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General Discussion / Temple of Light module
« on: April 23, 2013, 04:19:53 PM »
So, when building another book a few months ago, I noticed Temple of light wasn't tied to any specific mage or even to a 'Holy mage' which interested me greatly. Add to this, Hand of Bim Shalla is one of my favourite cards and one of the most useful 'toolbox' cards IMO and the whole lot got my cogs whirring.

I've been chewing it over since then and pondering which books the following module would fit best in and which strategies it would compliment, given that both cards are very strong.

Temple of Light x1 (or 2)
Hand of BS x3 (or 4 for borrowing 1  :)  )

So in a non-Priestess book, you're only looking at 10 cost (double) and 15 for Warlock for the base 4 cards. If you wanted to go crazy you could add Dawnbreaker.. probably becomes prohibitive for most mages and *certainly* the Warlock then but considering how many bases it covers for 4 cards I like it in a few other books.

Basic examples
1. I could see a very nasty Forcemaster book using this to compliment the core FM strategy, give heal/armour and more importantly even more melee damage and to limit movement with the Stun effect, all of which adds to an already strong book.

2. Beastmaster. Another one that could really use all the effects of the cards in the module well with a mid-sized swarm and the Temple doing extra damage and pinning the enemy mage to the spot.

Now, I'm not presenting this as the be all and end all but it is very versatile both offensively and defensively and allows you to heal a little, get a few vital points of armour when needed and at worst is a very good distraction as IMO the Temple of Light is one of the few cards in the game that you almost always HAVE to deal with in one way or another when it hits the table.

Food for thought... any ideas?

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