creatures guards.
•   the Giant Wolf Spider can use his  web attack to cause creatures to be “Stuck” which will restrain them. Restrained creature can’t Defend the zone, so this is another way to ignore guarding units. Note: the Giant Wolf Spider is not an animal so it does not benefit from any “animal” buffs
•   The only non-legendary cat creature is the bobcat, therefor it is not recommended to turn one of your cats into a pet. Instead convert the steel claw grizzly or Mountain gorilla into a pet. This creature is far better suited to defend your mage if needed.

EquipmentEagleclaw Boots1
ConjurationsEnchantment Wardstone1
  Tooth & Nail1
CreaturesBridge Troll1
  Fellella, Pixie Familiar1
  Feral Bobcat-2
  Galador, Protector of Straywood1
  Steelclaw Grizzly1
  Tarok, the Skyhunter1
  Thunderift Falcon-2
EnchantmentsBear Strength1
  Bull Endurance1
  Cheetah Speed1
  Cobra Reflexes1
  Falcon Precision1
  Mongoose Agility1
  Rhino Hide1
IncantationsBattle Fury1
  Force Push1
  Minor Heal1
The elites book ignores all of the beast masters lower creatures and adds some serious big creatures. this book grants you a large variety of large creatures to bring into battle, each with unique abilities.
Don’t play this book like a swarm book, you will run out of mana too quickly. Instead choose only a few creatures to summon, and pick which will be best suited for your opponents. Then use all your resources to keep them alive and increase their strength with your enchantments.
•   Use Fellella, Pixie Familiar to place enchantments on your creatures. not only can she allow you to enchant creatures greater than 2 zones away from your mage, but also due to her flying can enchant creatures over walls.
•   Turning a steelclaw grizzly or a mountain gorilla into your Pet gives them a stat boost that makes them one of the strongest creatures in MageWars. While turning a timber wolf into a pet is a cheap way to get another strong large creature.
•   Use Tarok, the Skyhunter if your opponent is a mage with strong flying creatures ie Warlock and Priestess. Its high attack damage and defence’s against flying creatures are great.
•   Galador, Protector of Straywood not only has a ranged attack but also gives you a chance to daze and stun.
•   The Bridge troll is very resilient and will take your opponent a long time to kill, use him as a distraction. Although avoid using him if there are fire attacks, or Finite life spells in play.

Spells / Warlord; single hand options
« on: August 25, 2013, 03:40:52 am »
the warlord has 2 in school weapons he can choose from

War Sledge (2 handed)
ivarium Bow (2 handed)

both of these cost 2 in school as par for most mage related weapons.

the problem is you cant equip a horn and once of these weapons because of course you must get a one handed weapon. Assume you want a competition grade book (no promo's until they have been officially released). then the only single handed weapons that are available for the warlord to use are

  • Mage staff (arcane, triple cost)
  • staff of arcanum (arcane, triple cost)
  • Wands (not counting as weapon because they have constant mana costs)

im sure i am not the first person to point out that the warlord is the only mage who does not have a single handed wepon in his school, and the only mage to have to use 2 hands to deal 4 damage on quick attack

  • warlock - LOF, curse blade
  • Priest - staff of azyra
  • beastmaster - staff of beasts
  • forcemaster - force blade
  • wizard - staff of arcanum (the only non mage exclusive of this list)
as the warlord is suppose to be considered a mage that can melee well(battle skill), why is he so hampered in his equipment department. will there be any consideration in providing the warlord with single handed weapons in the up coming expansions.

note: i am aware that there is single handed promo cards like morning star, but as those have not been officially released in any set they can't be used in competitions

Rules Discussion / Game plan and "cheat sheets"
« on: August 02, 2013, 11:18:32 pm »
I cant find any mention of this topic.

