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Rules Discussion / Decoy and Seeking Dispel interaction
« on: July 07, 2014, 01:30:06 PM »
It is puzzle time all.

Why does [mwcard=MW1E10] Decoy[/mwcard] give back the mana when it is destroyed by [mwcard=MW1I24] Seeking Dispel[/mwcard]?

Let see who can explain it best.
If you can explain this correctly in detail I will give you 2 stickers.  8)

General Questions / Reveal Enchantments - Chains of Agony
« on: June 19, 2014, 11:18:37 AM »
I got this from a PM

Have a heated debate here IRL. Chains of Agony was hidden on my mage. I moved my mage two zones with him watching me. I took my hand off my card. He then looks at me, oh I need to reveal that Enchantment.

He is saying that I didn't give him a chance to reveal his Enchantment before I move. Which I consider to be removing my hand from my card after moving.

In a causal, meh, but how would this be handled in a tourney?

My Response

Player A say that they are going to activate the creature and turns the marker over.
Player A  is not required to state what the action will be.
Player A  then asks if the other player wishes to active any enchantments.

If nobody wants to then Player A does a move action. If the other player states that they want to reveal CoA can be revealed or not but it will not affect the previous move action (the move action trigger has passed)

Player A say that they are going another action for this same creature. They do not state if it is a Guard, QC, move or quick attack. Player A  then asks if the other player wishes to active any enchantments.

Player A must give time between each part of the full action for any other player to reveal enchantments, but if this was done you do not go back and ask again now that the other player knows what Player A is going to do.

Events / Mage Wars Tournament @ GenCon Indy 2014
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:53:23 PM »
The Mage Wars Tournament for  GenCon Indy 2014. Will be held on  August 16, 2014

For more info you can check out the Arcane Wonders Tournament HQ and / or http://www.gencon.com/

Events / Mage Wars Tournament @ Origins Game Fair 2014
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:50:07 PM »
The Mage Wars Tournament for Origins Game Fair 2014. Will be held on June 14, 2014

For more info you can check out the Arcane Wonders Tournament HQ and / or http://originsgamefair.com/

Rules Discussion / Questions from Facebook
« on: April 07, 2014, 12:21:28 PM »
From: https://www.facebook.com/MageWars/posts/659698770732885

Miki Alchemic

Mage Wars
April 5 at 12:43pm · (Long post)

 Okay, so I got Mage wars, and the Necromancer expansion. I'll briefly review the two games we played and then I would like to ask some questions based on these experiences. Newbie questions of course, so they may seem stupid to more experienced players.

 In the first game, I played Warlock VS Priestess apprentice mode to get the hang of the game. I burned my way to victory and just got there via Ghoul Rot. All my creatures were dead and it was that final bit of damage that got through and killed her.

 Question from this game:

 1) Shouldn't Stun do something other than make them miss a turn? Like lower armour, for example? I mean - it's stunned. Stationary. It should be a sitting target, easy to hurt.

 2) Shouldn't Sleep also lower the target's armour for the same reason? Also, is hurting the creature the only way to wake it up?

 The second game, we played a full Necromancer VS Druid game. I summoned Bog Queen Acolytes + the Altar of skulls early, then just got the Acolytes to put tokens on the altar until it activated. My opponent came after me almost immediately, so I put up two bone walls and cornered myself in. Naturally, with the direct damage to all of his creatures every turn, and the Acolytes repairing the walls (before they succumbed to the Altar damage themselves) it was difficult to breach.

 I also summoned wraiths and teleported them outside the walls to sit and guard, helping with the defense. The walls eventually fell, but the Altar stood firm, and other creatures were summoned to help the defense. I won comfortably, never really being under any major threat. I relatively easily dealt with anything that came my way.

 So my third question is:

 3) Did we misunderstand something? Is that really how the card works? It seems insanely powerful, slowly killing the entire living board and preventing healing. Also, does the fact that it's "poison" damage have any significance, other than differentiating the damage between who is immune to poison and who is not?

 A turtling strategy is superb if this is the case. I never even moved the Necromancer out of the starting zone. And it's not like the Druid is slow - she spreads very quickly across the board, and yet, I had enough time to settle my defenses to proceed with the win.

 4) When a creature has vigilance, does it lose guard after one creature attacks it, or does it constantly have guard on its person?

 5) Why can't incorporeal creatures move through walls? Only fliers and climbers can, but surely this is an oversight? Has this rule been amended anywhere? Because, thematically, a ghost should be able to float through a wall with no problems.

 6) If damage is taken at upkeep, but another effect says healing happens at upkeep, which comes first? Is it up to the discretion of the player with initiative?

