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Strategy and Tactics / Reliable ways to deal with sleep?
« on: August 15, 2015, 06:00:08 AM »

I'm somewhat new to the game and just started playing recently on OCTGN. One thing I've noticed is how pesky sleep is to get rid of. It seems like there are not many good ways to get rid of it without either spending lots of mana or seriously damaging your creature.

Obviously the priestess can make east work of this, and there is renewing spring, but often it's not possible to cast that in the same zone as the sleeping creature or the creature has sleep cast on it after the spring is out and is in another zone. You can teleport the creature, but it seems like there should be a better alternative that would work in more decks.

Acid Ball can be decent, especially if the creature has no armor to begin with, but corrode is a pretty bad condition to inflict on your own creature. The best thing I can think of is the Wand of Healing since it's fairly cheap and indiscriminately gets rid of status effects. However how practical is it to include this in most decks? Does anyone out there have a spell or combo that is their go-to for getting rid of sleep? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Halewijn pointed out below that you can't drink from a renewing spring if you're asleep. (oh yeah, DUH!) Thanks Halewijn for pointing that out :P

I am somewhat new to Mage Wars and I'm curious if there is some way to heal a non-living conjuration. I've played a couple of games and am still clarifying some rules as I go, but I think I'm close to understanding all of the rules intuitively.

In my play so far, I haven't found any way to heal a non-living object with an incantation or otherwise. Is this just an unavoidable downside of any non-living object (such as the priestess' temples), or is there a workaround or combo that can effect a damage heal on something non-living? Thanks in advance!

General Discussion / Portland, OR players?
« on: July 27, 2015, 05:27:13 PM »
Hello all!

I love Mage Wars and I want nothing more than to play it all the time! Unfortunately I've had a hard time finding anyone who's interested in playing here in Portland, OR. Is anyone on this forum from Portland or somewhere nearby? I'd love to get together and play with some other Mage Wars fans. Please let me know. Thanks!

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