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What happens
If a living creature has 10 health with 6 damage and 2 burn conditions on it when it receives 2 freeze conditions from beam of frost.

From the codex elementalist:
A creature with Freeze conditions rolls 1 less die on non-spell attacks. At the end of a creature’s activation, remove 1 Freeze condition from them, if possible. Each Freeze condition on a living creature is also considered 2 damage that cannot be healed. If there are ever Freeze conditions on an object with Burn conditions, remove 1 of each. Repeat this process until there are only Freeze or Burn markers remaining. This is a frost condition and has a removal cost of 2. In Arena, Freeze also grants the Lumbering trait to the affected creature.

So in step 6 of the attack sequence (damage and effects) the freezes are added.
This should kill the creature right here and now before we start removing 1 of each (burn/freeze).

Is this correct? Also i'm wondering if this is intended or not.

Lets say that all the 9 channeling mages (excluding druid) got buffed to 10 channeling.

Would you say: "Because they buffed Mage X, ill never play Druid, Forcemaster, Necromancer, Priestess or Wizard again!".

Because i can't...

Long time ago when Meditation amulet was a promo i voiced my concern. (http://forum.arcanewonders.com/index.php?topic=12950.0)
Most people called it trash just by looking at it. "it takes 2 actions, and then your still down 1 mana."

However after some time meditation amulet anyway found its way into the meta. It was definitely not used by all (spawnpoint) books, but it was represented occasionally and with mixed success. Back then necromancers seemed to benefit the most from it and could often get away with spending their full action on building their manapool while libro pumped out brutes.
After some time it saw more and more play and was eventually perceived as a good card with its uses.

(Rather recently) a few other cards has been released which also exchanges actions to mana.
Remove curse

Besides this we got new mana generators:
Wispwillow Amulet
Mana Lotus
Remove curse (can be used to generate mana only and not removing.)
Ritual of Kallek

Ritual of Kallek is a chapter of its own. Since this card is in the game it more or less nullifies the other generators, but im still mentioning them because even without Kallek they still try to do what Kalleks does but in a less efficient and/or consistent way which could potentially still be a problem even if Kallek was errataed or banned.

Before i move on:
Looking at any single card isolated is not very interesting. Its how a card synergies with other cards and mechanics of the game.

So whats is the problem?
In short: Rush / fast books cannot compete anymore.... AT ALL. They are dead with the current card pool.

It has for a LONG time (many releases) been an uphill battle to rush vs defensive spawnpoint mages who stays in their starting zone. But the combination of the above mentioned cards simply wrecks the last tiny chance fast books had vs them.

Its pretty simple... the time (rounds) it takes for you to cross the board and either engage the opponent mage or attempt to get board control is longer than the time that it takes for your opponent to recover his initial mana expense of the spawnpoint(s).
Im not gonna go in to the details on how this is performed by the defensive player... if you disagree with this feel free to try any fast book of yours and attempt to beat my tripple spawnpoint necromancer, my gate wizard....and for the sake of it... i could make a Priestess abusing the above mentioned cards as well. (This is on OCTGN.)

Kallek is potentially the biggest but not the only problem. Crumble and Disperse also deserves to be mentioned.
It used to be the case that (not counting discount rings) that casting an enchantment and benefiting from it before it would be dispelled would leave you ahead in the sense that for instance with a bear strength you would have gotten 1 attack off with more dice leaving the offensive player in some sort of an advantage after he nullified your quick cast.
Crumble and Disperse skews this in a problematic way... It makes undoing too easy and adds to the forgiveness of the initial mana sink of the spawnpoints.

All in all there are too many ways to get mana back too fast.

Without having played a single domination game at this point, i'm leaning more and more to that format being the best for MW since it wont allow you to sit in your corner and just abuse you start 5 zones from each other and correspond correctly to your opponents actions.

Oboko is a mind creature AND a holy creature. This meets the requirement for both mages.

Paladin Training: Trained in Holy level 3, War level 2, and all Holy Creatures. Dark Spells cost triple.
(Oboko is holy)

Forcemaster Training: Trained in the Mind school of Magic. Non-Mind creature spells cost triple during spellbook construction.
(Oboko is not non-mind... he is mind.)

Oboko cost for the Paladin and Forcemaster are currently on OCTGN priced 5 and 4 respectively.
Both are wrong. They both get him for 3 SBP each.

Rules Discussion / Rage Tonic and Dancing Scimitar (autononous)
« on: April 13, 2019, 06:30:40 PM »
Do they work together assuming scimitar deals damage?

Will the daze / stun be removed immidiately from the attacker when eye for an eye returns some damage and one of these markers?

It seems kinda odd of it does, and my guess is that it should rule that markers are not removed at end of current action phase when recieved because of eye to an eye.
This would be similar to effects recieved from a damage barrier.

