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Spellbook Design and Construction / My Siren Book
« on: November 24, 2016, 01:52:15 AM »
After around 15 or so games here is the Siren spellbook I have "settled" on. Interested to hear feedback.

Conjurations: 14 points
3x Shallow Sea
2x Bed of Urchins
2x Coral Barrier
1x Whirlpool (still haven't actually played it but it seems strong)

Equipment: 12 points
1x Ring of the Ocean Depths
1x Ring of Tides
1x Echo of the Depths
1x Shoalsdeep Trident
1x Leviathan Scale Armor
1x Meditation Amulet
1x Eagleclaw Boots

Creatures: 41 points
4x Shoalsdeep Tidecallers
1x Naiya
2x Merren Harpooner
2x Deptonne Berserker
1x Colossal Crab
1x Shoalsdeep Crocodile
1x Sherean Leviathan
1x Water Elemental

Enchantments: 29 points
2x Hydrothermal Vent
2x Rust
2x Drown
3x Lullaby
1x Song of Love
1x Ballad of Courage
1x Healing Charm
1x Harmonize
1x Nullify
1x Block
1x Bear Strength
1x Regrowth
1x Akiros Favor
1x Brace Yourself

Incantations: 19 points
3x Dissolve
1x Minor Heal
1x Seeking Dispel
3x Dispel
1x Knockdown
1x Rouse the Beast
1x Battle Fury

Attacks: 5 points
2x Acid Ball
3x Surging Wave

Mages / Siren Still Hasn't Beaten Paladin
« on: November 20, 2016, 07:35:57 PM »
I've played 5 games with Siren vs Paladin (as both mages). The Siren has lost every single game by a mile. She just seems very weak.

Sure, she can set up traps, but by the time she sets them up they only delay her troubles.

Her equipment is underwhelming. One of her rings is only useful for half of the rounds in the game while the other ring doesn't get a cost reduction from all water spells, only hydro and aquatic. Her ability to sustain psychic spells hasn't proven to be as helpful as I had hoped. She practically requires a Meditation Amulet since she seems to be constantly starved for mana.

I have been very disappointed with most of her creatures (save for Naiya, who is excellent). The sharks aren't strong enough. The pirates aren't strong enough. None of her level 1 or 2 creatures are worth casting because the most they can do is buy you time - The Siren appears to have a lot of ways to delay threats but few ways to actually deal with them, which is frustrating. The creatures she has that actually ARE effective are extremely expensive... which really makes me wonder why she only has channeling of 9. And then there is grapple, which honestly isn't that good. Even though its a condition marker it isn't hard to escape, and by the time my creatures do have something grappled they are half dead because I have few ways of keeping them alive.

As far as incantations go she has... well she really only has dissolve. And the only good water attack spell she has that you can cast regularly is surging wave.

What am I missing here? She comes off as a mage who is spread to thin with not enough focus on one thing.

Strategy and Tactics / Calling All Adramelech Experts
« on: July 14, 2014, 06:23:39 PM »
I don't want to rush to judgements or anything but the new Warlock hasn't impressed me... yet. Hopefully there are some people out there who have figured her out because I have only managed to win 1 game with her so far. Here are some questions for anyone who has had success with her.

1) How do you typically open? Do you harmonize Pentagram?
2) Are Bloodfire Helmet and Adr. Torment equipment pieces you bring out in the beginning or pieces you wait to bring out until they are useful? I have been using Adr. Torment. Is this too much of a drag on your mana supply?
3) Do you use Sersiryx? If so, do you bring him out in the opening or wait to deploy him from Pentagram? I personally don't like him but I might be playing him wrong. If you use him, is he there to mostly cast curses or to cast fire attacks?
4) Do you swarm with Wildfire and Firebrand Imps (this is what I have been trying) or do you go for the "few big ones" strategy? Is it a waste of points to include Dark Pact Slayer or Blood Demon if you plan on swarming?
5) Do your enchantments focus on fire, curses, or both?
6) Is Combustion as lame as I think it is? For all the benefits you get from Burn conditions I don't see why you would want to remove them.
7) How heavily do you use Fire attack spells?

Recently received my copy of FiF. I'm focusing on a build centered around having a large/strong army and taking advantage of Harshforge Monolith. I am trying something that is perhaps a little unorthodox: a warlord build with no enchantments and  no attack spells. Why no enchantments? So I don't get hurt by my own Harshforge Monolith. Why no attack spells? Because I don't really feel like I need them since I have access to plenty of soldiers with ranged attacks. I am, of course, using the Anvil Throne Warlord because his runesmithing ability is fantastic.

