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Off topic / Road Kill Car Combat
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:28:42 AM »
hey everyone, I just wanted to share a kickstarter page I found really cool.  its a car wars style miniature combat game.   I thought it looked really good so I wanted to share it!

game play looks interesting, and the creator has offered a money back guarantee if the game ships and you don't like it, send it back for a full refund.

we are going to run a mage wars tournament at Top Cut Gameing.

 Top Cut Gaming
 15420 S. Rt. 59 Unit 120
 Plainfield, IL 60544
 Phone: 815-267-6078
 Fax: 815-267-6079

entry fee is 5 dollars, prizes will be based on participation.  we are going to do a round robin format, with the top 2 players playing a final game.  matches will be timed at 1 hour 15 minutes.  after which there will be a final 3 rounds played if necessary before a true draw is declaired.  wins are 5 points, losses 0, draws 2.

any questions feel free to ask.

League / Tournament Play / Tourniment Rules
« on: October 29, 2012, 11:48:28 AM »
since everyone has had a chance to digest the game a bit, i thought this would be a good time to  discuss tourniment rules and such.  i have a fairly major concern that i discussed with shadow at gen con, and wanted everyones thoughts.  and also i have a suggestion on tie breakers.

my concern is must reveal enchantments.  how do you police this in an official tourniment?  here are the options i see.

1) have a judge look at all hidden enchantments when there is a chance that one is a must reveal.  this would require a greator number of judges per event most likely, and may not be feasable.

2) ignore the must reveal requirement.  this would alter game balance considerably, but how much of an issue it is?  you could then stack up cards like nullify and jinx and only use them when needed.

not sure what else your options are.  any thoughts and ideas welcome.

as for tie breakers after time runs out, here is my idea.  others are welcome.

use a point system to determine tie breakers.  give points for different conditions that encourage different strategies.  for example.

1 point for most remaining health (difference between life and damage)
1 point for most controlled zones (encourages creature heavy)
1 point for most remaining zone exclusive conjurations (encourages destruction of conjurations)
1 point for most equipment (encourages equip heavy melee builds and dispells)

the list can be modified as new strategies are uncovered, this was just a starting point.  if just the life condition is used then the priestess has a huge advantage both in healing and life gain.  but with the point system and many other conditions for gaining points, she will have to do more than rely on her healing and stalling.

Spells / Timber wolf Vs. Skeleton Sentry
« on: September 15, 2012, 12:50:50 AM »
Timber Wolf Vs. Skeletal Sentry

maybe the community can help me out here.  my friend and i have been debating the merits of these two creatures.  which does everyone prefer and why.  i believe both cards can be found on thier facebook page.

General Questions / Gate to hell
« on: September 01, 2012, 10:54:17 AM »
do you have to be in the same zone as the gate to open it?

does the full action you use to open the gate have to be your mage or can it be a creatures?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Warlock Swarm Deck
« on: September 01, 2012, 10:51:06 AM »
im trying to work on a warlock swarm deck.  and ive been having problems and im not sure why.  its probibly something im doing wrong in how im playing it but any suggestions would be welcome.

the deck consists of basicly the pentagram, gate to hell, all the demon creatures for the warlock (also thinking of including the bats) and the standard warlock curses and defences and such.  also enough equipment to do a warlock beatdown if i need too (like against a priestess)

so i generally start off with a pentagram, and i start throwing demons out, i throw up walls of fire to slow down my opponent.  but i never seem to get the gate out, the game usually degenerates into throwing curses to save my life, or throwing on equipment and doing beatdown.  also to save my life lol.

so any ideas what im doing wrong?   the one game i won was against the priestess when i rushed her.

General Questions / possible card errors
« on: August 30, 2012, 07:20:34 AM »

General Questions / possible card errors
« on: August 30, 2012, 07:20:34 AM »
was looking through my cards and i found a few things that may or may not be errors.  some of these may just be me being OCD though.

