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General Discussion / Re: MW arena update 2020
« on: March 15, 2020, 06:16:56 PM »
Survey made.

General Discussion / Re: asking for a app
« on: August 26, 2018, 04:40:17 PM »

Ewww, I need a wash now lol. I  am a droid user and have been for years. I have never owned a single crapple product.

Here is a present for you from a fellow Droid user:

General Discussion / Re: Gen Con Academy pre releases
« on: August 22, 2018, 12:06:16 PM »
What you think about the Diamond Golem i find him useless, 9 mana for him is to much.

He would have to negate at least the first 5 damage at his 3 live.

Here is one of the areas where MW differs from MtG the most in my opinion. In MtG you have room for less good/efficient creature or spells. This because you have drafts and other formats that let's you use these. But in MW this type of game styles are none existant thus requires all cards to be really equal/balanced or fit a very certain purpose. Otherwise they will never see sun light. I bet the Diamond golem will never see any good decks.

General Discussion / Re: Gen Con Academy pre releases
« on: August 12, 2018, 02:22:01 AM »
By by Forcefield...

General Discussion / Re: Gen Con Academy pre releases
« on: August 08, 2018, 06:52:18 AM »
It seems like Incorporeal isn't a part of Acadamy, thus the effect of Incorporeal is instead written on every card. How will this play out towards Etheraeal (which of some reason is in this Acadamy set)? I assume it won't work?

General Discussion / Re: Gen Con Academy pre releases
« on: August 06, 2018, 03:09:34 AM »
Interesting that you don't have to pay 2 extra mana for 3+ level shields (since the target line only refer to minor weapons and any level shild) with Freeze Weapond.

General Discussion / Re: Gen Con Academy pre releases
« on: August 06, 2018, 02:50:52 AM »
Can someone please give the rules for Melting?

General Discussion / Re: The current state of MW
« on: May 25, 2018, 11:34:00 AM »
Main issues that prevents a bigger player base are:

- Play time / destructive spells (things that prolong the game in an unnessessary way like high armour/dispel/disolve). Must be half time compared to today still offer long term strategies.
- Complexity. Just get rid of all those traits, conditions and unique abilities that are to complex.

General Discussion / Re: The current state of MW
« on: May 21, 2018, 04:46:11 PM »
I rarely write anything in here anymore. But this time I have to.

I will try to not point my finger at anyone, but don't you guys see how you reacts to Borgs well formulated analysis? He (she?) presents a theory based on objective numbers where he asks about the community opinion. No where I can't see he throwing any bad words about the game I'm sure he would love to see flourish. And in return you give him over exaggerated feelings as a reply, instead of constructive feedback. That is not a welcoming community. Improve! You don't have many more in here to loose.

The question Borg has is very valid, and where to discuss it if not here?

I think you all over analysis the situation.

The crowd isn't as big simply because the game isn't fun enough. Period.

We all in here loves it, but we have to realize it has turned out into a niche game for just a few people. The game have had its golden age already, with nice buzz and good marketing. It just didn't fly in the end.
Yes, the game is here to stay. But not for the big audience.

If this is ever going to occur the game needs a remake of some sort. As it is now original flaws and beginner mistakes in the design are carried from expansion to expansion that AW has to design around every time (most likely why the expansion gets less and less frequent, just because it is hard to take everything into account). The format and game needs to change to attract more people. If not, the player base will stay as it is.

General Discussion / Re: The future of Mage Wars
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:43:52 AM »
Regarding play time, it is most likely possible to trim it down to an hour or so. But this takes time to master and experience from the player. They should know thier book very well, and also what thier opponent book might contain. And for this to work, both player must have this knowlege...

Thanks! Glad you also can see all this. Regarding the creature abilities you are probably right too. I just stated a couple of isssue that together makes the game hard for a new player to like it. I would guess if all other bullets were fixed the creature ability issue would instead turn into a good flavour in the game.

General Discussion / Re: The future of Mage Wars
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:23:19 PM »
Back to the topic, do you think if there would be more translations there would be fewer or more players?

I think if resources were put into developing, communication and events instead of translating it would build a better base for succeeding. Basically, people would like to play a good game instead of a mediocre translated one.

Remember how Tony said that he will be re-initiating contact with me and making sure that I get everything that is needed? That was said on 1st December, how many of you think he contacted me since? ... That is the kind of neglect MW players are complaining about...

That is just awful!  :( >:(

General Discussion / Re: The future of Mage Wars
« on: January 07, 2018, 09:29:58 AM »
I think you miss the point.

I have no problem with English cards, but there are younger players or people who just do not understand english well enough!

In some countries it is more normal than in others without translations, television, movies, books and everything else.
I've lived in a russian country for some time and 80% of the population speak no English.

It's hard enough to teach the game to new players.

If it were up to you, there would not be any translations, not even for books? :-)

And on the other hand AW did not have much to do with the translation, pegasus games was responsible for that.
In my opinion it would be better there would be more translations no less it just scares some people off.

There were no games in Swedish when I was young either... I had to learn in order to play.
If it were up to me I would say that all games should be made in/translated to English only. Then it wouldn't be a problem. This applies even for books, if you like.
(I don't think I own a Swedish book, and I haven't read one since the end of high school. At the university everything is in English, what else should it be?)

