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Rules Discussion / Domination guarding rules
« on: August 10, 2017, 09:32:14 AM »
I know there are some old threads about some of these questions, but I thought that it would be good to collect all the answers at the same place. Also, some rule interpretations could have changed over they years. Maybe the answers can be added to the (now empty) Domination FAQ that you can find here on the forums:

1. Can my creature guard a neutral orb?

2. Can my creature guard an enemy controlled orb? (Think 3p free for all)

3. Can my creature guard a neutral Sslak?

4. Can my creature guard an opponent controlled object? (Think 3p free for all)

5. Can a neutral Sslak guard a player's object?

6. Can a neutral Sslak guard another neutral Sslak? (If there are 2 guardians in the zone, and only one has a guard marker. Do I have to attack the one with the guard marker?)

I think I know the answer to some of the questions, but not all of them. The fiddly rules around guarding have always annoyed me while playing Domination, and it has taken away a lot of the joy in Domination. I hope this will change now. :)

Is it just wrong wording in the rules, or is the melee + X trait less powerful in Academy than in Arena? The arena rules say you only get to roll the extra dice during the first roll of an attack action. (Think sweeping or triple strike) The Academy rules say you only get to roll the extra dice the first roll during the same round. Is this correct? This will matter if, for example, you have a guard marker on a creature, and that marker was placed during the previous round. Then the creature will be able to (theoretically) make 2 attacks (different attack actions), this round.

So, in arena you may apply the melee + X twice during the same game round, but in Acadamy, only once. Is this correct?

I also wonder about the damage barriers. On OCTGN, people I have played with, think that the damage barrier should attack the same creature once each attack action. The rules say the damage barrier attacks the same creature only once each round. I think the first one makes more sense, but which one is correct?

Thanks in advance!

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