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Alternative Play / No Planning Phase?
« on: February 08, 2016, 11:50:50 AM »
I did a quick search, but couldn't find a previous topic like this, but has anyone tried playing Arena with no planning phase like Academy?

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Alternate Priestess Art?
« on: October 04, 2015, 02:38:47 AM »
Would it be possible to issue new artwork for the Priestess that isn't as revealing?  There's an issue with the different representations of the women in Mage Wars as opposed to the men, but they can usually be explained as cultural differences, but it's a little harder to explain to my little niece why the vestments of the Priestess are so revealing when the Priest who is wearing very similar vestments is so much more covered up.  As far as I knew Asyra also isn't a god of love or fertility or anything like that?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Mowgli Build Beastmaster
« on: September 29, 2015, 11:41:55 PM »
Looking for some critique and advice on a spellbook.  It's for local play and not OCTGN, so I'm limited to the expansions I've bought (Core, Tome 1, DvN) and random promos from GenCon (Altar of the Iron Guard, Acid Blast, Bloodthirsty Strike).  Sorry for the unformatted nature of this spellbook, the builder wouldn't let me put in some of the promos I have.

Battle Fury   1
Bloodthirsty Strike   1
Dispel   2
Dissolve   2
Force Push   2
Heal   1
Knockdown   1
Minor Heal   1
Perfect Strike   1
Piercing Strike   2
Purge Magic   1
Rouse the Beast   1
Seeking Dispel   2
Teleport   1
Bearskin   1
Gauntlets of Strength   1
Leather Boots   1
Mage Staff   1
Mage Wand   1
Regrowth Belt   1
Bear Strength   1
Cheetah Speed   1
Cobra Reflexes   1
Eagle Wings   2
Harmonize   1
Jinx   2
Mongoose Agility   1
Nullify   4
Rhino Hide   1
Bitterwood Fox   4
Cervere, The Forest Shadow   1
Emerald Tegu   1
Fellella   1
Feral Bobcat   2
Spitting Raptor   1
Steelclaw Grizzly   1
Thunderift Falcon   1
Altar of the Iron Guard   1
Animal Kinship   2
Mana Flower   2
Tanglevine   4
Wall of Thorns   3
Acid Ball   2
Acid Blast   1

Anyway, the main tactic is to plop down two Animal Kinships (I would use more is I had them) so that a canine is also the equivalent of a Bear Strength, a reptile is the equivalent of a Rhino Hide, a cat also doubles as a Mongoose Agility, and a bear is the equivalent of two Colossus Belts.  Only these buffs can't be dispelled or dissolved.  Then the Straywood Beastmaster aka Mowgli and a few friends (Fox, Bobcat, and Raptor for the Melee, Elusive, and Armor) go aggro on the other mage.

The rest of the book is there for reacting to enemy tactics.  Equipment and Enchantments to enhance the main tactic and make Mowgli even more intimidating, Fellella summoned if needed to manage Enchantments (possibly Jinx/Nullify if up against Dispel/Dissolve).  Bagheera (Cervere) and Baloo (Grizzly) are available as bigs depending on what is necessary, up against someone likely to use Daze/Stun/Corrode, I'd summon the bear to give me Tough -4 for example.  Various command incantations to make the mage's hits even more nasty, stuck in a Mage Wand if it's worth repeating.

What do you guys think?

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