1) deckbuilting traits are supose to be in grey instead of black.  unique is always in grey but it technicly has no effect on deckbuilding it just limits how many you can have in play.  i noticed legendary is listed in black not grey.  one of these two is probibly wrong.

2) temple of asyra and lay hands say "epic - holy mage only" and divine intervention says "holy mage only - epic"  is epic always supose to be first? for consistancy?

3) Temple of light.  in the attack bar it says 9-10 Stun, 11+ Daze.  shouldnt it be the other way around because stun is better?  ie 9-10 Daze, 11+ Stun?

4) Posion Gas cloud.  is this supose to be zone exclusive?  or is the lack intentional.

5) animal types.  is a serpent supose to be an animal too?  what about a worm?  the stonegaze basalisk is a reptile, lizard (which seems the same thing to me) should that also be an animal?

6) Human types.  the royal archer is listed as a high elf, should the asyran cleric, brogan bloodstone, and knight of westlock be listed as human?  or are they also high elves?

7) Demonhide Armor.  should this have the barrier subtype, as it provides a damage barrier.  (I noticed circle of lightning has a barrier subtype because it provides a barrier)

ok thats all i can find for right now.  i eagerly await the reply to see which of these if any i am correct on.  i hope no one thinks im being picky, i am just trying to help make this game even better.  im sure any issues can be corrected in the second print run.

EDIT: Oops i think i should have put this in the questions area.... my apologies

General Discussion / Card Distribution thoughts.
« on: August 30, 2012, 03:46:38 AM »
I was bored and decided to figure out the stats on card distribution in mage wars and see what paterns emerged.  (what can i say im a numbers guy)  i wont give all the numbers (unless someone requests it) but here are some observations.

Disclaimer: since the game is so new, not all the schools are even represented by a mage.  therefore these numbers and observations are likely to change greatly especially over the first few expansions.

Arcane - very balanced school, with an even mix of creatures, enchantments, incantations.  slightly more incantations than average, nothing seems lacking.

Dark - weighted towards enchantments. lacking in equipment, except for the mage and school only equipment.

Holy - Fewer spells than the other represented major schools, however the only major school to include attack spells and the only school to include all types of cards.

Mind - unrepresented school.  seems weighted towards enchantments.  

Nature - Weighted towards creatures, and a high proportion of conjurations as well.  few incantations, the ones they have boost thier creatures in some way.

War - Unrepresented School.  most current war spells are either equipment or incatations.  which tend to be one use abilities that improve in combat.

Elemental Schools - Mostly attack spells, generally lacking in creatures, although air has one.  i would love to see elemental creatures expanded.  obviously the majority of these spells are air and fire which is why i didnt seperate them because there isnt really enough data on the diferent elemental schools to make a comparision between them.

so what do you guys think?  big waste of time? lol im sure many of these traits will continue.  i dont see mind getting many creatures.  i dont see dark suddenly becoming equipment heavy.  although some things are likely to change.  war will probibly have a high proportion of creatures.  i think it will be interesting to see how things evolve.

General Discussion / Cards i wish were in the core spell tome
« on: August 23, 2012, 03:33:24 PM »
Battle Forge (2 in base set)
Posion Gas Cloud (2 in base set)

Chains of Agony (2 in base set)

Highland Unicorn (2 in base set)
Gorgon Archer (1 in base set)
Knight of Westlock (2 in base set)
Emerald Tegu (2 in base set)
Steelclaw Grizzly (1 in base set)
Darkfenne Hydra (2 in base set)

I think battleforge should be in the core spell tome because if you run multiple books you probibly want more.  (heck ive ran 2 in one book before)  and posion gas cloud is not zone exclusive, so if thats your thing i could easily see someone wanting to run 4 of these.

