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Rules Discussion / Grappler Attacks on non-Prey
« on: March 24, 2017, 09:35:52 AM »
Am I correct in the following:

  • Whilst Grappling a Prey, the Grappler is not required to attack it's Prey with a melee attack, but can attack anything in the Zone, whilst the Prey is constrained to only attack the Grappler?
  • Attacking a non-Prey Target in this way, in no way breaks the Grapple.
  • Similarly, Grappler is not constrained from making a Ranged Attack, that doesn't use the Grappling attack attached to the Prey (theoretical, no current application)
  • In light of #1, if the Grappler is Taunted (say by Sosruko) then it must attempt to fulfill the Taunt on it's action, since the Grapple doesn't prevent it from doing so
  • On the other hand it could ignore a Taunt from Thorg in the next Zone, because it's Restrained

All seem a little strange, but correct - I can't find anything in the Grapple entry to contradict these, and nothing in the FAQ.

Rules Discussion / Slow gaining Fast
« on: November 06, 2016, 10:14:07 AM »
This stems from a discussion over on BGG, where Ivan corrected me on the interactions between Slow and Fast, but I wanted to post it over here for a broader discussion.

Now I know Ivan is Ivan thus almost certainly correct, but the problem is I just don't get that from the rules as written. I presume it's come up in playtesting at some time, and Ivan will be right, but in which case, I feel the rules need rewriting to clarify - it basically all hinges on the word 'Cancel'

The essence of this was can you give a SLOW creature, two instances of FAST (from different sources, no duplicated objects) and thus make it FAST. I said Yes, Ivan corrected me to No:

Quote from: Kelanen
Quote from: MrMT
Can I stack a fast effect to make a slow creature fast?

One 'Fast' effect doesn't make a Slow creature Fast - it just removes the Slow, making it 'normal' speed.

If you applied two DIFFERENT effects giving Fast, then yes - the first would make it 'normal' speed, and the second would make it Fast.

You couldn't use 2x Cheetah Speed but could use 1x Cheetah Speed, 1x Ballad of Courage for example.

Also remember that most Slow Creatures are non-Living/Psychic Immune, etc and can't receive most of these buffs. A few can like Hydra, Gorgon, Kraken, Leviathan...

Quote from: Zub3ri
Kelanen is wrong in this instance. There's no such thing as double fast. It doesn't stack. You either have the Fast trait or you don't. If you're getting it from two different sources, you still ONLY have the Fast trait. It'll cancel out the effect of the Slow trait, but you can never make a Slow creature Fast.

Traits are not Conditions. They do not stack, ever. Basically with a trait, you either have it or you don't. All traits are just single instances. However, if the trait includes a +/- variable, then they may be COMBINED to change the variable (see Page 7 of the rules about Combining Traits). So, if you have one instance of Melee +2, and another instance of Melee +1, you now have a single Melee +3 trait.

The only time they work like two different traits is when some traits come into existence mid action during a multi-attack action. Such as increasing your Melee +X trait between the first and second attacks of a Doublestrike. You're not allowed to apply Melee +X more than once, but the rules do specifically allow you to apply the new change to the second attack, working similar to a separate instance of the trait. But they are still in actuality a single trait. See page 5 of the Supplement. The bonus has increased and they are allowed to use this increase since it wasn't previously used, but it is still a single bonus. A single trait.

Quote from: Kelanen
Interesting..., although I agree with you completely in generalities, that doesn't appear to be how Slow/Fast are written...

Quote from: Zub3ri
There's no such thing as double fast. It doesn't stack.
Completely agreed.

Quote from: Zub3ri
You either have the Fast trait or you don't.

Quote from: Zub3ri
If you're getting it from two different sources, you still ONLY have the Fast trait. It'll cancel out the effect of the Slow trait, but you can never make a Slow creature Fast.
This is the part that has made me believe differently. I'm sure you are right Ivan, but in which case I think the entries need rewriting/FAQ, because I have just reread the relevant entries and still don't come to that conclusion...