 7) My opponent had no Line of Sight after the two walls were put up. He put vines into my "camp," (walled-off zone) but could not summon anything in there until the wall was shattered and the Line of Sight restored. Did we play this correctly?

 8) If a grey wraith (or any other creature with a special hit ability) is on guard, with his counterstrike, does he roll the d12 for his "weak" ability to take place? Or is this only done when he is attacking?
9) If a creature is guarding, and is attacked by a ranged creature from another zone, does it lose its guard token?

 10) Why are vines only killable with melee damage and not things like Altar of Skulls, as they are living beings?

 11) The Necromancer's special ability reads "to place on direct poison damage on that target." Shouldn't it read "to do one direct poison damage" ? Because this is confusing. It makes it seem like poison damage is separate to normal damage and should be tracked with other counters or something.

 And lastly, 12) does his ability (poison conditions) refer to weak, rot, tainted? Or is there something that is actually called poison condition? And if not, then why isn't poison a thing, where it slowly kills the creature that is poisoned?

 Apologies for the long post, but getting these things verified would mean a lot.

 We really enjoyed this game, it is easily the best I have played in a LONG time. Beats MTG a thousand times over. Such huge strategy potential, you have to be aware of a thousand things at once. Fantastic invention!

Oh, and 13) Do Spawnpoints HAVE to put a spell down during the planning phase? Or can they choose not to? Because putting a spell down if you have no intention of casting it is risky if that spawnpoint gets destroyed, as you lose the spell.

League / Tournament Play / Bashcon 2014
« on: February 14, 2014, 08:01:27 AM »
Mage Wars Tournament
 February 15, 2014
 9:00 AM - Spellbook Registration
Event will start at 10:00am
Fee: $5
I will be finalizing all the event rules and posting them  sometime today.

For the Mage Wars Bashcon 2014 tournament the following rules are in place.

This tournament is open to all Mage Wars players. A 120-point spellbook is required*. Spells (cards) from the following expansions are permitted:

Mage Wars Core Set, Forcemaster vs Warlord, Conquest of Kumanjaro, and Druid vs Necromancer.

The tournament will be swiss format with the number of rounds based upon attendance. All entrants will receive a promo card.
Prizes will be awarded to the top - 4 players.

*You must bring your own spellbook. Spellbooks will not be provided.
Match time limit will be 90 minutes.

For the Swiss rounds

End of time procedure is as follows. If the time limit has run out while a match is still in progress, that match will finish its current round. If no winner has been decided after that round. You will check the life total remaining on each mage and the player with the highest is the winner. If neither player has a higher total then repeat this process.

This is part of a a part of message I shared with the play test community about predicting  Metagame Shifts and I wanted to see what you the MW community thinks.

Meta comes in many levels it can be as small as a playgroup of 2 or more players or it can be worldwide. Metagaming and Metagame analysis both have roots in the work of Nigel Howard who developed Metagame theory  in the 1960s ( The link following this is an 8 page review of  DRAMA THEORY AND METAGAME ANALYSIS is a good starting point for how player mentality fits into this process. ) 

So if we take these same ideas and move them to Mage Wars.

Analysis of options

1: Structure the problem by identifying the issues to be decided.
We have a problem that players must solve "How do I kill the other mage"

2: Identify the stakeholders who control the issues, either directly or indirectly.

The Stake holders the the current players in the match

3: Make an inventory of policy options by means of which the stakeholders control the issues.

The players spellbook

4: Determine the dependencies between the policy options.

" "option X can only be implemented if option Y is also implemented", or "options Y and Z are mutually exclusive" "
This is what we the MW community often refer to meta cards. (Disolve, Dispel, Obelisk are some examples)
Our meta may not be as be has deep as some other games but it still does exist.

Metagame Shifts

The reason they can be predicted is because of the games smaller fan base. In games with larger followings the top end "pro players" can design, play test, optimize or kill a deck in a matter of a few weeks.  Those games have players that as a full time job do this. MW by contrast has a much slower growth rate. Our time to do this same process is months not weeks. Thus the meta shifts are far easier to predict.