Chains of agony, very useful curse.  i can see lots of warlocks using 4 of these.  and even other mages wanting to splash a bit in.

the creatures.  where do i begin.  only having one grizzly available would make it tough to make a deck around.  the tengu, if you wanted to go with a rot theme you would want this and 6 bats (but bats are in the core spell tome so no worries there)  i could also see a wizard deck based around 4 hydras (shivers) with pushes, teleports, battle fury etc.  and as good as the gorgon is, with only 1 available, i dont think i will put that in my deck.

i left out the epic, and legendary cards.  although i could see a warlock wanting to run a second aldramelech in case the first one dies.  and my friend complained he didnt have a second idol of pestolence to put in his wizard deck.

most of the equipment in the spell tome i dont think we need.  the boots and gloves gives a minor benifit and are really only useful when stacked (with the battleforges most likely)  most spellbooks wont use these at all.

i guess the point of this post is to make people aware if the limitations.  and to ask a question.  I assume there were going to be other spell tomes.  how soon and what types of compositions are they going to have?  I could see an equipment tome with equipments and battleforges.  a creature tome to make up some of the lack in the core spell tome, etc.  interested in hearing what you guys are planning before i run out and buy another boxed set lol

General Questions / Action markers and quick cast.
« on: August 22, 2012, 11:26:41 PM »
ok i had not considered this before now but this came up in one of our games.

the rulebook states, you may use your quick cast before or after any friendly action you perform.

also if your opponent has more active creatures than you do, you may choose to pass when it is your turn to take an action.

this is the situation that came up.  i am a wizard, alone faceing a priestess, archer and angel of light.  priestess has 3 ready creatures and a quickcast, i have 1 ready and a quickcast.

on my turn i choose to move one space and cast a quick spell (armor) this uses my main action marker, lets say i decline to use my quick cast.  now the priestess is the only player with ready creatures, but i still have my quickcast.  according to the rules, befause i have no actions i cannot use my quick cast.  the priestess now gets to use all 3 of her ready creatures (and her quick cast) before i have any opertunity to use my quick cast in the final quick cast phase.

is this how the rules are intended or should i get an oppertunity to use my quick cast inbetween each of the priestess actions (after her own chance to use a quick cast)

Spells / necropian vampiress
« on: August 22, 2012, 10:54:22 PM »
is this supose to be non-living?  or are vampires not undead in magewars?

General Discussion / Card sorting.
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:52:48 PM »
I am curious how everyone plans to sort thier cards.  its not that hard just to sift through everything right now but i doubt we can say that a year from now.  here are my current thoughts but im interested to know how everyone else plans to do it.

section 1-Mages with all mage only spells.  (alphabetacal so beastmater with beastmaster only spells etc)

section 2-School only spells (major schools alphabetacal, minor schools alphabetacal)

section 3-Equipment (sorted slot, school, alphabetacal)

section 4-Creatures (sorted school, alphabetacal)

section 5-Novice spells. (type, scool, alphabetacal)

section 6-Spells (sorted type, school, alphabetacal)

any other thoughts?  not sure if i should put novice equipment with all novice spells or with equipment.

General Questions / Tanglevine question.
« on: August 22, 2012, 03:59:41 AM »
this came up in one of our games.

teleport and tanglevine are spicificly mentioned in the rules, the creature teleports out of the tanglevine and the conjuration is destroyed.

but what about a push?

the creature is restrained, which means it can be pushed.  but the conjuration cannot because it is immoble.  so does this also destroy the tanglevine?  or does the tanglevine move with the attached creature?

General Questions / Missing subtypes.
« on: August 19, 2012, 10:59:17 PM »
ok i mentioned this to one of the gen con guys (sorry im brain fried cant remember anyones names) but i believe some of the types are missing on the cards.

for example, there is an arcane ring, an equipment that has a mana subtype.  makes sence.

then there is a conjuration that adds to your channeling,(mana crystals) that has a mana subtype. makes sence.

then there is an equipment (moonglow amulet) that adds to your channeling but has no subtype.

is this an error or is it intentional.

all in all great game though.  if this is an error i think i will go through the cards and check if any might be missing types.

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