Even if AW didn't do the translation themselves partners had to be found and maintained. Contracts had to be made and intellectual properties carefully exchange. These things takes time. More time and resources then most people realize (even the involved parties). On top of this the translating side now have an extra expense they need to cover. Someone has to pay for this, at the end the customer obviously. What I have seen the cost for an German copy isn't more expensive compared to a English version, which means we all pay for this cost collectively (I doubt the German publishers accept lower margins for their versions).
Anyhow, Pegasus realized it wasn't something to invest in any more at the same time as AW will, which prove my thesis some.
Sorry, I didn't want this discussion to end up in translation issue. Please comment me, but I won't reply to this segment any more.  :)

Translation services are not that expensive and Arcane Wonders could always use automatic translation services if they are willing to accept some oddities (Hydro would probably translate to 水力発電 in Japanses, and that took me five seconds to find on Google).

Yes! If any translation, this is the way to go.

General Discussion / Re: The future of Mage Wars
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:06:32 AM »
Translating in my opinion isn't very productive. Why spend company resources and time to reinvent the wheel? No, it is better to use this time to develop new and better content for the game. I don't see why Germans, French or any other nationality/language should have less intelligent people compared to any smaller country and not be able to play the English versions? The game was made in English and will be developed in English. Same thing when a game is made in German, why translate? Deal with it, play the original, and let the resources go in the right direction. I have several games in my collections in German, French, Italian, Dutch and English. None in Swedish, and I do fine!

(As a side note. The reason most American publishers has pulled out from fairs like Essen is because people are lazy and can't tolerate games native language. Not even when there are no language dependency within the game, just the rulebook. American publishers instead relied on channel partners to translate their games. And see how well that did for MW for example.)

One more bullet I forgot to mention in my last post.
The introduction of Academy was really poor in my view. Marketing and production quality were ok, but the choice of mages were horrible. I can't understand how a mana-canceling wizard could end up as one of the basic mages in the core box? Why put in a "super advanced" mage whose only purpose is to deny the opponent to do "anything"? When I was demoing this the first year at one of Sweden’s larges conventions I got the same comment each time: "The beastmaster was cool, but the Wizard just made the game boring". Note, these were the only two mages available by then. Sure there are several to choose from today, but the train has already left...

General Discussion / Re: The future of Mage Wars
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:56:14 PM »
Hello (again) everyone!
Long time since I posted here too. I just want to add my 2 cents to this discussion.

I have been Ambassador in Sweden since the program started. At first it was quite ok. I had several matched face to face each week. Tom Vassel had the game at his top 10 games of all times. And people felt an urge to try it out.

But when time went by things started to slow down. People at conventions were not as interested anymore. Less buzz around the game. And the forum got less and less attention, and became a...ghost town. Today I haven't played a game for over a year, even if I really would like to. But I'm still looking at all videos from Arcane Duels (Awesome guys!) to keep up with the meta and news of my favorite game.

So why has it turned out this way? Here are a few bullets I'm thinking of:

- The game is to long
This I think scare new players off. It looks and feels like a 45 min to 1h game. At least that is what people expect it to be based on their inner comparison with MtG. Now an average game is more like 2h, and that is way to long for this format. At least to attract a larger player pool. Same thing with Academy in fact. It is to long for what it gives. And to be honest MtG does this format much better, why Arena is the way to go for Mage Wars.

- Armor issue
This bullet is very connected to the first one. In my mind armor and defense are two functions that prolong the game in a less desired way. Thematic it is great. But it is frequently seen that both mages and creatures stack a lot of armor which basically neglects 1/3 of all die rolls. This isn't very inspiring for an opponent. On top this is armor stacking very efficient and a good strategy as well. I would say most Armor spells should have been much more expensive.

- Destructive spells.
Same thinking as with the Armor issue. Every time you design a card that makes something destructive, and removes something from your opponent, you should think twice before releasing it or determine a cost for it because it will only prolong the game in an unfun manner. Spells like: Dispel, Siphone, Mana worm, Enfeeble, etc. These cards should also had been much more expensive.

- Effect issue
There are too many effects! For new people this is a jungle. In one game I tried to explain the difference of Rot and Bleed. They are basically the same, so why make a new version of it? All these tiny rules will act as a huge barrier for new player to get into the game.

- Ability issue
Wow, look at all these cool creature and conjurations abilities! Well, for new players this can be overwhelming. When each creature has its unique ability and none are just vanilla. Sometimes I play with the thought that what if most creatures were standard creatures and abilities came from the Conjurations, Enchantment and Mages?

- Card pool count
In revers to several others in here I think the card pool is too large. That is at least the impression I get talking to "mugglers". There is no life cycle of cards. The pool just grow and grow and grow. It is even hard for me to keep track of all cards. Maybe a better format how to use the cards is needed?

- Critical player count
I hope this isn't too late. But one big reason the game doesn't take off more, at least not in my area, is that a game needs a certain player count to grow from. MW had the chance when it was released but never really came up to that critical level when the crowd could bring in new players by itself. Now head hunting for new players are down to just a few dedicated persons globally, which is not enough. I bet one reason AW don't release new content as often for Arena is that for each release the sells figures has gone down down down.

I'm not too concerned about the release schedule. Actually I think it is just fine. What is missing is a clear well communicated plan for it though. Like: "Every year there will be one Arena release in April and one Academy release in November". Here AW must improve.
I guess it all boils down to what type of game and community we would like to have. Are we and AW looking for a prospering community I think the game needs a remake of some sort. Otherwise it will be you guys who are currently playing the game who will keep doing it, no one else unfortunately.

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