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Rules Discussion / Ward Stone and Nullify
« on: April 12, 2014, 04:15:32 PM »

Assume Mage A has a Ward Stone and Mage B has a Nullify placed on himself.

Now Mage A cast an enchantment on Mage B, does Mage B have to pay 2 mana for revealing Nullify and 2 mana for the Ward Stones effect, in order to counter that enchantment?

Rules Discussion / Divine Intervention & Creature Spell
« on: February 18, 2014, 01:48:49 PM »
First of all HI, I'm new to the forum  :)

My question is about an example given in the "Official Mage Wars Rules Supplement" under "Changing the Range or Target of a Spell or Attack"

it is stated:

A spell fails and is canceled, if either of the following occur before the Resolve Spell Step:
The target of the spell is no longer a legal target, or
The caster or target of the spell moves (e.g. by being Pushed or Teleported away), even if the move was to a location where the spell was still in range. (In the case of a Teleport, this applies even if the teleport was into the same zone).

In the above it says the spell fails even in the case, when the teleport is into the same zone.

Now in the example it says:

A Wizard attempts to cast a creature spell, and targets the zone he is in. During the Counter Spell Step, the enemy reveals a Divine Intervention on the Wizard, teleporting him to a different zone. The zone he was targeting has changed, so the spell fails and is canceled. The Wizard will have spent (and lost!) the mana and creature card for that spell.

Now, if Divine Intervention was revealed while he was casting a creature spell and he was teleported into the same zone, he has moved according to point 2 as stated above. Thus the creature spell should fail.

But why does the example require him to be teleported into a diffrent zone? For balance reasons?

Btw: Mage Wars is an awsome game  ;)

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