i have my basic game plan of my first 10 moves in mage wars, and of course i can never play my first 10 moves without deviating to accommodating for the other mage. this topic is not about "you will never get to play 10 turns without change yada yada"

i have my first 10 moves printed onto a sheet of paper (i call this my cheat sheet), am i allowed to bring this sheet of paper with me while i play at comp lvl mage wars.
this can be generalised to "can you look at external information, ie Game notes, game plan, counter plays, X is countered by Y"

i currently have my first 10 moves printed in a excel spread sheet which i printed into 4 mage wars size cards and fit it into the back sheet of my mage book. i find it useful because i can plan stuff like "if i need 21 mana to summon X at turn 7, i cant spend more then 8 mana in turn 4"

a practical example might help
here is an example of my game-play for my temple priestess (pre errata)

if i wanted to summon an angel (east wind is just a place holder) in turn 5, i have no spare mana. so in one game i had to dodge an attack in turn 4 so as i know i spent 9 mana that round i could pick any other spell that would cost 9 or less mana (in this case i chose reverse attack)

so would bringing a printout like this be allowed at any sanctioned event according to Arcane wonders (i understand other TO's can have custom rules, but they usually base it of AW rulings)

General Discussion / handicap system advice
« on: July 18, 2013, 07:46:29 pm »
(I don't know if this is alternate play or general)

I am in a spot right now where I am really the only person amongst my personal friends who can play magewars well. to be honest I don't think I am that good a player just I own the game so I have much more games under my belt.

 when I ask my brothers and friends they reply "its not fun playing mage wars between a person who plays on league and players who don't own the game"
this is a problem because it limits all my training to league games only.

so I would like some thoughts to a handicap system.

 here is what I propose (note only for casual games)

"a handicap system that increases the channel of the lesser skilled player"

this system will be applied only when one player is significantly more skilled then the other player

 the practicalities work like this.

every game the lower skilled player looses he gains 1 channel for his next game. when he wins he looses 1 channel (you can never get less then 0 handy capped channel).

when you are uncertain of who is the better player (ie you think your even) you both have the handicap of the lowest person. the looser gains the handicap.

you keep your relative handicap based on the last time you played that person.

assume there are 3 regular players
David (owner of game)
Stephen (2nd most skilled player)
Anthony (weakest of 3)

the handicap will start at
D, 0
s, 1
A, 1

D beats S , S was weaker so gains handy
D 0
S 2
A 1 (note A hasn't played so we don't know his handicap)

S vs A, although A has a lesser handicap we don't know who is stronger so give them both 2 handicap. S wins this game

D 0
S 2
A 3

now I think I can word the rules better so only the difference in handicap is given in channel but I think you get the idea.

once a handicapped person is more powerful then the uncapped person they will start to win games and they will hover around their real handicap level. as they also be better players their handicap will also drop.

the reason why you don't get below 0 handicap is so even the better player can practice "plays" that they can use in real games

what are your thoughts and advice on making a handicap system for local groups of friends.

Rules Discussion / "bluffing" and "illegal moves"
« on: July 08, 2013, 10:55:51 pm »
page 15 of rule book notes that on familiars you can place a spell face down that you don't want (or can not) cast as a bluff.

this is the only mention of bluffing in the game. but the way it is worded it is a note, notes are generally facets of the game that people should be reminded of.

so I have some questions based on bluffing. assuming the premises of placing an invalid "bluff" card on familiar.

I define "bluff" as follows; "placing an invalid spell facedown where a facedown spell can be placed, as such it can't be revealed"

1. familiar has decoy as a bluff. familiar dies. should mage get 2 mana.
2. can spawn points bluff by having invalid spells on them without deploying
3. can spellbound objects bluff by having spells face down and usable.

 for case 1 and 3 it could be a tactical advantage because it could make the other Mage consider wasting initiative and resources to destroy a more tempting target.

 and in the case where decoy is buffed it can give you a net 2 mana because you didn't pay to place the enchantment but it is still destroyed to its effect applies.

the second part of my post is the consequences of doing illegal moves. is any illegal use of spells ground for instant defeat in a comp match. case below

4. mage places bear strength face down on his iron golem (non living). when he reveals it (or the bird views it, or seeking dispelled) is that mage instantly defeated or is enchantment destroyed

 if the enchantment is destroyed then that is practically the same as a bluff

I know what is and isn't legal but what is the consequence. I know in the games I had where one guy tried to "dispel my wand" I told him he can't do that and we ignored that he did that because it didn't effect the board. but enchantments do effect the board as they effect considerations to seeking despel etc.

