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Player Feedback and Suggestions / Expansion policy
« on: April 11, 2013, 01:29:50 PM »
I realize that I might be in a tiny minority on this board but I would love it if Arcane Wonders didn't release dozens of expansions to this game. I don't play games like Magic the Gathering because there are just so many cards that you have to devout yourself to the hobby or shun it completely. With so many cards, the options become near infinite and so does the time you need to spend to analyze and form a good deck. I rather spend my money on 10 games than 1 game with a dozen expansions. I think I have 1 expansion in my modest collection of about 20 games.

Now, I think I would just love Mage Wars but I'm holding off buying it until I see just how crazy they are going to go with the expansions.

Are you in Arcane Wonders going to release as many expansions as the customers can stomach or are you going to keep a more conservative approach and try to reach a broader audience that would be turned off by quantity?

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