Conjurations: (11)
1 Barracks (3)
2 Garrison Post (2)
2 Wall of Pikes (2)
2 Wall of Earth (2)
1 Harshforge Monolith (2)

Equipment: (13)
1 Helm of Command (2)
1 Harshforge Plate (2)
1 Leather Gloves (1)
1 Ring of Command (1)
1 General Signet's Ring (1)
1 Morning Star (1)
1 Veteran's Belt (1)
1 Colossus Belt (1)
1 Regrowth Belt (2)
1 Leather Boots (1)

Creatures: (64... could be overkill but hey I like having variety)
4 Goblin Grunt (4)
4 Goblin Slinger ( 8 )
2 Goblin Alchemist (4)
4 Orc Butcher ( 8 )
1 Gurmash, Orc Sergeant (3)
1 Thorg, Chief Bodyguard (4)
2 Dwarf Kriegsbiel (6)
2 Dwarf Panzergarde (6)
2 Anvil Throne Crossbowman (6)
1 Ludwig Boltstorm (3)
1 Grimson Deadeye, Sniper (4)
1 Bloodcraig Minotaur (4)
1 Sir Corazin, Blademaster (4)

Enchantments: (0)

Incantations: (32)
4 Power Strike (4)
4 Defend (4)
2 Perfect Strike (2)
2 Piercing Strike (2)
2 Evade (2)
2 Flank Attack (2)
2 Charge (2)
2 Battle Fury (2)
2 Dispel (6)
1 Dissolve (2)
1 Heal (4)

Attacks: (0)

Turn 1: Barracks + Garrison Post
Turn 2: Garrison Post + General Signet's Ring
Turn 3: Harshforge Plate + Ring of Command
Turn 4: Gurmash + Goblin Grunt / Goblin Slinger / Goblin Alchemist / Orc Butcher

Rules Discussion / can "Conquer" target spawnpoints?
« on: July 03, 2014, 05:22:16 PM »
I checked the rules but I just want to be 100% positive that I can target corporeal spawnpoints with Conquer. As far as I can tell the answer is yes but I have been wrong about the rules before.

Spells / Paralysis spell?
« on: June 17, 2014, 05:44:17 PM »
I was looking through curses the other day and it struck me that there aren't any curses that prevent a creature from moving. Sure, there is enfeeble to slow down a creature, but why not have a curse that restrains creatures the same way tanglevine or force hold do? And you could call it "paralysis"? The spell could have a timer on it (to prevent it from being OP) and would most likely have a cost proportional to the level of the target creature (just like how Sleep works).

Spellbook Design and Construction / Seedling Pod Druid
« on: June 11, 2014, 04:53:27 PM »
2x Acid Ball
2x Surging Wave

1x Samara Tree
5x Seedling Pod
2x Mana Flower
4x Bloodspine Wall
4x Tanglevine
2x Stranglevine
2x Corrosive Orchid
2x Nightshade Lotus

1x Tataree
4x Vine Snapper
4x Thornlasher
4x Raptor Vine
1x Kralathor, The Devourer

1x Barkskin
2x Bear Strength
2x Falcon Precision
1x Mongoose Agility
2x Rhino Hide
2x Nullify
2x Block
2x Healing Charm

1x Druid's Leaf Ring
1x Mohktari's Branch

2x Rouse the Beast
2x Seeking Dispel
4x Dispel
2x Dissolve
2x Teleport
2x Force Push

Strategy and Tactics / Getting Altar of Skulls Going?
« on: May 17, 2014, 09:19:19 PM »
In here we try to find the optimal opening for a Necromancer that gets Altar of Skulls going. Do you get out Altar of Skulls (AoS) and bring out the clerics when it is "safe?" Do you get the clerics out, build a solid foundation of skeletons and THEN cast AoS? Or do you try to get AoS going as quick as possible and force your opponent to respond? I have been testing out the last method:

Turn 1: Altar of Skulls, Acolyte of Bog Queen
Turn 2: Wall of Bones, Acolyte of Bog Queen
Turn 3: Wall of Bones (shutting yourself in and blocking LoS), Death Ring
Turn 4: Libro Mortuos (Graveyard is out of the question because it is Zone Exclusive, like AoS)
Turn 5: Mort

It is a very slow opening that can easily be undermined but how else would you do it? And you get into a situation where you aren't sure whether to use your clerics to repair your walls or place skull tokens on AoS. Would it be a better opening with another cleric? Or perhaps just 1 cleric?

