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General Discussion / Name That Teleport
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:13:05 AM »
So in my "What if they did this?" side of my brain, a recent post got me wondering.... What would Teleport be called if it were to be printed in another school of magic? I don't necessarily think this should happen, but for the entertainment purposes of that part of my brain, I am leaving this question open to the forums.

I have already stated that I would name the Dark magic spell Shadowstep in previous posts, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever thought about this, or if anybody would dare to, what would you call them in regards to the theme of some of the other schools?

I was picturing the nature spell as maybe a vine that the mage could use to swing Spider Man style to said location, but I can't think of a name for the spell.

Since I also think that Teleport should have been a Mind spell to begin with, I guess I would call the Mind version Temporal Displacement or something like that, which actually sounds more Arcane to me ironically.

I can't really think of anything for Holy.....Leap of Faith maybe, but the implementation seems a little hokey. I'm sure if I thought about it, I could do better.

What do you think my fellow Mages?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Inspirational Force
« on: February 05, 2014, 05:57:26 PM »
After an epic game with Imaginator and his Defense Force FM, I was inspired to make my own Forcemaster. We had spoken of a mage that uses Holy, and Mind magic before, and I had said that it would have to be a Monk. Strong in faith, and strong in mind. The idea really excited me to see this character, and after looking at the build Imaginator started, I decided to try and make my own interpretation. I have never played a FM before, so this is pretty much a beginners spellbook for the FM, but I am looking forward to playing this melee master of faith. The goal here was to create a very formidable melee mage with very little creature support while making the other mage pay dearly for their own. The only glaring weakness I can see without actually playing it would be Purge Magic, or other global enchantment removal as well as BIRDS. On with the list.

Attacks : None

Conjurations : Enchanters Wardstone x1
                       Suppression Orb x1
                       Temple of the Dawnbreaker x3
                       Mana Syphon x1
                       Mordoks Obelisk x1

Creatures : Guardian Angel x2

Enchantments : Charm x3
                          Forcefield x2
                          Decoy x2
                          Force Orb x2
                          Force Sword x1
                          Divine Protection x1
                          Nullify x5

Equipment : Eagleclaw Boots x1
                    Sunfire Amulet x1
                    Dancing Scimitar x2
                    Force Ring x2
                    Galvitar, Force Blade x1
                    Defense Ring x1

Incantations : Force Push x2
                       Knockdown x4
                       Teleport x2
                       Dispel x2
                       Dissolve x2
                       Sleep x4

Yup, 120 points already. There was more I wanted to add of course, but this is the start of my foray into the Forcemaster. Dropping the one Knight of Westlock was hard, but my creatures are really only there for defense, and with Suppression Orb, and Mordoks Obelisk in play, I don't want more than 2 in play at any time, especially if I have a few Charms, and a Scimitar in play as well, the upkeep can get expensive. I would also maybe trade out the Sunfire Amulet for the Psi-Orb to help with this. Also 9 spell points for a Knight hurts too much imo. The idea is to Sleep, Charm,Knockdown or just flat out destroy any creatures your opponent summons while starving him of mana trying to keep them in play. Use the Temples for defense re-rolls, and the Angels only if you need a guard, or some extra attack dice (she doesn't have many, which almost makes me like the Knight better, but the flying, and natural regen she gets from doing what she is meant to do is more important to me than 2 extra dice per attack). The nullify will hopefully keep you safe from dispel, and dissolve, but you have to keep them up. The Decoys were added to blank an opponents nullify (kinda works like a seeking dispel for nullifies your opponent plays). I would have also liked to have had one Battle Forge in here, but I just didn't have the points, and I'm torn on what to drop for it. That might come later, but this is it for now. Thanks to Imaginator for the inspiration on this, and for always being a good sport when we get to face each other.

General Discussion / Opinions are like Teleports. Everyone has one.
« on: January 30, 2014, 07:00:08 PM »
First off, I am no expert by far, but let me tell you about my personal opinion of sir Wizard. The first thing I did when I bought Mage Wars was look at the mage cards (no not the ones with the pretty pictures, the ones with all the info). The first thing I noticed about the Wizard was that he had no triple cost drawbacks when it came to spell selection like all 3 of the others. Right then, I thought OK I guess the Arcane school is so specialized that he NEEDS the support from other schools. Then as I looked through the cards, I saw a completely different story. The Arcane school of magic is the best most well rounded school of magic in the game in my opinion. I mean there's no bad part about it.......AT ALL. It has downright disgusting cards in all forms. Here's a small list just off the top
Creatures : Darkfenne hydra (great cost for something boasting this many dice.) 
                   Gorgon Archer (arguably one of the best ranged fighters in the game)
Conjurations : Mana Crystal (best static channel increase imo)
                       Gate to Voltari (its like a better Lair for a mage that shouldn't even have such things)
                       Wizards Tower (read the card)
                       Mana Siphon (this is just ONE of the gross ways Wizards are gonna zap your mana)
Equipment : Suppression Cloak (ya, that'll do)
                    Elemental Cloak (the one everyone else takes)
Enchantments  Incantations, and all that other stuff : For this I'm just going to point out that Arcane has so many spells that are considered MUST HAVES its ridiculous. Dispell (this should have been a novice spell IMO), Nullify (yup this old chestnut) , Jinx (another novice spell candidate), Teleport ( ya....that OP "when you absolutely need to put your enemy right where you need him for cheap" card that EVERY image uses or else you're doing it wrong) yup also Arcane.