Quote from: Codex 3.1
If a Slow creature gains the Fast trait, both are cancelled out

My take on it is that when you apply the FAST trait to a SLOW creature, they cancel out, and the creature no longer has either FAST or SLOW traits. This is why you can now apply a FAST trait to it again (since it doesn't currently have that) to make it FAST.

I guess the essence of this is whether a cancelled trait ceases to exist, or whether it's still there, but disabled? If it's been decided as the latter interpretation then I think the rules need to be much clearer on this. The general meaning of Cancel (admittedly not a keyword in this game, although it is in many others - perhaps why I am reading too much into it?) is that whatever is cancelled no longer exists.

It's a largely academic problem - I think there are only 3 different sources of Fast that could be applied, and you can't get 2 of them to affect most slow creatures (not to mention slow creatures often having full action attacks). I've never seen this done in a game, but I did think it was possible.

Out of interest did everyone else understand this as possible or not possible?

Spells / Ring of Healing
« on: November 03, 2016, 08:44:51 AM »
Whenever a spell cast by this Mage, or an enchantment controlled by this Mage, provides healing for an object, other than the Regenerate trait, he may increase that amount of healing by one. He may use this ability once per round. If he heals multiple objects (such as with a Group Heal), he only get the +1 bonus for one object of his choice.

If a mage has a RoH and cast Group Heal on several creatures in the zone, then it seems clear that the +1 can be applied to any of them, anywhere in the sequence, but only to one of them.

Question: do they have to nominate who will receive the +1:
  • Before any given roll?
  • After a given roll, but before applying the effect
  • After all rolls have been made

This all happens in Step 4: Resolve Spell.

My belief is that rolls are made and then applied sequentially, not all rolled, then all applied (in the same way you would apply a Zone Attack) thus #3 would be wrong.

My gut feel is #2 is right, but I can't find a ruling specifically supporting #1 or #2

Spells / Paladin's Cloak
« on: August 30, 2016, 01:18:17 PM »
Would a Group Heal that Healed 4+ damage from 3 creatures gain 3 Valour?

As I parse the wording, the answer is yes...

Rules Discussion / Strongest - Ties
« on: August 07, 2016, 04:05:07 PM »
When evaluating the Strongest card on the board (eg: Knight of the Red Helm) if there is a tie are both strongest, or neither?

Both interpretations make sense, but obviously one is correct, and must have been decided?

General Discussion / Domination UK release - no promos?
« on: April 20, 2016, 01:47:38 AM »
Okay, so last week Domination finally went on sale in the UK. I got notification the week before, placed an order, and it shipped on release date. Okay 8 months after it's arrival elsewhere, but better late than never...

But no promos were included? Does this mean we missed the entire first print run, and the promos altogether? I was under the impression we were a badly delayed distribution, not awaiting the 2nd print run?

Spells / Adramelech's Torment
« on: April 02, 2016, 04:47:21 PM »
Does Adramelech's Torment require the Mage to have LoS it's target? There's no range, and thus I've assumed no LOS required, but no I'm wondering...

Spells / Magma Golem
« on: February 08, 2016, 03:14:16 PM »
So, I'm pretty certain I know how this works, but just in case I'm wrong and it salvages a good deck idea before I checked the cards... ;)

Burnproof creatures will still take damage from Magma Golem right? Only Flame Immune creatures wouldn't?

General Discussion / Academy on OCTGN
« on: December 09, 2015, 01:20:52 PM »
Does anyone (sIKE?) know when Academy will be available in OCTGN? Or at least the deckbuilder side, I don't care about the online play...

General Discussion / Card Distributions - Academy
« on: November 17, 2015, 03:37:46 PM »
I realise Academy: Priestess vs Warlock isn't finalised yet, but I suspect this part is, and hopefully can be commented on... I realise the playtesters are likely under NDA, but hopefull someone at AW doesn't mind spilling the beans?

Will the Academy staples in the first set be repeated in the second also (I'm thinking 3x Crumble, 3x Disperse and 3x Leather Chausses here)?

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