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Custom Cards / God of War
« on: October 19, 2013, 10:34:28 AM »
I'm going to be using this thread to present some card ideas for the war school. The obvious motivator for better war school cards is to improve the lackluster Warlord. But, honestly I feel as though the school itself is lacking with many of it cards being 1st level and even novice, a status that would almost seem more appropriate for basic Arcane spells.

My first card idea is similar to a more powerful version of Battlefury and partially inspired by the DvN spoiled Barkskin spell.

God Of War ( enchantment War 4) mana: 2 /  2 range: 0-2 target: Soldier Creature.

War only. Epic. Cantrip. Upkeep +2.

Target gains an extra quick attack when it activates. This attack occurs as an additional attack during the additional strikes step. Piercing +2.

General Discussion / DVN preview Graveyard
« on: September 16, 2013, 09:15:09 PM »

Hard to destroy, huge mana generation potential, synergetic with other Necromancer stuff we have seen, badass! This is the first spawnpoint we've seen that has the potential to generate 5 mana in a single turn.

Alternative Play / Custom Dice Varients
« on: August 27, 2013, 10:32:39 AM »
So I had some thoughts about creating subtle Mage Wars Variants through the use of custom dice. This stems from discussion about the randomness of damage especially as it relates to armor and critical damage as well as discussion about the possibility of a pure strategy version of MW. While my ideas here don't present a version of that ideal they do present a version with a reduced random element in damage.

This concept works on the premise of creating custom dice. If you aren't aware blank dice are readily available and cheap in bulk from a number of sources. I've personally bought them from Chessex and am using them in an unrealated game that I am working on. A sharpie works reasonably well for a quick lowtech way of marking the dice or printer ready sticker paper can be purchased for a cleaner look.

Variant 1: reduced critical chance

dice have the following sides: 2-blank sides, 2 one point regular damage sides, 1 two point regular damage, 1 two point critical damage side.

Variant 2: less variantion

dice have the following sides: 1-blank side, 3 one point regular damage sides, 1 one point critical damage side, 1 two point regular damage

Obviously the possibilities here are for other variations are pretty extensive.

In honor of the recent announcement of the naming of the undead dragon: Sardonyx, the Blight of the Living.

Facetiox, the Scourge of the Card Designer's Brother in Law
Creature Human Jackass (9 mana, Mind 1, Arcane 1)
1 Armor
8 health
Quick Attack (Irreverent Quip): 2 attack dice (5-9 stun, 10+ slam)

General Discussion / Index and Organized Spell Document
« on: May 20, 2013, 10:42:26 PM »
I put together an indexed and organized 32 page document containing scans of all the cards released in the boxset and first expansion. I'm posting here to make sure it's ok with Arcane Wonders for me to share it. And assuming it is, to solicit some suggestions on how I can go about sharing a 102mb pdf? Break it into multiple documents maybe?

Just so you get a sense of what I am talking about.. it's organized generally as follows:

Section 1-   Equipment (organized by equipment slot)

Section 2-   Main (Each organized into Creatures, Conjurations, Enchantments, and Incantations, then by level)
      I.    Arcane
      II.    Dark
      III.    Holy
      IV.    Mind
      V.    Nature
      VI.    War
      VII.    Minor Schools

Section 3-   Attack Spells (by school, then by level)

Appendix- Walls

I wouldn't mind comments on how I might better organize this as well, if anyone thinks there is a better system that isn't too complex. I may wait for the next set to come out before I print this out myself so I can include those card in an organized way.

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