So where do we go from here? I mean even to a new player like myself it seems the favor is skewed towards the Wizard right out of the box. Well personally I think two things need to be changed right away. Now I'm no game tester or balancing guru, hell I wouldn't even consider myself a great player, but in all fairness, the Wizard should have a triple cost spell penalty of some sort just like EVERYONE else. Strictly in the sense of theme, and logic I think it should be the Nature or War school. I think the calm orderly ways of nature contrast nicely to the chaotic nature of arcane magic. Also the art of war would make sense in that it is probably closer to being the opposite of arcane in a physical sense. Magic vs Technology if you will. I'm leaning towards the Nature side more in terms of balance even though I think the War school makes more sense in terms of element. Then I would make Dispell a novice spell ( I mean seriously, every mage is almost forced to run this.) I think Jinx should be as well but that's up to debate. Then Teleport needs to be errata'd to be a Non-mage creature & zone target spell, and possibly Magecast as well. There can be a Teleport for enemy mages as well but not for 3 mana a square.

Now, all that said.....of course I love the Wizard (of course I like winning) but I shouldn't have that feeling of depression when I see one across the arena. I know its gonna be a long battle full of control magic and ridiculously powerful conjurations. When I'm playing other mages it seems like I eventually run out of steam if things don't go as planned while playing as a Wizard, I feel like McGyver. I almost ALWAYS have a better answer than my opponent.......or so it seems.

I have played Mage Wars about a dozen times now so again I am no expert, but after almost 2 decades of playing MtG, I know how to read cards, and spot a few things. This is just my opinion, and I don't mean to upset anyone, but by the same token I implore you to convince me that the Holy School of magic is just as strong, well rounded, and fun to play as Arcane.

General Discussion / Greetings fellow Mages
« on: January 27, 2014, 09:02:14 PM »
Hello everyone. I am very new to Mage Wars, but have been reading these forums ever since I bought the game (about a month now). I have only 3 games under my belt at the time of this post, and those were all against my good friend who is literally the ONLY person in my area that I know that will play any game I throw at him. I have downloaded OCTGN as well and registered under same name in hopes I can play more of this amazing game with anyone interested. Don't worry,I am a humble learner.I look forward to being a part of the community, and seeing how the future of Mage Wars unfolds. Now for anyone who cares, I will give a little insight as to how I stumbled across this gem and my experiences so far.

I purchased Mage Wars in hopes it would pry my gaming group away from a certain card game we will refer to as "That which should not be named". All joking aside, I think we know to what game I am referring to. Being a player of unsaid game off and on since Revised (yes its MtG in case you were of the 1% still not on board) I obviously love it, but yes for the same reasons as most, I grew to hate drawing that ONE card and it not being a land.....or being too much land.....or maybe its the ONLY copy of some 10 mana creature who wont see the light of day for at least 4 more turns. I'll just stop there before I derail. When I started playing Magic, I loved the theme of dueling mages right away. That's what drew me to the game more than anything. I loved it so much, I saved money for certain rares. I collected complete sets.  I read all the card flavor texts. I later read the novels. Looking back I've probably spent enough on MtG, and its outlets to put me in a pretty moderate sports car. This game for me really "fixes" those frustrations that I have about playing MtG, while at the same time giving me a more realistic feeling of BEING a magic user. I mean in this game, if I don't get to do something, its because I don't have enough "magical power" to do so. In my fantasy brain, my mind is exhausted from the decisions I made the round before, NOT because I could not simply draw what card I needed at that specific time.  I have the ability to correct my mistakes, or capitalize on someone else's at just the right time. Also I feel like when I lose, that I was BEATEN. I don't feel like I just got robbed because I didn't get that counter just before my opponent played that one spell that interacts with the outcome of this spells ability, and when that happens oh guess what, I get to take as many turns as I want, and therefore you lose.......Wait....what just happened? Was there some kind of "magic" that just took place? Losing in Mage Wars to me just feels more rewarding. Maybe its because the game is still relatively new to me or perhaps because I have only lost once (again only 3 games in)....but it still felt great . It was a tense game from start to finish. No part where I was bummed out for making a bad play or "waiting" for victory to fall into my hands. The dice rolls were exciting, and it really felt like our creatures were FIGHTING. Neither of us knew the outcome, and it was a surprise to see a smaller creature emerge victorious in some battles. That aspect of this game really appeals to me, and I hope it continues to get better.

"Where in the hell are you from anyway private?"
" Sir! Texas Sir!"

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