Without this ruling a slam would stay until the attackers next action phase whereas a stun / daze would not.

How does this work if a creature loses flying when entering a zone in regards to walls, traps that only affect non-flying creatures and finally zone conjurations like bed of Urchin or Mangler Caltrops.

There can be many scenarios for this:

Maim Wings - it's easiest to reveal it before the creature leaves zone - this one should be easy.

Leviathan and Gravikor are probably similar to each other. Will the creature lose flying and get attack from Mangler? How about traps for non-flyers - are we past window to reveal?

Finally a creature can lose flying to Hydrothermal Vent (Stun)!
Will the creature then suffer additional attacks from Mangler ? Walls? and how about traps for non-flyers, can they be revealed now?

Anyone can do a breakdown of this?

General Discussion / Tender loving beasts.
« on: November 12, 2016, 09:18:37 AM »
The kraken do snatch and grapple on Crododile. Crodicile attacks back and grapple the kraken.

Both mages casts song on love on their pets and move the love token to the other grappler.

What will happen next?


Alternative Play / OCTGN bugs
« on: November 10, 2016, 12:40:45 PM »
Skeletal Sentry:

shows up 4 times during spellbook building. 2 of them are wrong and he is idol of pestilence and Tanglevine.

Not sure how bugged. But i had my paladin in his zone with the 1 armor and 1 regen belt on.
The end result was that my paladin auto regenerated 2.
Will he do this for all creatures in his zone? regardless he doesnt provide regeneration.

Wall of Thorns:
When i tried to attack my enemy's tanglevine with KotrH it suggested that i wanted to cast it. Had to roll manually.
Regeneration was not automated either.
Also regeneration did

If you dont want this let me know. Otherwise i will post replies in this thread as i find them.

Thanks for your work!

General Discussion / Please provide the spell list for PvS
« on: November 07, 2016, 05:39:55 PM »
Im about to order the expansion and need to know if 1 is enough.

I Wish i had this information for academy and the expansions as im lacking cards, and i really hate to do the job twice.

Rules Discussion / Huginn casting Crumble - who gains 2 mana?
« on: May 19, 2016, 04:42:57 AM »
As the title says:

Do the 2 mana gained go to Huginn or the Mage?

My guess is Mage.

General Discussion / Enchantments on Enchantments
« on: April 06, 2016, 04:59:51 AM »
How do we keep track of this?

A creature has 2 face down enchantments. First enchantment has an enchantment on it?!?!?
Will it not look like the creature has 3 enchantments on it? flipping it sideways seems like it will make cluttered zones even more cluttered.

Whats the point with going in this direction in the first place? I cant see how it will improve the game.

Rules Discussion / Timing issues with Cascading force wave and traps
« on: November 16, 2015, 02:30:31 PM »
Can somebody break down Cascading Force Wave effect when there is a teleport trap in play.

Can somebody break down Cascading Force Wave effect when there is a spiked pit in play.

Can somebody break down Cascading Force Wave effect when the pushed creature dies to either a trap or something like caltrops mangler.

How about force hold and enchantments with similar effect. When can these be revealed? if there is a trap involved that rolls for damage i could see it possible that force hold could be revealed between steps in the attack sequence.

Cascading force wave can potentially be a nice opener when both summones few bigs.
push your creature into the zone and push his big hitter on guard out. If he is near a wall you can also wall bash it instead to make sure he doesnt have block or the devasting reverse attack on it before you land that full action attack from grizzly.

Rules Discussion / Sosruko's Taunt Effect vs Skeelax
« on: October 16, 2015, 02:53:05 PM »
In the codex of Domination skeelax's Taunt says it cannot affect mages and its a psychic condition (no effect on undead)- nothing so far pointed in the direction of Sosruko not being able to taunt mages or psychich immune creatures.
However, the wording in both respective codex for these 2 creatures they are not mentioned as '<creature>'s taunt' but instead just as 'taunt' which leads me to believe that these 2 effects will be ruled the same.

So... can i expect Sosruko's Taunt to be nerfed, or can make my BM book with this creature.

Rules Discussion / Casting cost of Purify?
« on: September 18, 2015, 01:41:45 PM »
Whats the casting cost of Purify? 0 or variable (depending on what conditions you remove and what enchantments you destroy).

This is highly relevant against a possible nullify - as you will either lose 0 mana or potentially alot of mana.

The cost in the corner is X, but i find the text misleading because as i understand it its during the resolve phase that you are paying. And not even at the same time because of "Then".

There is also potentially a timing issue with enchantment transfusion. If its DURING the resolve step that you select the poison enchantments then enchantment transfusion cannt be revealed now.
In that case the enemy must reveal it before this step and choose what enchantments he wants moved.

In case you pay the mana up front do you also choose the enchantment, or can you wait til last step (assuming same or lower mana cost).

Please help :)

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