General Discussion / Akiro's Hammer vs. Druid
« on: April 28, 2014, 12:27:01 AM »
So I was looking through some cards I never seem to use and I came across Akiro's Hammer. I'm wondering if the addition of the Druid makes this card suddenly worth including in Warlord spellbooks. A lot of times when I play Druids they will hunker down in their starting zone along with whichever tree they decide to treebond with. I'm thinking Akiro's Hammer could be a devastating response against this. Akiro's Hammer is the the perfect candidate for destroying the Druid's trees - it has a range of 3 and attacks corporeal conjurations with a whopping 8 dice attack. And killing a Druid's tree can seriously weaken a Druid. So what do you guys think? Is Akiro's Hammer somewhat viable now?

Spells / Commonly Useful Spells
« on: January 04, 2014, 02:38:20 AM »
I didn't see a thread about this under the "Spells" forum so I thought I would make it. The topic is pretty simple - spells you commonly find useful. And by this I mean spells you tend to use in a variety of spellbooks regardless of which mage you are using. So why not make a list of such spells? It might not be useful for the hardcore players but it could be useful for players who are new to the game.

The majority of these spells are level 1 spells, which definitely plays a role in them being commonly useful.

Ivarium Longbow (Equipment)
Gauntlets of Strength (Equipment)
Retaliate (Enchantment)
Battle Fury (Incantation)
Piercing Strike (Incantation)
Evade (Incantation)

Divine Might (Enchantment)
Healing Wand (Equipment)
Minor Heal (Incantation)
Heal (Incantation)

Agony (Enchantment)
Maim Wings (Enchantment) - can use Knockdown instead if holy mage

Mana Crystal (Conjuration)
Elemental Cloak (Equipment)
Nullify (Enchantment)
Seeking Dispel (Incantation)
Dispel (Incantation)
Teleport (Incantation)

Block (Enchantment)
Force Push (Incantation)
Knockdown (Incantation)

Tanglevine (Conjuration)
Mana Flower (Conjuration)
Regrowth Belt (Equipment)
Bear Strength (Enchantment)
Hawkeye (Enchantment)
Falcon Precision (Enchantment)
Regrowth (Enchantment)
Mongoose Agility (Enchantment) - can arguably replace Evade in certain spellbooks
Rouse the Beast (Incantation)

Stormdrake Hide (Air, Equipment)
Jet Stream (Air, Attack)
Dragonscale Hauberk (Fire, Equipment)
Dissolve (Water, Incantation)
Acid Ball (Water, Attack)
Surging Wave (Water, Attack)

Edit on 1/4/14: Mana Prism removed. Mana Flower and Mana Crystal added. Surging Wave added.
Edit on 1/4/14: Retaliate, Jet Stream, Acid Ball, Healing Wand, Mongoose Agility added.

Strategy and Tactics / Elemental Cloak or Cloak of Shadows?
« on: December 03, 2013, 02:24:17 AM »
I have a problem deciding between Cloak of Shadows and Elemental Cloak when I am playing a Dark Mage and the opponent is a Warlock or Wizard. Both cloaks have their pros and cons. Cloak of Shadows works best when you keep your distance from the opponent, but as either Dark Mage you need to be close to the enemy to be effective. Elemental Cloak is always working, but Cloak of Shadows protects you from ranged attacks that aren't fire/lightning spells as well as enchantments and incantations targeting you from 2 zones away.

Which is better? Not overall, but in which situations would you choose one over the other?

I am eager to hear peoples' opinions.

Strategy and Tactics / Planning - Some Advice for New Players
« on: December 02, 2013, 08:08:35 PM »
The planning stage of Mage Wars can be terrifying for new Mage Wars players. Sometimes you face decision paralysis - there are so many choices that can't pick just one. I am by no means a Mage Wars pro or anything like that, but I can offer some advice to new players when it comes to the planning stage. For me it helped to ask myself the following four questions when it came to planning.

Questions to ask yourself when you are planning:
1.   Initiative: Is there a way I can capitalize on having initiative?
2.   Creatures: Should I summon a creature?
3.   Mana: Is there a reason to keep spare mana open?
4.   Trouble: What enemy “thing” is causing me the most trouble?

As you play more and more games these questions will become easier to answer.