so with buffs and illegal plays I see 2 sides of a slope.
A. all face down enchantments are buffs so any illegal moves are considered "called bluffs" and just discarded.
B. a simple mistake like placing an invalid enchantment can make you instantly loose a game.

just so its known in am biased to case A being the better choice because everybody is human and makes mistakes

League / Tournament Play / Australia MW and Sydney leauge
« on: July 07, 2013, 06:32:38 pm »
the comp scene in Australia is sparse so I am posting info for people who don't know.
there is currently a Facebook group called Mage wars Australia
https://www.facebook.com/groups/547470078645030/ join the group and see who wants to play mage wars in your area.

additionally there is the start of a Sydney MW league, I will quote the info

"Good Games Burwood and Hurstville's forces unite to bring you the coolest league in town! Played at each venue on alternating weeks, League entry is $10 a week. We play three rounds and half the money goes to the final prize pool, with smaller prizes including OP kit promos being distributed along the way.

League points are scored thusly:
3 points - overall winner of a week
2 points - attend and win a game
1 point - attend but don't win

Lastly, all Mage Wars stock will be 10% off on the day!

Be sure to bring a decklist and be prepared to make some storyline choices! The very fate of the world lays in your spellbook!"

when there are not enough people for comp who ever shows up ends up just having practice games.

Alternative Play / 2v1 hord defence mode
« on: June 24, 2013, 08:38:31 pm »

Here is my idea for a hord defence 2v1 game.

understand that this is just a basic concept and some values (mainly mana) will change to balance the idea

Quick Description

the single mage has 3 spawn points summoning creatures to kill the team of 2 mages before they can destory 2/3 of his spawn points.


to start the teams are set up so the attackers are the team of 2 mages, and the defender is the single mage.


the attackers can't both be the same mage, both mages must have have legal spell books for that make totaling up to 120 points. as both mages are on the same team unique rules apply as if both mages are the same mage. eg only 1 temple of light under the attackers control is allowed.


the defending mage does not have the same restriction's as other mages, instead he starts by selecting 3 different spawn points of his choosing (regardless of mage restiction). For each spawn point the mage makes a deck of as many cards of his choosing, on the condition that they can be summoned by there respective spawn point (ie if he chose Barracks, Lair and Gate of Voltari they must only pick Soldgers, Animal and Arcane for those spawn points respectivley). the mage may also make a spell book consiting of 60 points (ignoreing school) and may include any spells that may be summoned by the familiars he has chosen (eg if he has the pixie familiar he can have enchantments in his book). for all practical purposes the type of mage you select is really irrelevent as you wont be able to cast spells or use there abilites.

Game set up

Note: the board positions are definded as below

1 4 7 a

2 5 8 b

3 6 9 c


the attackers can start there mages in there choice of squares 1,2 or 3. and start with the normal set up for there respective mages (10 mana + channel etc)


the defender places there 3 spawn points in a,b and c (zone esclusive applys). the defending mage does not place himself on the field (ie he has no line of sight and therefore cant cast any spells in the arena), the defending mage has 15 channel and starts with 10 mana. the defnder then gets his 3 decks of creatures and shuffles them (attacks cut the deck) and place each deck behind it's respective spawn point.

Game play

the game is played in the same steps and rules as the normal game with the following changes.


1. the attacking mages role is changed to kill 2/3 of the INITIAL spawn points instead of the defending mage.


1. each turn the defending mage can ignore summoning sickness for 1 of his spawn point summoned creatures (similar to a free rouse the beast for any creature spawned that turn).

2. the 3 INITIAL spawn points controlled by the defender have double there life, armour and base channel. when they gain mana from there decription that is not doubled.

3. the Defender mage does not have any action (or quick action) tokens so he can not play any spells.

4. any passive mage abilites like Warlords "veteran" do not apply.