General Discussion / MOVED: Upkeep - who pays?
« on: February 10, 2014, 02:17:42 PM »

General Discussion / MOVED: Dice vs Armor table
« on: January 27, 2014, 03:07:08 PM »

General Questions / MOVED: Ranged, Flying, Walls
« on: January 17, 2014, 03:34:20 PM »

League / Tournament Play / DvN Release tourney - in Mentor Ohio
« on: October 08, 2013, 02:19:59 PM »
I talked to Dan over at Great Lakes Game Emporium and he wants me to run a Druid vs Necro release tourney. The event will be the Saturday one week after the set is in stores. This will be a 75 min rounds Swiss event and DvN will be legal for play. No promos will be legal unless they are in a core AW product.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Earth Wizard - Control
« on: September 23, 2013, 09:01:57 AM »
This first post is my template build (aka pre Alpha)

1 Archer's Watchtower
3 Enchanter's Wardstone1 Idol of Pestilence
2 Mana Crystal
1 Mana Siphon
1 Poison Gas Cloud
2 Quicksand
1 Suppression Orb
3 Tanglevine1 Wall of Steel
1 Wall of Thorns
2 Battle Fury
1 Charge
2 Dispel
2 Dissolve
2 Force Push
4 Teleport
2 Enchantment Transfusion

2 Essence Drain
2 Force Crush
1 Ghoul Rot2 Hawkeye
2 Jinx
1 Magebane
2 Nullify
1 Teleport Trap

1 Giant Wolf Spider
1 Grimson Deadeye, Sniper
1 Iron Golem

4 Hurl Boulder

After a few plays I added WT and a few more attacks to get me to this version.
I will post some notes on this later but test it out and see if you can figure out why I made certain choices

1 Archer's Watchtower
3 Enchanter's Wardstone
1 Idol of Pestilence
2 Mana Crystal
1 Mana Siphon
1 Poison Gas Cloud
2 Quicksand
1 Suppression Orb
3 Tanglevine
1 Wall of Steel
1 Wall of Thorns
1 Wizards Tower

2 Battle Fury
1 Charge
2 Dispel
2 Dissolve
4 Teleport

2 Enchantment Transfusion

2 Essence Drain
1 Force Crush
1 Ghoul Rot
2 Hawkeye
2 Jinx
1 Magebane
2 Nullify
1 Teleport Trap

1 Giant Wolf Spider
1 Grimson Deadeye, Sniper
1 Iron Golem

4 Hurl Boulder
2 Jet Stream
2 Surging Wave

54 spells, 120 spell points

Events / MOVED: MageWars in the Netherlands
« on: September 18, 2013, 12:39:26 PM »

World and Lore / MOVED: Fun Questions
« on: September 07, 2013, 05:30:15 PM »

Strategy and Tactics / How to Become a Better Player
« on: July 30, 2013, 06:29:19 PM »
This is a list of things that will improve your quality of play

Committing Yourself To Become A Better Player

1: Realize that you could improve - Once you can admit to yourself that you have places that can be improved.  You can start on the path to becoming a better player.

2: Ask for help - If the first step is admitting you have a problem the second step is asking for help with your problem. It’s very simple: if you want to improve you need to work with better players.

3: Listen - A lot of players make it through the difficult process of step one and then find step two and get through that. Far too many miss out on step three: listen. The better players will undoubtedly tell you a lot of things and it’s important that you actually listen to what they are telling you. If other people seem to come to a consensus that you made the wrong play please do not defend it forever. You made the wrong play. It Happens its Ok.

After all of that you need to commit yourself to fix the holes in your game.

Committing Yourself To Fix Holes In Your Game

Learn your Spell book - Always be mindful of the number of copies of each card in your book but also be aware of the how many spells you have remaining in each category. If you have 3 heal cards left but one is a Healing enchant and the other two are  Heal  you need to beware of what is best for the situation you are currently in.

Lean to Think Non-linearly
- Several card in MW on the surface look to only have one use. Take Force push for example “ You Choose the direction to push target creature” I could use this to pull another creature to me or push a threat away so I am no longer hindered, but what about using it to move my mage and gain a tactical advantage.

Learn the rules on a deeper level - For the most part, the game play flow is easy but during a game can be complexities in timing

Learn to Ignore Variance –
Yes damage is random but we know a few things about the average amount of damage that an attack will yield. If I am making a 5d attack against a target with 1 armor and 10 health it should take 3 attack on average to kill that target. So when I am planning my cards is it effective to spend the 3 rounds to kill this target or is it a waste of actions and mana. It is never a good tactic of hope for a high or low damage spike as a key part of victory.

Step Back from the Game – Just sit back and watch match see how other players plan. Try to figure out the thought behind each play and each card choice. See if you can figure out what line of play will be needed to win.

Play thoughtfully & Pay attention - Be aware of the game as a whole: the cards on the table, the cards in your hand, in your opponent's hand, life points, and discard piles, mana available, and actions remaining .

Always remember

Take Breaks - By taking breaks you will not get burned out as easily.
It is a game have fun - If your not having fun something is wrong

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