Let us start with question #1. Initiative is extremely important. Whenever you have initiative, you should try to take advantage of it as much as possible. When you have initiative, you basically get two privileges: 1) You get to cast first; 2) You get to move first. Let us look at the first priviledge. Attack spells work well when you have initiative. Maybe you want to use a lightning spell to daze/stun a creature, throwing off whatever the opponent may have had planned. Healing spells works best when you have initiative. You never know when an enemy who has initiative will do something with their quickcast that makes the Minor Heal/Heal you planned useless. Anti-magic works best when you have initiative. Maybe you want to dispel an enemy enchantment or dissolve enemy equipment. If it isn’t your initiative, the opponent may slip a nullify/reverse magic under himself or one of his creatures. But when you do have initiative, you don’t have to worry about this. This leads into another point. Protection spells works best when you have initiative. You might want to take advantage of your initiative by slipping a damage barrier onto your mage or a nullify/block under one of your creatures before an opponent does something. Now for the second privilege. You get to move first. The placement of your mage is very important. When you have initiative and your mage isn’t in a terrific position, you should consider moving them. Turns when you don’t have initiative but want to move your mage can be scary; the enemy mage gets their quickcast and their full action to do something to prevent you from moving!

Now for question #2: Should I summon a creature? Answering this question comes with two other questions. Do I need to move my mage? Do I need additional creatures? If you need to move your mage, then summoning a creature won’t be possible. (The exception to this is special creatures that don’t require a full action to summon and the Beastmaster’s ability to summon level 1 creatures as a quick action). So how do you know if you need additional creatures? Ignoring attack spells (for simplicity’s sake), it isn’t too difficult to calculate how much average damage your opponent can do to you with their creatures and how much damage you can do with your creatures to your opponent. Keep in mind that when you/creatures roll X die, you will do, on average, X total damage. On average, half of this total damage will be normal damage and the other half will be critical damage. Rolls can be unexpectedly awesome or awful, but trusting averages is smart. If your opponent would do more damage (on average) to you than you would do to them, you need a way to generate more damage. For some mages this will mean casting more attack spells or attacking more with their mage. For other mages this will mean summoning more creatures. With the exception of a Forcemaster and a solo-rush-Warlock, it is hard to win without creatures to generate damage and take damage for you.

Question #3: Should I keep spare mana open? Look at any condition markers you may have on your mage or creatures. If you need to remove these conditions, don’t forget to take removal costs into account. Think about nasty condition marker you could get during the current round. Answering question #3 is complicated and will come with experience. Admittedly, there have been many times where I have used up all of my mana and regretted it! But if you see no reason to not use all of your mana, why not use it all? Don't be paranoid and hoard mana. If you aren't making the most of your mana then what is the point of having any?

Question #4: What enemy “thing” is causing me the most trouble? This depends on too many variables to mention. But usually it isn’t too hard to put your finger on the most “annoying” enemy spell. Conjurations with global effects, like Deathlock, can be annoying. Powerful enemy creatures are annoying. Crippling enchantments, like Ghoul Rot, are annoying. Wands are never not annoying! Get to the root of which enemy spell is causing you the most trouble. Once you have located the biggest problem, you should either attempt to remove the problem or work around the problem. For example, some creatures are so powerful that trying to kill them is just a waste of time.

General Discussion / Not Impressed with Druid
« on: December 02, 2013, 12:54:41 AM »
The Necromancer vs. Druid expansion is great, but while I love the Necromancer I am underwhelmed by the Druid. I played many match-ups over the Thanksgiving break where the Druid was involved. She lost. Every single time. And only a few games were close. I played 2 or 3 times as the Druid. I tried different strategies and card combinations. Nothing worked. I can't help but feel like the Druid is a nerfed Priestess with vines. Don't get me wrong... the vines are really cool and fun. But me and my friends can't find a way to win as the Druid. Are we just that bad at Mage Wars?  :-\

Here are some reasons why I feel like the Druid is too weak.

#1: Mana Starvation - (Spells too expensive?)

Not only does Druid start with 9 channeling, but she has too many upkeep costs. Sure, she gets +1 channeling from Treebond but this isn't enough. Her trees have upkeep costs and Barkskin, which feels mandatory, sucks away 2 mana every turn. You can try compensating by casting stuff to boost your channeling, but my friends and I hate doing this because it feels like a waste of valuable tempo, especially in the beginning of games. I don't what it is but whenever anybody played Druid they were mana starved. It doesn't help when you have to play uproot costs to move creatures. Am I the only one who thinks her spells are too expensive? What are we doing wrong?