5. the defender will still have to pay upkeep for all his creatures (see Conjuration for upkeep modification)


The initative (and turn/action order) is passed between attacks and defenders and the attackers swap who gets the initative each time there team has the token refer to example below

Attacking team consists of Tom and Rick, the defending mage is Harry. both teams role for initative and attackers win

attackers choose for Tom to get initative First, this means Initative token (and turn/action order) get placed in the following order

Tom, Harry, Rick, Harry, Tom, Harry, Rick etc (attacker1, defender, attacker 2, defender, attacker1, defender, attacker2)

Spawning process

During the planing phase each turn the defending mage can take the top card from each of their spawn pile and place it in his hand. During the deployment phase they can then place up to 1 creature on each valid spawn point. If they do not wish to summon their creatures in their hand they can hold it in there hand and choose to summon them during another deployment phase. each spawn point can only at most 1 creature per deployment phase, and the defender must declare (during deployment) which of the creatures will not suffer from summoning sickness.


the folloing conjurations have modifed effects when summoned/controlled by the attackers

1. Idol of Pestilence, Mordok's Obelisk and Suppression Orb: only effect zones 1-6 instead of effecting the entire arena

2. The 3 inital spawn points controlled by the defender can not be damaged by Ranged attacks, unless they have the Ethereal trait. this includes ranged zone attacks

End game

If both the attacking mages die the defender wins. If 2 out of 3 of the inital spawn points are destroyed the attackers win.

Rules Discussion / OR equipment location
« on: June 16, 2013, 08:50:28 pm »
scenario: only item I have is mage wand nominated to "off hand" location, if I then bring in an elemental wand can I choose that to come in the "offhand" slot to replace magewand even though there is an empty "main hand" slot.

related rules (p 20): if you cast an equipment in location already occupied, the original equipment is returned to owners book...............others [some equipment] may be worn in location of choice.

so I think the swap is valid I just want to make sure I am not missing.

before you ask why, some times I don't want to give the other mage the opportunity to dissolve his choice of my wands when I know I won't be using both.

additionally does a mage have to define what location his equipment is when they summon an OR. if you summon ele and mage wand. then you want to bring out a weapon (lash for example). you have to replace the item you designated to the "on hand" slot. the rules don't say you can swap item locations, you can only choose one when summoning it.

Hello i have been wanting a simple link for all the current spell books posted in this forum. i don't  know why somebody has not done a post like this before. the links below are threads about a specific spell book and i will update it when i see new books posted. If you don't wish the link to your topic to be in this post then PM me or reply and ill remove it.

Note: i modified some of the names for simplicity

Note2: The next update i do to this directory i will be removing and no longer including books with the names of "my MAGE book", "Mage book" etc, as they provide no information of the type of book they represent in the title. it is purely for my own convenience as there are so many of these book names.

secondly I believe this section of the forum is divided into people asking for help on their spell books and people presenting there completed spell books/strategy. i wish to make this topic about providing people with the latter type of spell books

Last Modified 30/APR/13

Beastmaster/ Johktari
Beastmaster with no level 1's? by knutenez
Release the Ferret (BashCon adaptive Deck) by halvor
A simple Beastmaster by TricksterHat
Beastmaster by sdougla2
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Flexible and action efficient Beast Master by Fentum
[Johktari]A Newbie's "Flavorful" Johktari Beastmaster Book by Myric
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My Priestess Book by DevilsVendetta

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Spells / aegis vs direct damage
« on: June 12, 2013, 07:47:48 pm »
aegis reduces dice by 1 from all attacks.

 does this include any spell/attacks that deal direct damage. mainly these 3 scenarios come to mind.
1. drain life does 5 dice of direct damage, would, this change to 4 dice
2. push into an impassable wall does 3 dice of direct damage, would this only do 2 dice.
3. if a creature/spell  were to have a direct damage dice attack would that be reduced

my guess is
1. no
2. yes
3. yes

Player Feedback and Suggestions / goblin builder fix
« on: June 06, 2013, 10:57:55 pm »
I understand that once you release a card you can't change it so all you can do is implement other cards to buff/nerf.

I think it is near universal opinion that the goblin builder is one of the worst cards in the game and I had an idea to fix it.

add an enchantment called "work tools" which can only be attached to a creature with repair skills (I think that's what the builder has, don't have cards on me). this would either make the repair a quick action or increase the repair by 1d.

change the values for balance and such

Spells / mana prism
« on: May 27, 2013, 07:31:59 pm »
mana prism
2 arcane and cost 12 man a to spawn.
when an enchantment or spell the other mage controlls causes you to loose mana you place it on the prism and you get back max 2 per turn.

am I missing something special about this card because it seams to be one of the worst cards in the game. I will compare it to other cards. when you consider for 2 nature/arcane and 10 mana you can have a 2 channel. even the inefficient mage cast double harmonize is better value.

