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Custom Cards / Mana Orb
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:01:10 PM »
Mana Orb
Conjuration - Mana
Cost: 10 mana
Quick cast
Range: 0 - 1
Target: Zone
Arcane Lv1 & Mind Lv1 & Earth Lv1
Armor: 1
Life: 9
Though +4
All friendly channeling objects gain channeling +1
During upkeep, move the Mana Orb one zone closer to your mage, then every friendly channeling object within one zone of the Mana Orb receives 1 direct damage.

It gives that much mana, it hurts.

This card can be a real mana fountain.
As it folows your mage around in the arena, it will always be in the fray of battle or it will help to move the fray of battle towards your mage/orb combo.

As it deals damage to channeling objects (including your mage), it will not always be an immediate target, but if it gives too much (or threatens to give too much) of an economy advantage, it will surely attract some hate from your oponent.

It is a three school spell, so it surely should take up some space in a spellbook.

The tough +4 makes it vulnarable to corrode/fire (and possibly frost?). I was going to give it "living" trait to make it vulnarable to rot/bleed, but it seems too unthematic (and I wouldn't like it to become healable)...

A Samara Druid, a 4-Thoughtspore Forcemaster, a GateToVoltari+Tower+Hugin Wizard or even a Barracks+ConstructionYard+Gurmash Warlord could realy benefit from this conjuration, other mages might consider a multiple familiar build...

I always thought the Goblin Builder should have "Channeling 0" (to be possibly buffed by Harmonize and now also Mana Orb.) With this card he would probably enjoy a lot more table time...

Rules Discussion / Secret passage and siren's call/chant of rage
« on: March 18, 2017, 09:57:35 PM »
Does a creature which is siren's called or enchanted with chant of rage have to use a secret passage to get closer if the secret passage is the shortest way to the target?

Player Feedback and Suggestions / New trait idea: assimilate
« on: September 12, 2015, 08:10:13 AM »
Imagine you had a couple of building blocks at your disposal and you could use them to build your own creature or conjuration. That is more or less what assimilate would accomplish on the board: You cast certain cards (with a common name??) on the board and they become one creature or conjuration when they are in one zone and all the stats would all add up.

When the assimilated object takes damage, the controller decides which card takes the damage and if it is destroyed, which card takes the remainder of the damage (and so on...) If a card has damage but is not destroyed, it will be take the next damage until it is destroyed.

Let's say we have an assimilating worm:
* Each card is lv1
* Each card has 4 life
* Each card has one attack die
* Each card has 'assimilating worm' in it's name

* Some cards have armor +1
* Some cards piercing +1
* One card has channeling 1, ability to cast incantations and unique
* One card has the cantrip trait
* ...

When activating the worm, it may split up and you could move part of it into another zone. (Add an active activation marker to the part of the worm that hasn't acted yet. It may be activated in a later activation round.) You now have two assimilating worms with different (lower) stats.

If two parts of an assimilating worm meet each other in a single zone, they merge into one creature. (Remove the action marker from the part that was already there, use the ready marker from the part that entered the zone.)
NOTE: This probably requires assimilate creatures to enter the arena with an active activation marker...

A repulse could scatter the worm in all directions.

A zone attack would only attack the assimilated creature once.

When pushed through a wall of thorns, add the level of each card to get the level of the assimilated creature.

As for conjurations:
* A spawnpoint that casts assimilate-creatures. The parts would be quite costly, as you can rebuild the spawnpoint when it is being demolished. The parts themselves could all have 3 live 1 armor. Each part would have it's very own stats too: one part with channeling 1 + unique, one part with -2 Water OR Fire OR Air OR Earth (OR Frost), one part with cantrip, one part with obscured, (??one part with doublespawn??)...

* A slow moving siege tower with a bunch of different weapens (with their own ready markers) and/or defenses...

It looks more like something to build a new mage around than a new trait, but i like the idea of numerous Lv1 cards that build a Lv5 (7 or 12) creature or conjuration. Also while it takes damage, it's abilities disappear...

Please tell me if this is a bad idea or not.

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