#2: Wrecked by Teleport

Teleport is common. I can't think of a spellbook I have made that doesn't include at least one Teleport. The problem is that Teleport wrecks the Druid. Let me explain.

First of all, the Druid has a lot of ways to restrain and block creatures... all of these are easily combated with teleport. Oh, you are using Vine Tree to cast walls? Teleport. Oh, you used a vine marker to give my creature the stuck condition? Teleport. Oh, you cast Tanglevine? Teleport.

Second of all, many of the Druid's creatures are rooted. This is a huge problem when the Druid's rooted creatures are simply teleported to a zone where they become useless.

#3: Creatures - (Not enough options?)

Now, I don't know if this will change once I have the Kumanjaro expansion (which I don't), but there aren't enough vine creatures to choose from. It doesn't help that being Druid makes you so many starved you never have enough mana to summon your good creatures.

#4: Too Much Defense?

I can't help but feel the Druid is too defensive. She doesn't have many solid attacking options. Her creatures are difficult to utilize and predictable. So she gets a lot of cool non-spell attacks, right? Well... there is Burst of Thorns. That is it. I was disapointed by this.

Spells / Rise Again - Better for Warlock?
« on: November 30, 2013, 05:59:37 PM »
The first time I saw Rise Again I thought the card was perfect for the Necromancer. And then I saw that it had to target living creatures. My heart sank. All of the Necromancer's creatures are nonliving! Why would they include Rise Again with the Necromancer? The only reason I could think of was to revive living creatures that were converted via Ziggurat or Animate Dead. But then I noticed Rise Again wasn't Necromancer only... it was Dark Mage only. If anything, it seems like Rise Again is more useful for a Warlock using non-zombie, non-skeleton creatures. So Rise Again seems like a worthless card for a Necromancer but an excellent card for a Warlock using living creatures. Is there something with the Necromancer I am missing or am I correct about this?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Necromancer - Zombie Swarm
« on: November 30, 2013, 03:57:17 AM »
Necromancer – Zombie Swarm  8)

2 Wall of Bones
2 Poison Gas Cloud
1 Ziggurat of Undeath

Putting Poison Gas Cloud in your mage’s zone is really sweet; the Necromancer  is immune to poison, as are his nonliving zombies.  I kinda think of Poison Gas Cloud as the Necromancer’s “damage barrier” in a sense because it makes living creatures think twice before entering the Necromancer’s zone to attack him. Ziggurat of Undeath works well against creature heavy mages as well as mages that bring out a couple powerful creatures. I don’t always use Ziggurat, but when I do I usually cast it before a round in which my zombies are going to kill an enemy, living creature.

1 Death Ring
1 Libro Mortuos
1 Deathshround Staff
1 Elemental Cloak
1 Cloak of Shadows
1 Demonhide Armor

I always bring out Death Ring and Libro Mortuos on Turn 1. Death Ring is nice because it diminishes mana costs not just for your Necromancer but for your Libro Mortuos. I bring out Deathshroud Staff on Turn 2. Based on what the opponent does I will put on Demonhide Armor if I feel like I need it. The same can be said for Elemental Cloak/Cloak of Shadows.

1 Harmonize
1 Death Link
3 Ghoul Rot
2 Poisoned Blood
2 Agony
2 Maim Wings
2 Marked for Death

Harmonize is for Libro Mortuos. I always cast Harmonize on Libro Mortuos on Turn 2. The combination of Death Ring, Libro Mortuous, and Harmonize is very powerful. If your opponent starts out too slow you can quickly overrun them. The rest of the enchantments are fairly straightforward. Marked for Death works great since you should be attacking the enemy mage with a horde of zombies.

2 Seeking Dispel
4 Dispel
4 Dissolve
2 Teleport
1 Heal
4 Zombie Frenzy
1 Battle Fury

Seeking Dispel, Dispel, Dissolve, Teleport, and Heal are incantations I include in every spellbook. To me they seem that necessary. In addition I have 1 Battle Fury and 4 Zombie Frenzy. Zombie Frenzy… my god… such an amazingly powerful card!

6 Zombie Crawler
4 Zombie Minion
4 Unstable Zombie
2 Zombie Brute
1 Shaggoth-Zora

These are, in my opinion, the best zombie creatures to use. The only advice I can give is only use Shaggoth-Zora to obliterate Zombie Crawlers/Zombie Minions AND only obliterate a creature that is close to dying.

Final note: I do not have the Conquest of Kumanjaro. Not yet anyways. Asking for it for Christmas :)

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