I don't even see you able to charge up the prism unless you are vsing the wizard and if you are not schooled in arcane you have cheaper ways to gain back 2 mana.

the only feature this spell has is the ability to stop mana transfer but since there is only 1 spell (which is epic).

has anybody seen this spell used usefully in a battle (preferable in battle not against wizard)

Hello, i haven't played any mage wars games at any league level before (not many leagues in Sydney, Australia). As i have only played a hand full of games i have not been able to test many mages, but i build this earth wizard build which is a creature heavy build as far as the wizard goes. Could you please give me any advice if there is anything obviously missing from this deck. see below for the deck build and play info.

QTY   Card Type   Card Name   
1      Arcane Ring    
2      Elemental Wand    
1      Mage Wand    
1      Regrowth Belt    
1      Deflection Bracers    
2      Dispel    
2      Dissolve    
1      Earthquake   
2      Knockdown    
3      Perfect Strike    
3      Power Strike   
2      Battle Fury    
2      Charge    
2      Seeking Dispel    
1      Shift Enchantment    
1      Steal Enchantment    
2      Teleport    
1      Whirling Strike   
1      Gate to Voltari    
1      Mana Crystal    
4      Quicksand   
2      Wall of Stone    
2      Hurl Boulder   
2      Hail of Stones   
1      Blue Gremlin    
1      Darkfenne Hydra    
1      Earth Elemental   
1      Gorgon Archer    
1      Huginn, Raven Familiar    
1      Iron Golem   
2      Stonegaze Basilisk    
1      Eagle Wings    
1      Force Orb    
2      Harmonize    
2      Nullify    
2      Reverse Magic    
1      Teleport Trap    
1      Essence Drain    

I had heard that the Gate to Voltari is one of the best spawn points in the game so i tried to get a wizard build based around it and these new powerful earth creatures. the main idea for this deck is to get the gate early and let it summon all my arcane creatures. i also included these cards to try and get these combo's in the game

"Guardian Angle of Voltari"
Gorgon + Wings + Force Orb: i will use her to stop single powerful monsters while keeping her safer from melee and ranged attacks

"Ground and Pound"
Stonegaze Basilisk + Earth elemental: the weakness of the earth creatures is there inability to hit flying, so the basilisk would first cripple flying creeps so the Earth elemental can Slam or just damage them.

"6 feet high to 6 feet below"
Hurl bolder/Knockdown + Quicksand: Again this takes care of flying creatures by slamming them to the ground and then placing them in quicksand while they don't have Flying trait. this also combo's with Ground and Pound because i may not have the mana to play a slam move so ill use cripple instead, and adding extra slam stuns from Earth Elemental also helps.

Unsolved problems

I think i should cast the gate of Voltari on the first turn to get the most out of it's mana generation and i know mid game i want to get the Hydra/Iron/EarthEle onto the field while Huginn places Perfect or power strike on them, and late game i would want all my creatures on the field ideally.

the problem is i don't know how to get from the first turn to a to getting one of my big creatures on the field without having 1-2 turns using no mana on wizard, who does not have any Mana free turns to do damage.

Spells / Familiar Clarification
« on: March 19, 2013, 07:12:12 am »
i apologise if this question has already been answered i have tried my best to solve it myself.

my question is how does a player use the "Familiar" power on cards such as [Huginn, Raven familiar] and [Fellella, Picie Familiar]. i am confused as to how they get there respective spells to use. i think it is used in one of these 2 ways, correct me if i am way off

1)Do i select an additional card from my mage book during the planning stage (like a spawn point) and place it on the familiar to use.
2)or is the familiar only able to use a spells that has already been selected as one of your 2 selected mage spells in the planing phase.

the second option is the mode i have been using for my games of mage wars although i have only been playing with family and friends. i find this makes the familiar a substitute caster for the mage, by taking a turn for your mage if he/she wants to do another action and additionally cast a spell from a far location.

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